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PR 101 Slide Show


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PR 101 for traditional and non-traditional public relations and marketing efforts

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PR 101 Slide Show

  2. 2. Public Relations helps anorganization and its publics adaptmutually to each other. -- Accepted definition of PR from the Public Relations Society of America
  3. 3. Huh?
  4. 4. In other words…Public relations helps businesses ororganizations relate and interact with theirkey stakeholders for the mutual benefit ofboth.
  5. 5. PR 1.0 vs. PR 2.0 The “traditional” PR 1.0 world exists on a model that utilizes reporters, as third party endorsers, to communicate a product’s or service’s message to potential customers. The “new media” PR 2.0, on the other hand, provides avenues to talk with potential customers instead of at them.
  6. 6. What Public RelationsCan Do For YouPR can help increase business, stimulate trial andenhance a company’s image as a leader or innovator. – PR helps attract the attention of potential customers – PR helps solidify relationships with existing customers – PR stimulates conversations with customers & prospects – PR helps define the brand personality – PR establishes credibility and relevance
  7. 7. Public Relations in the Mix PR is one of several marketing disciplines:  Public Relations  Social Media Marketing  Advertising  Event Marketing  Sales Promotion  Direct Marketing  Corporate Communications
  8. 8. Public Relations in the MixAdvertising and traditional public relations arecomplementary, not interchangeable. Advertising -- Control message content, publication date and frequency -- Lower credibility as a "paid endorsement” -- Traditionally more costly Traditional Public Relations -- Less control over messages, timing -- Higher credibility as an "implied third-party endorsement" -- Cost-effective
  9. 9. Public Relations in the MixSocial media and “new” public relations areintertwined. Social Media & New Public Relations -- Control message content, publication date and frequency -- High credibility -- Foster brand personality -- Not costly, but manpower intense -- Real-time conversations with customers
  10. 10. Public Relations Can . . . Provide a third-party endorsement for a company, its products or its services Engage a conversation with target audiences Help create an environment in which to promote products or services Build a company’s image Enhance a company’s credibility Meet the needs of special target audiences Support an organization’s overall positioning strategy
  11. 11. Public Relations Cannot . . . Eliminate negatives Eliminate the competition Control the media Control the message Be a "quick fix"
  12. 12. Setting Public RelationsObjectives/Strategies Business goals must drive public relations goals. Objectives, strategies and tactics must be results-oriented.
  13. 13. Impacting the MediaPR 1.0 is an Art, not a Science Marketing messages must pass through an editorial "filter." -- PR must "sell" newsworthiness to a reporter -- PR must "shape" the story so key marketing messages get through
  14. 14. Impacting the MediaPR 2.0 is a Science, not an Art Marketing messages can be communicated directly to target audiences -- PR must build trust with audiences -- PR must be engaging so marketing messages get through
  15. 15. What’s Newsworthy?Marketing messages must be packaged so that theyare relevant to readers, listeners, viewers . . . “Breaking" News -- New products, services -- Unique events -- Launches -- Significant personnel appointments -- Deals
  16. 16. What’s Newsworthy? Feature News -- Important lifestyle/business/technology trends -- Human interest -- Compelling events Opinion -- Unique point-of-view
  17. 17. PR 2.0 –Social Media MarketingWelcome to the PR 2.0 world, wherepublicists have become publishers andelevator speeches are 140 characters or less.
  18. 18. The PR 2.0 Twitterverse Twitter = a digital cocktail party Facebook = a digital scrapbook LinkedIn = a digital Chamber of CommerceEach represents an opportunity to find andinteract with potential customers
  19. 19. TwitterUr Twittr persona can collect follwrs & postnews, bldg a Twitterverse base of potentialcustomers. Tweet abt ur industry too 4relevance.(138 characters, btw)
  20. 20. FacebookBuilding a robust and appealing Facebook fan page will helpyour business collect Fans (or people who “Like” you).You can post relevant information, news, special offers,etc., and grow your fan base virally. The key is to berelevant and entertaining -- not overtly self-serving.Industry buzz is that Facebook may eventually replace theubiquitous website.
  21. 21. BlogsBlogging helps establish you as an expert inyour industry.Updates to your blog not only keep youraudience informed on a regular basis, theyare preferred by search engines and helpyour website rise higher in results rankings.
  22. 22. Search Engine Optimization /Search Engine MarketingMake the search engines see your site!!!
  23. 23. E-Newsletters A regular series of e-newsletters keep customers and potential customers informed of your business and topics of mutual interest. Be vigilant of your other marketing efforts that can help build your database. – Have a sign-up button on your website – Include a sign-up link in your e-mail signature – Have sign up cards at your place of business
  24. 24. QR Codes Not Your Grandma’s Jigsaw Puzzle
  25. 25. Why Hire a ProfessionalPublic Relations AgencyBenefits: Experience in strategic public relations planning and execution. Ability to package and present marketing messages so that they are newsworthy – and viable for – a reporter’s audience. Established media contacts. Established community contacts. Clients can, therefore, focus on their business.
  26. 26. Why Hire TMA? Senior level executives will manage – and work on – your account. We’ve worked hard to build relationships with the media … they trust us as a valuable resource for news. Our campaigns are results-driven, on-strategy, on-time, on-budget. We have local, regional, national and international experience. We have the capabilities of a large agency … the flexibility and accessibility of a small agency.
  27. 27. Why Hire TMA?But most importantly: We’re focused on our clients’ businesses – not just on “getting ink.” If it doesn’t make the cash register ring … it’s not a successful business partnership.
  28. 28. Seriously ProfessionalPublic Relations. (305) 531-5720