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Shadow election introduction


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Shadow election introduction

  1. 1. Shadow Electionfinding the best candidates and solutions
  2. 2., 2011Social media is fundamentally changing the way peopleare engaging with politics.
  3. 3. up with the limitations of current democraticpractices, people around the world are using social mediato make themselves heard – both online and offline.
  4. 4. Sustained peaceSocial media has helped createrevolutions but how could it nowhelp support peace and democracy?We believe that a solution lies inusing social media to encouragepeople to constructively find thebest solutions and right people in anopen, simple and accountable way.
  5. 5. Current problemsSocial media has proved an effective wayto communicate across vast networks;however, there are currently few goodtools to help communities find the bestsolutions to their problems. How to make the message of the “crowd” understandable?
  6. 6. Our solutionShadow Election allows people topropose questions to politicalcandidates and the general public.• Propose questions• Give answers• Rate other people’s answers• See the people with the best-rated solutions move up the “live” chart• Show support by indicating your vote for one of the candidates
  7. 7. The benefitsAs an end result you have the bestsolutions and candidates.You can then use this informationto help choose an officialcandidate to vote for in realelections.Non-official candidates can alsobe given a voice and the option tobecome community leaders.
  8. 8. Initial trialShadow Election was firsttrialled as in the 2011Finnish Parliamentary Elections.
  9. 9. Industry (later Shadow Election)was the first Finnish electionmachine (vaalikone) to use opendata provided by the leadingnation newspaper (HelsinginSanomat).This, together with the innovativefocus on solution rating ratherthan only on the usual interestsmatching, help RCM’s electionmachine to garner some industryrecognition.
  10. 10. Media contentMedia companies and organizations can use an embeddedversion of the tool with their own questions to attractvisitors to their online spaces.
  11. 11. Data visualizationMedia companies can also use thedata and statistics to generatemedia news and content. Shadow Election is partnering with the info-graphic specialists Flo Apps to create visually appealing media content.
  12. 12. Advocacy toolOrganizations can use it as anadvocacy tool by requesting thatcandidates answer their specificquestions.
  13. 13. City Municipalities (alternative use case)Cities can use an “adapted”version of the ShadowElection machine to highlightissues and find solutions.Here is how it would work:• Questions/issues are entered• People give solutions• Solutions are rated by the community
  14. 14. Crowd Wisdom Given the right conditions the crowd is on average smarter than the brightest individuals.The criteria and conditions forsuccessful crowd solution findingwere identified in James Surowiecki’sseminal book The Wisdom of Crowds
  15. 15. Creating the right conditions
  16. 16. New findings in cognitive science are beshowing that gut feelings can e”thought of as “c ondensed experienc an beand in m any circumstances c depthm ore effective than inanalytical study.
  17. 17. The essence of the Shadow Election tool is to usegut feelings and crowd wisdom to promote the bestcandidates and find the best solutions.
  18. 18. Interested?Find out more from: Juha Mattila CEO tel +358 40 777 4925 email