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RE Cloud presentation


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RE Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. Providing reliable IaaS is about using the right technology and running things well. Security and quality-assured management processes are as important to us as the resilience of systems and facilities. We’re confident of what we’ve built and how it’s run. So confident in fact that we are prepared to offer a credit-backed guarantee.

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RE Cloud presentation

  1. 1. RE cloud Convenient, scalable and secure IaaS with 99.9% availability
  2. 2. RE cloud RE Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. RE Cloud provides the perfect entry point into cloud computing and an ideal means to evaluate then adopt the cloud within your IT function. Unlike many entry-level cloud solutions, RE Cloud gives you access to an experienced team of cloud computing experts. Richardson Eyres’ professionals are on hand to help you plan, roll out and utilise your solution in whatever way your business needs. Based in a highly secure UK data centre, and built on world class HP Proliant™, VMware vCloud™, and Checkpoint technology RE Cloud virtual servers come in speeds and capacities to suit all businesses.
  3. 3. RE Cloud - Core features Delivered from a highly secure UK data centre, run by a financially secure UK company 99.9% availability guarantee from the RE Cloud system network to the host o/s Affordably priced servers – starting from £42.26 a month, with options per virtual machine of up to a 32 vCPU with 2TB of RAM Monthly billing – you only pay for what you use Built with enterprise infrastructure and software from EMC, HP, Cisco and Checkpoint, Microsoft and VMware. RE Cloud’s Virtual Data Center (VDC) portal permits the creation of single virtual machines up to complex, tiered architectures. Create a virtual machine from the ground up or use pre-built catalogues Move virtual machines between your own virtual infrastructure and RE Cloud A range of cost-effective security options Self-service or full management up to the operating system Backup in the cloud
  4. 4. RE cloud – Pricing RE Cloud Billing Model - Re Cloud has two billing models, Allocation and Pay- Per-Use. Allocation Model – The Allocation model is perfect for clients running production systems on RE Cloud with predictable resource requirements, therefore a business can reap the benefits of cloud services while keeping monthly costs predictable. Pay-per-Use Model – This is a utilisation based option for acquiring cloud infrastructure. With this model customers are allocated a set of resources but pay for what they use based on the number of hours those resources are in use. Storage is a resource that is a constant, while memory and CPU can be turned up and down which provides a particularly flexible model for Test and Development.
  5. 5. RE cloud – getting started with your vDC Using the easy to use VMware vCloud Director interface Create a virtual machine from the ground up or use the prebuilt catalogues Create your own internal network topology Add more storage when you need it Use VPN gateway or access via a VPN Client Move virtual machines between your own virtual infrastructure and the re cloud Create standardized tiers of infrastructure Allow users to connect vApps to multiple networks
  6. 6. Where to find us / Stay up to date Richardson Eyres w: e: t:01494 792002 w: e: richardson eyres/google+