Mobile App Monetization and Business Models


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Presentation I delivered at the MobileDevNJ meetup on 10/12/11.

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Mobile App Monetization and Business Models

  1. 1. monetization and business modelsfor mobile appsrich fernandesMobileDevNJ MeetupOctober 12th, 2011Union, NJ @itsrichf
  2. 2. agenda 1 what is monetization and a business model? 2 common mobile app business models 3 non-traditional business models 4 timing of monetization 5 wrap-up
  3. 3. what is monetization? monetization = making money $$$ is your mobile application just an app or is it a business? can I monetize my mobile app? is there an opportunity? just an app business alarm clock, checkers, notepad foursquare, twitter, opentable
  4. 4. what is a business model? a business model is how you create value for your product and (potentially) generate revenueexamples of different types of business models in economy today: direct response model billy mays premium model maybach subscription model wsj franchise model subway
  5. 5. common mobile app business models who’s doing it? 1 pay per download 2 in-app advertising 3 in-app purchasing 4 freemium 5 subscription 6 service
  6. 6. non-traditional business models who’s doing it? 1 incentivized downloads 2 selling premium sdk what new business model will you think of for your app? custom in-app ads selling content app rentals broker platform
  7. 7. timing of monetization (pay per download) sell app for $.99 as soon as the app goes to market user base version 1.0 released constant monetization but might not be an optimal revenue stream time in market
  8. 8. timing of monetization (non-pay per download) capitalize on user base growth via alternate monetization strategies user base version 2.0 released it’s time to start making some money here version 1.0 released $ time in market
  9. 9. wrap up pick the best monetization strategy for your app be open to explore disruptive, non-traditional models don’t be afraid of failure ensure your user base is large enough before introducing monetization (non-pay per download apps)
  10. 10. questions ?