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  • This slideshow introduces the Family Leadership Academy class that involves developing an online retail store, taught by Richard Robbins (when he's in town).
  • This class involves hands on participation in creating an online store that will sell vinyl cutouts.
    Students will learn:
    how to create vinyl décor products using a Graphtec vinyl cutting machine
    how to create a website that sells products
    how to do internet marketing to attract visitors to the store
    customer service and order fulfillment
  • There are several advantages of using the internet for advertising and selling products versus traditional business models. The internet makes it possible for a person to experience the plus side of owning a business (including making lots of profit), without having to incur the risk associated with many traditional business models.
    My first attempt at a business was an automotive garage
    Because the Internet connects people throughout the entire world, your customer base can include people all over the world.
  • Using a vinyl cutting machine to create craft and décor products from rolls of vinyl allows us to advertise thousands of designs on our website without having to invest the time and resources required to physically cut them out and have them in stock.
    Differentiation: Many online businesses have to compete for sales based on lowering their price, because they are often selling the exact same product. Because many of our products will be unique designs, we won't have to focus on lowering prices to get sales.
  • The product consists of Oracal vinyl, which comes in large rolls. These rolls are placed on the back of a cutting machine and fed through a slot in the cutting machine which cuts out vinyl designs.
    The vinyl designs are communicated to the cutter using a software program. We will be using a free software program called Inkscape to create the designs.
  • Inkscape is an open source (many people have access to the computer code used to create the software) software application that can be downloaded and used for free.
    The features of Inkscape are similar to many other graphic arts design programs, including Photoshop.
  • Our store will be built using WordPress files and a MySQL database. WordPress allows users to publish information, and it has shopping cart “plugins” that make it possible to turn a WordPress website into an ecommerce store where people can shop for products and checkout.
    WordPress consists of a bunch of files written in the PHP programming language. These files are uploaded to a web server. They interact with a database, which stores most of the information for the website.
    We will be using MySQL for our WordPress database. MySQL is a free database program.
  • To market out online store, we will use several online resources.
    Search Engine Optimization:
    We will create pages that Google and other search engines will love. They will want to show our pages to people who are searching Google for vinyl decorations.
    Social Media:
    We will advertise our products on places like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media websites.
    Other Websites:
    We will sell products on eBay. We will also ask bloggers to advertise our products to their customers. We will list our products for sale on classified advertisement websites such as KSL.com.
  • Our vinyl décor store is an example of the opportunities that exist for people to make income using the Internet. This same model could be used for many different product types, including digital products (like font designs, legal templates) and with drop-shipping products (ProHealthcareProducts.com).
  • Fla online businessdevelopment-intro

    1. 1. Developing an Online Retail Store Family Leadership Academy
    2. 2. What's Involved? Selling vinyl cut outs on the Internet
    3. 3. Advantages of Internet Business  Low overhead and startup costs:  Work from home, no office costs  Essential requirements:    computer   internet connection ecommerce and internet marketing skills Almost unlimited market: worldwide Marketing efforts can provide wide-sweeping, sustained results
    4. 4. Advantages of Vinyl Product     Inventory lots of different products without much expense Easy to differentiate from competitors: only limited by creativity Target market: women decorators who like to spend lots of money High margins: $1.00 worth of vinyl can be sold for as much as $50.00  Time ROI: ability to make high $/hour  Shipping is cheap – ratio of value to size/weight
    5. 5. Product
    6. 6. Inkscape Vinyl Designs Made Using Inkscape Graphics Editor Free Design Software Download from inkscape.org
    7. 7. Website: WordPress  WordPress is used for over 20% of all websites on the Internet. Web Server Website WordPress Files MySQL Database
    8. 8. Internet Marketing  Search Engine Optimization   Get Google to understand and love your website → send search traffic Social Media   Pinterest   YouTube Facebook Other Websites: eBay, blogs, etc.
    9. 9. A Profitable Combination Product + + Marketing Plan Selling Platform Context = Jacob 2:19 And after ye have obtained a hope in Christ ye shall obtain riches, if ye seek them; and ye will seek them for the intent to do good—to clothe the naked, and to feed the hungry, and to liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and the afflicted.
    10. 10. Homework Watch these videos to get a solid technical foundation for the rest of the term    WordPress Introduction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3KEwBhuEfU MarketPress Shopping Cart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYBeD3vsGmk How Google works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNHR6IQJGZs