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Final stagenography


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stegnography art of hiding

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Final stagenography

  1. 1. STEGANOGRAPHYProject Guide: Submitted by:Mr. Murari Kr. Singh Sachin Rathi(0622510046) Pradeep Maurya(0622510035) Krishn Kanhaiya(0622510027)
  2. 2. Greek Words: STEGANOS – “Covered” GRAPHIE – “Writing”Steganography : Art and science of hiding the existence of messages.Embedding the message in some medium such as a document, image, audio or video.
  3. 3. Problem DefinitionProblems with nowadays security systems :  Even after applying encryption, data is not secure.  Encryption and decryption algorithms require much time.People need a system having high security and user friendly environment.
  4. 4. A Steganography SystemMessage File Message File Cover File Steganography Tool Steganography Tool Steg File Steg File (with hidden data) (with hidden data) Hiding messages Extracting messages
  5. 5. Functions to be provided Embed message into file. Embed file(image, text , audio, video etc.) into other file. Retrieve message from the file containing embedded message. Retrieve file from file containing embedded message. Encrypting message/file before embedding into other files.
  6. 6. Embedding message within image Encryption Steganography (Containsembedded encrypted message)
  7. 7. Hiding image within an image + =>
  8. 8. BASIC PRINCIPLE USED Secret image Stego ObjectCoverImage Encoder KeySecret DecoderImage Communications Channel Original Cover
  9. 9. Solution Strategy Steganography Embed Retrieve Embed Retrieve Message Message File FileEncrypt Compres Decrypt Encrypt Compres DecryptMessage s File Message File s File File DES ZIP DES ZIP DES ZIP
  10. 10. LSB Based Steganography TechniqueSubstitute the least significant bit of eachsampling point with a binary message. Hiding 1 bit of image in 16 bit sample Hiding 4 bit of image in 16 bit sample
  11. 11. Example of LSB Technique16 bit message ‘A’ in binary 16 bit encoded message1001 1000 0011 1100 0 1001 1000 0011 11001101 1011 0011 1000 1 1101 1011 0011 10011011 1100 0011 1101 1 1011 1100 0011 11011011 1111 0011 1100 0 1011 1111 0011 11001011 1010 0111 1111 0 1011 1010 0111 11101111 1000 0011 1100 1 1111 1000 0011 11011101 1100 0111 1000 0 1101 1100 0111 1000
  12. 12. Team Structure
  13. 13. Development ScheduleDuration Tasks Accomplished1st Week of August,2009 Introduction of project1st Week Of September,2009 System requirement1st Week Of October,2009 DFD, Use Case Diagram2nd Week Of November,2009 System Requirement Specification2nd Week Of February,2010 DesigningLast Week Of April,2010 First Running Module Of Project
  15. 15. Use Case Diagram Steganography Encryption on Message Steganography Encryption on FileSender Compression Steganography Decryption on Message Steganography Decryption on File Decompression Receiver
  16. 16. 0 Level DFD Secret SecretMessage/FileMessage/File Steganography Steganography Steg File Steg File System System Secret + Secret + Carrier File Carrier File Carrier File Carrier File(txt,doc,pdf,jpg (txt,doc,pdf,jpg ,avi etc.) ,avi etc.)
  17. 17. Level - 1 DFD Secret Secret Carrier File Carrier File Secret Secret Message Message File File Compression Compression Process Process CompressedSteganography Steganography Steganography Steganography steg file Encryption Encryption Encryption Encryption process process Decompression Decompression process process Process Process Uncompressed steg file Steg File Steg File Steganography Steg File Steg File SteganographyHidden MessageHidden Message Decryption Hidden File + Hidden File + Decryption + Carrier File + Carrier File Carrier File Carrier File Secret Secret Message/File Message/File
  18. 18. Level - 2 DFD(Steganography Encryption & Decryption process on secret file/msg) Secret Secret Steg File Steg File File File Secret File + Secret File + Steganography Steganography Carrier File Carrier File Encryption Encryption Process Process Carrier Carrier Steganography Steganography File File C Decryption Decryption C Process Process extract Steg File Steg File Secret Secret Secret File + Secret File + File File Carrier File Carrier File
  19. 19. Level - 2 DFD (Steganography process with compression & decompression onfilemsg) Compressed Compressed Steg File Steg File Secret Secret Steganography Steganography File File Encryption Encryption Process Process Decompressio Decompressio Steg file n Process n Process Carrier Carrier File File Uncompressed C Compression Compression steg file C Process Process Steganography Steganography Decryption Decryption Process Process Compressed Compressed extract Steg File Steg File Secret Secret File File
  20. 20. Main Form
  21. 21. Select Master file
  22. 22. Embedding message
  23. 23. Master File Information
  24. 24. Retrieved Message
  25. 25. Embedding file
  26. 26. Master file information
  27. 27. LimitationsSender & receiver must agree on a method in which to hide the message.Quite an amount of covering information is needed to hide whatever we want to. At least 8 to 10 times more if we really want it to be non-detectable.Nevertheless if the fact of the hiding becomes evident then the entire business of hiding becomes virtually useless, if the information is not encrypted from before.Editing or compressing the picture do catastrophic damage to the hidden information.
  28. 28. Thanks For giving yourvaluable time