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Virginia Beach is a great city for business. In addition to the incredible lifestyle
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Richard maxino community profile 2009 virginia beach


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Richard maxino community profile 2009 virginia beach

  1. 1. VIRGINIA BEACH COMMUNITY PROFILE the place • the people • the economy the place THE rEGION • One of the 100 Best Communities for Young People, America’s Promise National Forum Located in the southeastern corner of Virginia, where the state meets the sea, • One of the Ten Best Cities in America, Money magazine the Virginia Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is the 34th largest in the United States, with a population of more than 1.65 million. The market encom- For more city distinctions, visit passes 16 cities and counties including the cities of Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Poquoson, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, and Williamsburg, and the counties of Gloucester, James City, Mathews, Isle of PrOUD HISTOry The rich history of the city dates back 400 years, when the first English colo- Wight, Surry, and York and the North Carolina county of Currituck. nists ventured to the New World. On April 26, 1607, vessels Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery stopped at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. The colonists made their historic First Landing on the shore, erected a cross and THE CITy named the spot Cape Henry, a popular Virginia Beach attraction today. Virginia Beach is the most populous city in Virginia and the 42nd largest city in the United States, with approximately 440,000 residents. The city encom- passes 307 square miles: TEMPErATE CLIMATE LAND WATER BEACHES* Based on data from the Virginia Beach/Norfolk International Airport, the National 248 59 38 Climatic Data Center reports, “The winters are usually mild, while the autumn and spring season usually are delightful. Summers, though warm and long, frequently are tempered by cool periods, often associated with northeasterly winds off the Atlantic. Winters pass on occasion without a measurable amount SQUARE MILES (642 KM) SQUARE MILES (153 KM) MILES * Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay of snowfall. The geographic location…with respect to the principal storm tracks is especially favorable, being south of the average path of storms…and north of Virginia Beach has a unique environment. Within minutes, residents and visitors the usual tracks of hurricane and other tropical storms.” have access to the popular oceanfront resort area, bountiful wildlife preserves and parks, vibrant financial districts, urban amenities, pastoral rural areas, Annual Averages distinctive cultural centers and museums, a variety of military facilities, and TEMPERATURE RAINFALL SNOWFALL 60° 45 7.3 neighborhoods as diverse as the people who call this home. NATIONAL DISTINCTIONS FAHRENHEIT INCHES INCHES • Best Place to Live in America, USA Today Weekend magazine • Least Stressful City in the U.S., MSNBC report, Biz Journal Study • #2 in Best 100 Places to Raise a Family, Best Life magazine Average 10 AM to 4 PM Air Temperatures: • Among America’s Most Literate Cities, Central Connecticut State Univ. January 41° F • One of the Top Ten Communities among the 20 Best Places to Retire, April 58° F Black Enterprise magazine July 79° F • One of the Top Ten Most Technically Advanced Cities in the U.S., October 62° F Center for Digital Government • One of the Top Ten Best Cities for the Outdoors, Forbes magazine • One of the Top Ten Fittest Cities in America, Men’s Health magazine
  2. 2. QUALITy EDUCATION AND The Town Center of Virginia Beach features an eclectic mix of shopping, dining, entertainment, and living options covering WOrKFOrCE DEVELOPMENT 17 city blocks. Enjoy world-renowned performers at the San- dler Center for the Performing Arts, or free live entertainment Development of successful students and a quality workforce begins before kindergarten with an innovative early childhood program called Ready to Learn. and festivals in the plazas. Dine at a local eatery or a national Studies show the years between birth and five are critical to a child’s intellec- restaurant. Shop at popular brand retailers and upscale bou- tual, physical, social and emotional development. Ready to Learn partners with tiques or treat yourself to a night at the 4-star Westin Virginia families, schools, and the community to provide these