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Design for Persuasion Info Sheet


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Speaker info sheet from the 'Design for Persuasion' conference, 1 October 2009, Brussels

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Design for Persuasion Info Sheet

  1. 1. RICHARD SEDLEY 6 Persuasive Principles for Digital Effectiveness 01 02 03 04 05 06 Persuasion windows Storytelling Social proof Error / correction Reciprocity Relativity There are key times Stories make excellent We live in a busy and Often the desire for People tend to return When it comes to when customers are social objects. confusing world. ‘perfect’ usability online a favour. decision-making more open to being can prevent the very comparisons rule. persuaded. The most powerful Helping our customers customer engagement Using ‘gifts’ can be stories have five understand that if we desire. a great way to Providing our Identifying and opening elements of persuasion other people are doing encourage our customers with the these persuasion that mean influence something there must Using the power customers to do what ability to understand windows is central can be shared. be value present can of imperfection to we ask of them. the relative value we to an effective digital be used to cultivate motivate can be a vital offer can be elevated to strategy. a desired behaviour. persuasive principle. a persuasive art.