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Richard Schues resume u.s. eng


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Professional Resume of Richard F. Schues

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Richard Schues resume u.s. eng

  1. 1. Richard Schues | Page 1 of 3  +1 (740) 363-5025 |  +1(740)602-9826  |  STRATEGIC LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE with critical expertise steering operational efficiency improvements in global transport and trade environment Looking for new challenges, in Freight Forwarding, Logistics and automotive SCM. Just moved with family to the U.S. and looking for an opportunity here. e x e c u t i v e s u m m a r y Highly successful logistics, freight forwarding and supply chain management leader with 30+ years of demonstrated accomplishments in automotive shipping, freight forwarding and supply chain management in Europe and South America. Proven record of reducing cost, increasing revenue and margins by redesigning processes and negotiations. Key executive management positions reporting to CEOs, CFOs, Directors and Presidents and with cross-functional expertise in building successful teams to support business and functions. Ability to manage diverse groups and collaborate with foreign companies to form and negotiate exceptional partnerships. Possess solid business skills and dynamic thought leadership to deliver high-value, profitable solutions with sales-centric and customer focus. Motivational, lead–by-example change agent and participatory leader who maximizes talent management, regardless of the reporting relationship, to deliver efficiency in process, control, compliance, profitability and shareholder value. Fluent in German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English. c r i t i c a l s k i l l s e t p r o f e s s i o n a l e m p l o y m e n t h i s t o r y STRATEGY DIRECTOR DMS Logistics Ltda 2013 – Responsible for supporting Owners to implement a new Supply strategy for air and ocean products, reorganization of the international network and its policies as also sales and customer support for new and remaining clients of the Group on a national and international basis.  Budget preparation and follow-up: Costs, efficiencies, facilities capacity, productivities.  Work closely with the leadership team of assigned locations to implement new initiatives and develop, implement and monitor action plans to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of current services.  Support operations/engineering as it relates to products, processes and technology.  Freight Forwarding  Materials Handling  High-Stakes Contract Negotiations  Supply Chain Management  Inbound/Outbound CKD Logistics  Compliance Management  P&L Leadership  International Import and Export  Quality Control/Assurance  Lean Process Implementation  Enterprise Change Management  Sales Leadership and Development  Worldwide Sourcing/Procurement  International freight procurement  Global Account Acquisition/Retention
  2. 2. Richard Schues | Page 2 of 4  Collaborates with others in the direction of basic research and development relevant to long-term objectives and concerns.  Contributes to the overall success and advancement of Facilities Management by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned Responsible to identify and initiate tactical and strategic activities across the supply chain, including process development, process execution and and improvement, measurements, tools and operational support. MANAGING PARTNER Hamburg Consultoria Empresarial Ltda 2011 – 2013 During the career transition, worked in Consulting business for SCM, Distribution and Port activities. One year leaded a cabotage project at the Brazilian coast, one year on an automotive port activities project and the remaining period on a SCM project for the automotive sector. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Dachser Brasil Logística Ltda 2009 – 2011 Championed the transition from a joint venture with a local partner to a Brazilian branch of Dachser Germany, with process flows and reporting lines to the Dachser corporate executive board headquartered in Germany. Provided leadership, strategic direction and tactical oversight of cultural rebranding of the original Brazilian enterprise, along with formal restructuring, organizational development and brand alignment of global sales and marketing. Further accountabilities in the advice and support of internal dealings, including tax, duty and personnel while also representing the divisional enterprise in highly visible events and legal affairs.  Implemented a robust and highly effective ERP System for operations, sales, administration and billing resulting in improved operational efficiencies, compliance and cost control.  Developed and employed a fully systemized and transparent human resources platform, creating a performance-based culture of empowerment and accountability.  Successfully restored client confidence and retained key accounts while increasing customer portfolio during merger uncertainties.  Spearheaded negotiations and secured largest, 7-figure contract to date within first year, closing another 6-figure deal with major client before end of tenure. VICE PRESIDENT, OPERATIONS EUROPE Compañia SudAmericana de Vapores GmbH 2007 – 2009 Reporting to the Senior Vice President Europe, oversaw $354MM divisional procurement budget and functions related to vessel operations, logistics and intermodal transportation operations in Europe, the Black Sea and North Africa. Provided thought leadership and vision in developing key execution strategies and consistent payment processes in corporate requisitions ensuring timely disbursement. Fostered strong working relationships with industry, trade, outside consultants and service providers to maintain consistent and positive workflows and process efficiencies through comprehensive analytics in ROI, performance and control.  Reduced operational overhead by $10.3MM through the implementation and execution of new business workflows and high-value solutions.  Redefined terminal operations process to maximize efficiencies in human capital, facilities and equipment, resulting in a cost savings of $2.5MM.  