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  • New box appears when a name is added
  • This function will allow the game to be played anywhere – At DI, we can check that we are in the right place using GPS coords
  • This function will allow the game to be played anywhere – At DI, we can check that we are in the right place using GPS coords
  • As you move, a rectangle changes colour representing where you are. When you press “Dig” a message appears showing how far you have dug down – 1 meter, 2 meters etc. You either find nothing or a fossil – can be randomised so different for each user
  • The fossils are dragged onto the graph to a position where the Y axis represents the depth found, and the X the time in millions of years when the fossil would be found. Some trial and error involved. At the end, you will be asked to indicate on the line, when you think dinosaurs lived = what depth you should look for them.
  • Note: Skelly-Telly does something that can’t yet be done – normally we would look for fossils on the edge of a cliff where different strata show different times in the history of the earth – the most recent layers at the top.
  • This is what it will look like when the game is being played. The top picture/map is erased as the layer below is revealed as the players move around
  • You have to make digging motions with the machine. For each dig you get a bucket. X buckets and you fill a barrow. Take the barrow to the specified place (marked on the map) to unload it. Animation shows a dinosaur styled like a JSB
  • Fanfare and the dinosaur comes to life
  • All the player interaction is stored in an “xml” file. This can be uploaded to the web and the players will have access to all their results – which players found which bits and when plus links to more research, and maybe coupons?
  • Detect o-saurus

    1. 1. Detect-o-Saurus Dig up that dinosaur(press anywhere to continue)
    2. 2. Who’s playing Detect-o-saurus?Let’s start by finding out who is going to play.Add all your names here, then press continue Add Continue
    3. 3. Colossal Fossilator 1First we are going to walk to the start of thegame. See the red post over there by the steps?Go over there and then press this button I’m at the post!
    4. 4. Colossal Fossilator 2When you press the “Next”button a grid of rectangles willappear. These represent areaswhere you can dig for fossils.Move around to enter a newrectangle - as you enter, it willchange colour. When thishappens, press “Dig” and seewhat you find – finds appear inyour trophy cabinet Next
    5. 5. Colossal FossilatorEmily: find a new square and dig Trophy Cabinet Dig
    6. 6. Fossilate the GraphJack: drag the sabre-toothed tiger to where you think it goes on the map Trophy Cabinet Dig
    7. 7. Skelly-TellyDinosaurs roamed Earth between x/y. Based onyour observations, I think we should look for themat around z meters. The Skelly-Telly is asophisticated device for looking under the groundwithout having to dig. I will give you directions onwhere to move for the best chance of finding adinosaur skeleton.Let’s start now – Emily, you take the controls first.Follow the track indicated. You will see a trace ofwhat is underground as you move.
    8. 8. Skelly-Telly
    9. 9. JCB: Just collect bonesYou now need to get thosebones. In this game you willbe instructed to go to partsof the skeleton we havefound and dig them up. Youhave to add the diggerattachment and work it likea spade. When you havefilled a barrow, you needdump the soil. I will showyou where when the timecomes.
    10. 10. JCB: Just collect bones Trophy Cabinet
    11. 11. DinoBuilderWell done, team. You’ve dugup all the bones. Let’s nowsee if we can piece themtogether to see what our Trophy Cabinetcreature might have lookedlike. Drag the bones from thetrophy cabinet to the spaceon the left. If they are in theright place, they will “stick”
    12. 12. DinoBuilderJack: it’s your turn to add a piece Trophy Cabinet
    13. 13. Video – Dinosaur comes to life
    14. 14. Credits• Thanks for playing Dectect-o-Saurus• When you hand back this tablet, your game will be uploaded to the web, and you will be able to revisit it at the Dinosaur Isle website.• Thanks to – Name 1 – Name 2 – etc