children with high-quality Beach Town Center Hotel. For more information, visit www. educational environments and experiences. Virginia Beach City Public Schools has built a high-quality school division focusing The Sandler Center for the Performing Arts, the region’s newest performing arts on educational rigor and expanded academic choices. The goal is to prepare all facility, hosts scores of world-renowned entertainers while providing a state-of- students to be successful as workers, citizens, and lifelong learners in this chal- the-art home for the area’s finest performing arts organizations. Seating in the lenging and rapidly changing global economy. Among the many academic choices provided to students are school-within-a-school Academy and Advanced Academ- ic programs. Students who successfully complete courses in Technical and Career Education are prepared to enter the workforce directly upon graduation. In school year 2007-08 more than 4,000 students earned industry credentials through their TCE courses. Public K-12 1,300-seat performance hall is both generous and intimate, with the furthest seat only 100 feet from the stage. For more information, visit SCHOOLS/ CENTERS TEACHERS ENROLLMENT 88 5,800 70,708 The Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater seats 20,000 and was recently nominated as one of the top venues in the United States. Golf courses are plentiful in Virginia Beach. There are 11 top rated courses designed by such world famous course architects as Fred Couples, Arnold Palmer, Post-secondary education options abound in the Virginia Beach MSA, providing and the legendary Pete Dye. These courses are sure to intrigue beginners and access to more than 93,000 students for part-time and full-time employment and challenge the pros. For more information, visit more than 11,000 four-year graduates each year. Virginia Beach is home to 249 city parks and facilities encompassing 4,000 acres. Colleges and Universities in the Virginia Beach MSA: In addition, First Landing State Park offers boating, swimming, hiking, biking, picnicking, and 19 miles of trails on 2,888 acres. The 4,321 acre False Cape State Schools Enrollment Park has six miles of unspoiled beaches and nine miles of hiking/biking trails. The Christopher Newport University 4,884 Back Bay Refuge contains 9,000 acres with a wide assortment of wildlife, including threatened and endangered species such as loggerhead sea turtles, piping The College of William and Mary 7,795 plovers, peregrine falcons, and bald eagles. Eastern Virginia Medical School 736 Hampton University 5,156 In addition, residents and visitors can visit a variety of historic attractions, including the Norfolk State University 6,155 Adam Thoroughgood House, Francis Land House, the Cape Henry Lighthouses Old Dominion University 22,287 and site of the First Landing. Paul D. Camp Community College 1,544 Regent University 4,442 Thomas Nelson Community College Tidewater Community College 9,368 25,857 GrEEN INITIATIVES Going green is nothing new for Virginia Beach. The City’s Green Ribbon Committee Virginia Wesleyan College 1,433 has developed long-term, citywide initiatives to promote the importance of Source: 2008 Hampton Roads Statistical Digest sustainable development and ecologically friendly practices throughout the com- munity. Green distinctions include: Virginia Beach is committed to education and lifelong learning. The Virginia Beach • Virginia’s First Green Destination, Commonwealth of Virginia Public Library has a collection of more than 1,000,000 items. The library system • One of the Ten Greenest Places to Retire, U.S. News consists of a central library, eight area libraries, a bookmobile, a public law library, • A Tree City USA, Virginia Department of Forestry a municipal reference library, and special services for the blind and visually handi- • Agricultural Reserve Program has preserved more than 5,000 acres capped. • Open Space Acquisition program has preserved more than 1,800 acres valued at more than $40 million. Each year more than 13,000 personnel exit the military with many preferring to • First Green Certified Convention Center in Virginia, Commonwealth stay in the area and seek private sector employment. The education and training of Virginia level of the exiting military personnel bring diverse and disciplined production, technical, managerial, computer and electronic skills to the labor force. LOCAL GOVErNMENT Recognized as one of the best managed and most innovative cities in the nation, EXCITING ATTrACTIONS Virginia Beach has a council-manager