Successfully developed and grew sourcing opportunities for trade partnerships resulting in a $2.4MM+ annual benefit. OPERATIONS GENERAL MANAGER Cia. Libra de Navegação - CSAV Group 2006 – 2007 adapt, align, aligned, analysis, analyze, as needed, budget, budget for, business, capability, Chain, chain, client, collaboration, communication, completion, contractor, contribute, coordinate, coordination, cost, customer, deliverable, develop, development, devices, distribution, distributor, documentation, effective, effectively, effectiveness, establish, evaluate, evaluation, execute, existing, expertise, facilitate, finance, functional, globally, identify, implement, implementation, improving, initiate, innovative, integrate, integrated, internal, internal control, inventory, key, lead, lead time, leadership, logistics, maintain, manage, management, manufacture, manufacturing, material, maximize, measure, minimize, negotiate, negotiation, on a regular basis, on-site, operate, operation, operational, operations, optimization, optimize, participate, partner, perform, planner, planning, pricing, prioritize, procure, procurement, product, product development, professional, proficiency, profitability, program, project, provide, purchase, purchase order, purchasing, qualify, recommend, responsible for, review, risk, sales, savings, schedule, self-starter, specification, strategic, strategy, subject matter, supplier, supply, support, tactic, technique, timely, transition, Transportation, transportation, utilization, utilize, vendor, world-wide NOTESNOTES
  3. 3. Richard Schues | Page 3 of 4 With direct accountabilities to the Vice President of Operations, provided leadership and critical cross-functional expertise in the overall operations and reorganization of the CSAV and Libra Group in the East Coast South America and South Africa. Oversaw corporate spending and the processing of requisitions to maintain budget control and P&L compliance.  Developed and commenced a highly visible, Federal-level governmental approach to ensure safe and reliable coastal carriage of goods as a key initiative for the transport and development ministries.  Facilitated and managed complete redesign of a large operations facility in Brazil to ensure uniformity and consistency in brand and cultural alignment.  Developed and launched a nationalization process for scrap containers for CSAV in Brazil.  Established and managed new terminals and operational best practice standards to maximize options, efficiencies and control costs. SENIOR MANAGER | MANAGING DIRECTOR Volkswagen do Brazil | Volkswagen Transport of South America Ltda. 1998 – 2006 Reporting to the Global Director of Volkswagen Transport in Germany and President of Volkswagen do Brazil, provided mission-critical strategic direction and facilitated complex negotiations between the Enterprise and the Brazilian Automotive Manufacturers Association for the car distribution system. As a member of the Executive Committee, additional key leadership responsibilities in the comprehensive restructuring of transport operations, along with the start- up of Volkswagen Transport (VWT) of South America Ltda. In partnership with Santos Brazil, S/A and local authorities, led the planning, construction, implementation and first-year profit run of the international vehicle terminal in the port of Santos, Brazil. Administered international transport procurement processes and related activities for South America in Wolfsburg, Germany, with a budget of $210MM while overseeing materials handling for 120 x 40’ containers per month.  Implemented lean logistics milk run process for five local plant operations, achieving transport synergy and 25% cost savings on transportation budget and increased plant visibility.  Reduced all transportation and co-related activity costs without obligatory contracts or additional increase over inflation/cost increase.  Implemented the C&F transport model for the vehicle outbound logistics, resulting in a first year savings of 15%, leading to an industry-wide adoption.  Recognized and twice honored as an executive exceeding performance objectives.  Responsible for a yearly transport and correlated activities budget of over U$600MM. a d d i t i o n a l c a r e e r h i s t o r y PARTNER & MANAGING DIRECTOR REWICO Brazil Transitário Internacional Ltda 1995 – 1998 Reporting to the CEO, oversaw the company conversion of a 4-person organization, primarily focused on sales to a fully operational freight forwarding agent with 42 employees and 50 subcontracted partners at different operational areas in Brazil. Maintained primary account of Mercedes Benz do Brazil.  Increased turnover by 250% during the first 18 months of the company conversion, from R$ 3.5MIO/month to R$ 12.250MIO/month.  Started the project business within REWICO Brazil, relocating 3 aluminum can plants from USA to Brazil. CO-FOUNDER & PARTNER BTCE Comércio Exterior Ltda 1991 – 1995 Independent forwarding agent practice with complete service range in customs brokerage. Established key relationships with local and foreign partners to remedy challenges individually and collaboratively in air and sea transportation. Transferred 3 complete aluminum can manufacturing facilities from USA to Brazil.
  4. 4. Richard Schues | Page 4 of 4 e d u c a t i o n , a f f i l i a t i o n s a n d h o n o r s EDUCATION 2009 – 2012 - Bachelor of Business Administration at SUMARE/UNIBAN – São Paulo / Brazil 2002 – STC Executive Leadership Program, Kellogg Graduate School of Management 2001 – Executive Finance Curriculum, University of Michigan Business School HONORS AND AFFILIATIONS 2008 – 2009 - City of Hamburg, Logistics Development Group Member 2006 - Honor of Merit Certificate; in recognition of dedication to the Brazilian/German friendship and Logistics Workgroup 2004 – 2006 - Coordinator for the Logistics Group; German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce 2004 – Paul Harris / Rotary for Social Work 1999 – 2006 - President of the Logistics Committee of ANFAVEA; Brazilian National Automotive Manufacturers Association c o n t a c t  +1 (740) 363-5025 |  +55 11 94481-9181  | 