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Storytelling for interns


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An internal presentation summarizing the different elements, examples, and methods of storytelling.

Published in: Design, Technology, Education
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Storytelling for interns

  1. 1. Storytelling for interns
  2. 2. Tell me about yourself 1. Your childhood 2. Your schooling 3. Your work 20–30 seconds on each part
  3. 3. A comedy is the rise in fortune of a sympathetic character, causing the audience’s encouragement and good will.
  4. 4. A tragedy is the downfall and suffering of a character by misjudgment, causing the audience’s pity and fear.
  5. 5. Plot Yep, Wikipedia
  6. 6. Inverted pyramid More Wikipedia
  7. 7. Elements of storytelling Setting Desire Frustration Tension Conflict Hero Villain Danger Hope Surprise Excitement Humor Delight/Sadness Wonder Resolution
  8. 8. 22 story rules
  9. 9. Reinvention + Redemption
  10. 10. Storytelling is To learn what it means to be human
  11. 11. communities
  12. 12. Questions?