form of government. Seven seats of the Each year millions of visitors flock to Virginia Beach to enjoy its famous three-mile 11-member council are filled by individuals who reside in the seven respective boardwalk (named one of the top ten boardwalks by Sherman Travel), 35 miles districts of the City. The four remaining “at large” seats do not carry district of beaches and many exciting year-round attractions. For more information, visit requirements. The Mayor is elected by popular vote and holds one of the four “at large” seats. For more information, visit The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center features 700,000 gallons of aquar- iums, live animal habitats, hundreds of hands-on exhibits, outdoor aviary, nature trail and marshlands, and a 3D IMAX Theater screen six stories tall and eight SAFETy Virginia Beach is a safe place to live, work, visit and raise a family. According to stories wide. Opening in May 2009, Restless Planet, a 12,000-square-foot exhibit FBI statistics, Virginia Beach has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation for a gallery, will explore modern habitats that illustrate what Virginia was like in its city of its size. geologic past. For more information, visit
  3. 3. the people POPULATION INCOME Virginia Beach USA Median Household Income $62,948 $50,170 Virginia Beach’s population was estimated to $100,000+ 22.01% 18.56% be 436,270 in 2008. The Virginia Beach MSA $75,000 - $99,999 15.48% 12.03% population is more than 1.65 million. $50,000 - $74,999 24.00% 19.55% $25,000 - $49,999 26.03% 26.43% Under $24,999 11.97% 23.43% Source: Claritas 2008 Virginia Beach USA Median Age 35.91% 36.67% Male 48.84% 49.28% Female 51.16% 50.72% White 68.86% 72.72% African-American 19.96% 12.43% Asian/Pacific Islander 5.56% 4.54% American Indian or Alaskan Native .45% .92% Two or More Races 3.35% 2.82% Other 1.82% 6.56% Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 5.22% 15.24% Source: Claritas 2008 HOUSEHOLDS # OF DWELLING UNITS 173,603 681,191 VIRGINIA BEACH MSA ESTIMATED HOUSEHOLDS 163,403 327,873 VIRGINIA BEACH MSA EDUCATION LEVELS 2008 Est. Population Age 25+ Education Virginia Beach USA Graduate Degree 8.76% 8.85% AVERAGE PERSONS PER HOUSE Bachelors Degree 19.21% 15.76% 2.67 2.66 Associates Degree 7.61% 6.39% Some College (13-15) 29.06% 21.25% High School Grade or GED (12) 25.88% 28.39% Some high school (9-11) 7.06% 11.88% VIRGINIA BEACH MSA Less than 9th grade 2.41% 7.47% Source: Claritas 2008 it’s not who you know. it’s where you live. “Virginia Beach is one of the top cities to live and launch a business.” Fortune Small Business Magazine
  4. 4. the eCONOMY Virginia Beach is a great city for business. In addition to the incredible lifestyle as one of America’s favorite vacation destinations, Virginia Beach also boasts a TAX rATES skilled, educated workforce, strategic location, low tax rates, and a dynamic, Together, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the City of Virginia Beach have one of diverse economy. the fairest tax structures of the 50 states. Both businesses and individuals carry their share of the tax load, and the Commonweath has not raised its corporate Because of its strategic Mid-Atlantic location, both foreign and domestic markets income tax rate of 6% since 1972. In addition, Virginia’s unemployment insurance can be readily accessed through a superior transportation network, which includes rates and workers’ compensation costs are among the lowest in the nation. an extensive railway system, an international airport, vast shipping terminals, the East Coast’s largest ice-free port, and an efficient and well-maintained highway City Of Virginia Beach Tax Rates system. The Virginia Beach MSA is an ideal location for international companies. REAL ESTATE MACHINERY & TOOLS This part of Virginia serves as the world’s gateway into the U.S., and our excellent $0.89 $1.00 telecommunications infastructure makes every county just a click away. More than 27 countries are represented in the region’s business community, and 12 have established consular offices here. Plus, the Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development, named one of the PER $100 ASSESSED VALUE* PER $100 ASSESSED VALUE *Fiscal Year 2008-2009 33% OF ORIGINAL COST (MANUFACTURERS) ten best Economic Development offices in the nation by Site Selection magazine, offers support to businesses both large and small. PERSONAL PROPERTY BUSINESS PROPERTY NATIONAL DISTINCTIONS • Virginia Beach MSA ranked #1 in the U.S. for high impact firms and for jobs and