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Presentation at City Camp Brighton #ccbtn on 04/03/2012

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  • LocomatrixLast year – DEBThe nature of the work to be carried out5.The amount of money bid for (less may be distributed)6.The deadline by which the proposed work would be completed7.Advance the goals of CityCamp – increasing participation or wellbeing in the city using newtechnologies or innovative practice in public or voluntary service and openly sharing theresults.2.Know what is needed to implement them3.Are sustainable without long-term funding4.Are clear in their outcomes5.Are pro-active in tackling equalities issues.
  • What is gamification?Why I don’t like it – scouts etcMake it fun for people to get involved – people like you and youAppeal to people that might not get involvedGive people sense of agency, self-esteem, confidencePartic importance for low self esteem people at this time
  • How do you start – sign up. Exists as a website, but linked with other social media. Shout when you get a badgeWhat can you do – starts up Better Father-Friendly Cities, but volunteering in men’s healthneeds help from social media developers – looks for local people with social media badgeWhen he gets a few more points he will level-up but until then mentoringAnd being part of your street level community
  • Been volunteering for years – school governor / helped start up DEB / lifetime of digital technology experience in education Meets up with other neighbourhood people – mentors street level people, gets mentored by level above
  • Street / neighbourhood / town / county / region / nationalBut build up one level at timeMini OBEs
  • City Camp 2013500 members3 levels q. promote some people quickly but then have to go backBased on time volunteered and experience gainedAnd desire to do itHope it will involve all of you
  • Group of volunteers to work out the mechanicsGet some of you to sign up with your projectsWhat can we use that exists – very much web-based – so Facebook, Twitter,Keen on schools based groupsAnd experience of older (retired) people
  • £2500Hosting costs/subs, website build, social media expert, graphics expert, planning & execution
  • House of Games

    1. 1. House of Games Richard Vahrman LocoMatrix Digital Education Brighton
    2. 2. Gamification of Volunteering House of Games
    3. 3. Street Leveller - Glen House of Games
    4. 4. Neighbourhood Leveller – Mick House of Games
    5. 5. Level Up House of Games
    6. 6. What will it look like in a year? House of Games
    7. 7. How do we get there? House of Games
    8. 8. What I am asking for? House of Games