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CV Channel - How It Works


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CV Channel - How It Works

  1. 1. Hire better, faster... <br />Information Management, Business Intelligence Recruitment Portal<br /> it works<br />CV Channel Limited © 2011 all rights reserved<br />
  2. 2. Still want more..?<br />Get to know the people behind the paper...<br />See complete profiles:<br /><ul><li>Videos
  3. 3. LinkedIn profiles
  4. 4. Paper CVs
  5. 5. Candidate Blogs
  6. 6. Employment History
  7. 7. MIS/ Statistics
  8. 8. Rate/Salary
  9. 9. Availability</li></li></ul><li>Feature your Employer Brand<br /><ul><li> Attract talent from a global audience.
  10. 10. Qualify with video Q&A.
  11. 11. Group dynamically
  12. 12. Share information selectively. </li></li></ul><li>Search for new employees<br />Employers can now search for relevant people in real time.<br />You can use the graph to track market rates<br />And then filter your results by:<br /><ul><li>Budget
  13. 13. Availability
  14. 14. Location
  15. 15. Skill-set</li></li></ul><li>Browse your results...<br /><ul><li>Browse candidate profiles
  16. 16. Adjust and refine your search
  17. 17. Choose from autoshortlists or custom shortlists</li></ul> your shortlist<br />
  18. 18. Shortlist...<br /><ul><li>Watch and score structured video interviews
  19. 19. Compare video answers back to back
  20. 20. Download paper CVs
  21. 21. Arrange face to face interviews</li></ul>...go compare!<br />
  22. 22. Structured Video Interviews<br /><ul><li>View your shortlisted candidates answering the same pre-recorded questions
  23. 23. Score them for their answers
  24. 24. Sort your shortlist by average score rating
  25. 25. Choose your own questions</li></li></ul><li>Ready to interview face to face?<br />Just click on the ‘Arrange Interview’ button and enter your preferred time and date. And we do all the rest!<br />...Easy isn’t it?<br />And that’s it! From the comfort of your own desk, in no time at all, you have specified, searched and shortlisted people who are :<br /><ul><li>In budget
  26. 26. Available
  27. 27. That you have chosen personally</li></li></ul><li>If you want to know more about CV Channel <br />Please call us on 0207 733 6200.<br />CV Channel Limited © 2011 all rights reserved<br />