growth, The Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy $3.70 $3.70 PER $100 ASSESSED VALUE PER $100 ASSESSED VALUE • Second Top Major Market in the South, Southern Business & 40% OF ORIGINAL COST (TANGIBLE PROPERTY) Development magazine • #3 in the Country for Most Educated Workforce, Business Facilities • One of the Top Economic Development Hot Spots, Expansion Management magazine and the National Policy Research Council OCCUPATIONAL MIX • Among the nation’s Ten Best Cities to Get a Job, Forbes magazine Virginia Beach has a well-balanced and healthy distribution of managerial, profes- • 14th out of the Top 100 Cities to Live and Launch a Business, Fortune sional, technical, manufacturing and clerical support personnel, working in a wide Small Business variety of businesses and industries. • Virginia named America’s most business-friendly state, Polina Corporate Real Estate, Inc. Right-To-Work Virginia is the northern-most state and one of the 21 states with a Right-To-Work law. The law prohibits a closed shop, where employers may hire only members TArGET INDUSTrIES of the contracting union, and also prohibits a union shop, where the employees who are not a member of a union must join after a certain period of employment The Virginia Beach Economic Development Department targets the and must remain a member as a condition of employment. following business sectors: Occupations: Employed Virginia Beach USA DEFENSE CONTRACTORS Civilians (Age 16 and up) MANAGEMENT OF COMPANIES AND CORPORATIONS Management, Business & Financial 14.06% 13.74% HEALTHCARE AND BIOMEDICAL HIGH-PERFORMANCE MANUFACTURING Professional & Related Occupations 22.06% 20.27% SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Sales and Office 30.01% 26.74% CONSTRUCTION Production & Transportation 8.95% 14.40% INFORMATION SERVICES Service 14.83% 14.63% Construction & Maintenance 9.97% 9.49% Farming, Forestry & Fishing .13% .74% we have the most military decision makers outside of the pentagon. (But that’s all we can tell you.) “Over 16,000 highly skilled people exit the Navy and join our workforce each year.” Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy
  5. 5. MINOrITy bUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Retail and Wholesale Trade About 25% of the Virginia Beach labor force is employed in retail and wholesale. Virginia Beach is an ethnically diverse city and strives to make its business land- scape reflect that. At more than 1.35 million square feet, Lynnhaven Mall is the largest shopping mall in southern Virginia. It offers visitors an enormous selection of shopping, dining The Department of Economic Development has intensified its focus on developing and entertainment options with more than 180 stores, 17 restaurants and eater- Small, Women and Minority-owned businesses by providing assistance and opportu- ies, and a state-of-the-art AMC Theatres, and free parking. nities to help these businesses flourish and achieve their goals. Pembroke Mall is conveniently located in the Central Business District. It features The Virginia Beach Minority Business Council assists the City to increase participa- three major department stores, more than 100 specialty shops, restaurants, a tion of Minority-owned, Woman-owned and Small businesses in the procurement Regal Theater, and free parking. process and to assure that opportunities are made available to all persons regard- less of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, or disability. Other major retail areas include Hilltop, Red Mill Commons, Landstown Com- mons, the resort area and the Town Center of Virginia Beach. TOWN CENTEr Agribusiness The Town Center of Virginia Beach is the heart of a mixed-use, urban development Agribusiness contributes significantly to the City’s overall economy. The econom- within the City’s Central Business District. It is the home of entertainment, cul- ic impact of the agricultural community is estimated at more than $102.7 million, tural, business and retail activities. The Town Center will eventually span 25 acres based on product valued at approximately $32 million. There are 172 farms in the and 17 city blocks and will include 800,000 square feet of Class A office space, City, resulting in approximately 27,000 acres of land under cultivation. 