Professionals Presenter Draft 2 Oct 2011


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Professionals Presenter Draft 2 Oct 2011

  1. 1. Chartwell Financial Services Chartwell Financial Services - part of The Lindley GroupChartwell Professionals • Established in 1979 as Lindley TrusteesOur Core Qualities • Now one of the premier financial services groups in the North WestServices to Accountants • 100% owned by its shareholding Directors • Lindley group manages in excess of £150m of assetsServices to Solicitors on behalf of individuals, pension schemes and Trusts with an additional £150m of commercial property under SSAS schemesWhat’s in it for you? • Specialists in investments for both individual and corporate clients
  2. 2. Chartwell Financial Services Chartwell Financial Services is a firm of ‘fee based’ independent financial advisers based in Altrincham, Cheshire. We have been providing bespoke financialChartwell Professionals solutions to both personal and corporate clients since 1992Our Core Qualities As part of the Private Clients business Chartwell WealthServices to Accountants Management offers holistic financial planning advise on a fee charging basis. We offer a series of risk basedServices to Solicitors investment portfolios on our own wrap which also permits our clients to hold legacy investments and deposits under pension and personal portfolioWhat’s in it for you? strategies
  3. 3. Chartwell Financial Services How can an IFA help with Client Management & Business Development?Chartwell Professionals • Build long term relationshipsOur Core Qualities • Retaining existing clients year on year • Generating new work from existing clientsServices to Accountants • Obtaining recommendations from existing clients • Understanding clients needs through formal reviewsServices to Solicitors • Regular client communication • Client segmentation and ‘needs’ profilingWhat’s in it for you?
  4. 4. Chartwell Financial Services What are our core qualities?Chartwell Professionals • Excellent qualifications • Strong reputationOur Core Qualities • Clear areas of expertise • Exceptional serviceServices to Accountants • Focus on advice not salesServices to Solicitors • Trust & integrity • Flexible remunerationWhat’s in it for you? • Commitment to an ongoing client relationship
  5. 5. Our Services to Accountants & Tax AdvisersChartwell Financial Services • Corporate & M&A • Succession & exit planningChartwell Professionals • Business & corporate protection • Shareholder protectionOur Core Qualities • Keyperson protection • Relevant life policiesServices to Accountants • Commercial property purchase via pensions • SASS Professional Trustees since 1979Services to Solicitors • SIPP • Corporate investment strategiesWhat’s in it for you? • Owner Manager retirement planning • Funding for business growth • Risk based investment management
  6. 6. Our Services to Accountants & Tax AdvisersChartwell Financial Services • Group risk & employee benefits • Assist with recruitment & retention of key staffChartwell Professionals • Executive benefits provision • Installation & management of risk benefitsOur Core Qualities • Claims management • Flex benefitsServices to Accountants • Staff benefits online access • Group PensionsServices to Solicitors • Suitability analysis of existing schemes • Comply with current and new rules (Stakeholder and NEST)What’s in it for you? • Installation & management of pension scheme • Bi-annual staff pension surgery • Advice for retiring staff
  7. 7. Chartwell Financial Services Our Services to Solicitors • Corporate & M&AChartwell Professionals • Succession & exit planningOur Core Qualities • Business & corporate protection • Shareholder protectionServices to Accountants • Keyperson protection • Relevant life policiesServices to Solicitors • Commercial property purchase via pensions • SASS Professional Trustees since 1979What’s in it for you? • SIPP
  8. 8. Chartwell Financial Services Our Services to Solicitors • Matrimonial & Family LawChartwell Professionals • Pension Splitting & Sharing Orders • Post divorce financial planningOur Core Qualities • Rebuild investment & pension strategies • Replace lost life cover/family protectionServices to AccountantsServices to Solicitors • Estate & Trustee Investment Advice • Discounted Gift trusts & Loan trustsWhat’s in it for you?
  9. 9. Our Services to SolicitorsChartwell Financial Services • Trustee Review Service • Risk management for professional trusteesChartwell Professionals • Compliance with Trustee Act 2000 • Risk based investment managementOur Core Qualities • Deposit management review service • Court of Protection and Personal Injury TrustsServices to Accountants • Risk graded investment strategies • Periodic Payments – management ofServices to Solicitors income • Personal InjuryWhat’s in it for you? • Post settlement advice • Specialist services
  10. 10. Chartwell Financial Services What’s in it for you? • Reinforce long-term, high value, high quality clientChartwell Professionals relationshipsOur Core Qualities • Attract more clients within your preferred market segmentsServices to Accountants • Improve levels of client referral • Increase levels of business from existing clientsServices to Solicitors • Maximise efficiency and profitabilityWhat’s in it for you? • Build holistic advice proposition
  11. 11. Chartwell Financial Services Q&A? Chartwell FinancialChartwell Professionals Services Lindley Court Scott DriveOur Core Qualities Altrincham CheshireServices to Accountants WA15 8AB T. 0161 929 3500Services to Solicitors F. 0161 929 3501 E. W. www.chartwellfs.comWhat’s in it for you?Q&A / Next Steps Chartwell Professionals and Chartwell Wealth Management are trading styles of Chartwell Financial Services Limited who is Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered in England 02578206