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A talk on cloud computing given to students and industry at essex university.

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  • Slide Objectives:Understand the challenges of irregular load in applicationsUnderstand the challenges of both too much capacity and not enough capacity and the sort of groups they impact within a customerUnderstand that traditionally IT capacity is purchased in a stepwise fashion involving capital expenditure at each pointSpeaking Points:To understand the value and opportunity for cloud computing, I believe it’s important to think about how IT capacity is typically used by applications today in most environments.Today most organizations significantly over estimate or underestimate the amount of resources they need to run their applications.This leads to a higher cost for the infrastructure and the delivery of the overall applications. Build Steps:Forecast load is to grow steadilyPlanned capacity grows in a stepwise fashion. Need to plan in advance due to hardware lead timesActual load is highly variable over timePeriods where we have excess capacity. Capital laying idle, opex wasted powering and cooling serversPeriods where we have insufficient capacity and our customers get a bad experience
  • Cloud computing

    1. 1. Cloud Computing Richard Astbury Senior Consultant two10 degrees
    2. 2. What is cloud computing?• Compute and storage as a utility Pay as you go, starting at zero• Scalable Infrastructure is elastic
    3. 3. Load Forecast Allocated Not Enough IT capacity PowerIT Capacity Too Much Power Actual Load Time
    4. 4. Capacity on No screaming customers DemandIT Capacity No capital laying idle Goes up and down Actual Load Lower Capex Time
    5. 5. On and Off Compute Inactivity Period Average UsageGrowing Fast Compute Average UsageUnpredictable Bursting Compute Average Usage ComputePredictable Bursting
    6. 6. What is cloud computing?• Compute and storage as a utility Pay as you go, starting at zero• Scalable Infrastructure is elastic• Hosted in data centres around the globe Microsoft / Amazon / Google
    7. 7. Cloud ConsultancyHelping software vendors to… Move existing Design new applications to the applications for cloud the cloud
    8. 8. Why?• Lower costs Less responsibility Offer customers new features Reduce piracy• If they don’t, someone else will!
    9. 9. A Golden Age• Tooling is now free Visual Studio / Eclipse etc…• Explosion of 3rd party libraries• Help is readily available• Low barrier to entry node.js / Ruby on Rails / Django• Markets are now global Viral marketing
    10. 10. Summary• Building applications has never been so easy• The internet gives you a global market• Cloud Computing is the platform for you to deliver
    11. 11. Summary 2You’ve never had it so good …go and build something!
    12. 12. QuestionsTwitter @richoramaWeb two10degrees.comEmail