832,500 sq. ft. of multi-level upscale retail space, a 4-star hotel and conference center, luxury apartments and condominiums, fine dining and a variety of urban Construction and Real Estate amenities. In 2007, Virginia Beach approved permits for the construction of 821 single-family units, 69 duplex units and 99 multi-family units for a total of 989 residential units. In addition, permits were issued for 7,132 residential additions/alterations, one ho- ECONOMIC SECTOrS tel, six industrial buildings, 43 offices, four stores, two hospitals and two schools. The total value of these building permits was $613,193,142. Business and Industry Virginia Beach has a variety of office, industrial, and commercial property encom- passing almost 35 million square feet of total enclosed space. A diversified economy based on a blend of professional office manufacturers and advanced technologies COMPANIES helps keep Virginia Beach a recognized international business location. The following is a list of companies representative of Virginia Beach’s business base. Military Name Product/Service Approx. # of The Virginia Beach MSA is home to 12 major military installations representing Employees all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the world’s largest naval base ADS Inc. Defense Contractor 350 and the home of the Atlantic Fleet. The bases located in Virginia Beach are Naval Air AECOM Architect & Design 110 Station (NAS) Oceana, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dam Neck, Naval Amphibious Allied Technology Group, Inc. Defense Contractor 350 Base Little Creek and Fort Story. These bases employ more than 32,000 military AMERIGROUP Healthcare Services 2,100 and civilian employees with a combined annual payroll of more than $1.8 billion. AMSEC LLC Engineering and Computer Services 500 Convention Center and Trade Shows Architectural Graphics, Inc. Sign Manufacturer 160 The Virginia Beach Convention Center completely opened in January 2007, unveil- Armada Hoffler Developer ing more than 500,000 square feet. This includes a 31,000-square-foot ballroom and General Contractor 130 with LED lighting, a 150,000-square-foot column-free exhibit hall, 38,929 square Bay Mechanical, Inc. General Mechanical feet of meeting space and 2,230 free parking spaces. Contractor & Manufacturer 225 CMSS Architects Architects 75 Coastal Training Technologies Corp. Training Development 200 DOMA Technologies LLC Information Technology 160 GEICO Insurance 2,200 IMS Gear Manufacturer of Gears 60 IssueTrak Inc Software Development 35 Knowledge Information Solutions, Inc. Information Technology 100 LifeNet Health Biomedical 500 Morphix Technologies Security Technology 38 As of June 2008, 167 conventions and meetings have been booked from July 2005 MSA, P.C. Engineering Services 80 – 2013 with more than 516,572 hotel room nights, and 38% is new business. NGK-Locke, Inc. Manufacturer of Polymer Insulators 150 Tourism Navy Exchange Service Command Retail Management 1,800 In 2007, 2.73 million overnight visitors arrived in Virginia Beach. The economic im- Oceana Sensor Technologies, Inc. Manufacturer pact (excluding indirect and induced effects) of the Virginia Beach tourism industry of Electronic Sensors 30 saw a 4% increase in visitor spending, or approximately $889.9 million during their PROSOFT Information Technology 200 stay for accommodations, meals, entertainment and other services. In addition, Sentara Medical Group Health Services 4,646 more than 11,000 jobs were created in Virginia Beach, and visitor expenditures generated $78.4 million in direct city revenue. Skanska USA Civil Southeast Industrial Construction 120 STIHL Incorporated Manufacturer of Power Tools 1,800 VT Milcom Defense Contractor 280 Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc. Management Services 30
  6. 6. Minneapolis/St. Paul Boston Milwaukee Newark Detroit New York Chicago Cleveland Philadelphia Pittsburgh Baltimore Washington, D.C. Cincinnati Kansas City St. Louis VIRGINIA VIRGINIA BEACH Louisville Raleigh Nashville Memphis Atlantic Ocean Atlanta 500 Spherical Miles 804.5 Spherical km Jacksonville New Orleans Orlando 750 Spherical Miles 1206.7 Spherical km Miami 1000 Spherical Miles 1809 Spherical km CITy COUNCIL MEMbErS William D. Sessoms, Jr. – Mayor Barbara M. Henley – Princess Anne Louis R. Jones – Vice Mayor – Bayside John E. Uhrin – Beach Glenn R. Davis – Rose Hall Ron A. Villanueva – At Large Bill R. DeSteph – At Large James L. Wood – Lynnhaven Harry E. Diezel – Kempsville Rosemary Wilson – At Large Bob Dyer – Centerville James K. Spore – City Manager 222 Central Park Ave, Suite 1000 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462 757-385-6464 | 800-989-4567 | Fax 757-499-9894 | Email For more information on the Virginia Beach economy, visit For more information on the regional economy visit VB203.3/09.8k