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Richard Maltz


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Letter of Recommendation from Captain Ronald Batdorf, USN

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Richard Maltz

  1. 1. Ronald N. Batdorf<br />1824 Templeton Lane<br />Virginia Beach, VA 23454<br />MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD<br />Subject: Recommendation - Mr. Richard Maltz<br /><ul><li>With my strongest recommendation, Mr. Maltz would be an ideal placement to any position involving national level strategy, military strategy, concept development and refinement, analytical insights and historical research as it relates to current and future problem states.
  2. 2. I have worked with Mr. Maltz for several years while I was the Campaign Planning Manager for Joint Experimentation and have keep up with his writings and thoughtful discussions over the years concerning grand strategy and other pertinent issues that concern our military and national leaders today. He has an uncanny ability to draw insights from the past into today’s situations with convincing analytical approaches and sound judgment. His intuitive abilities are amazing as he can get to the real issues and problems faster than anyone I know. In most cases he has formulated insights into the key issues while most of his colleagues are just sorting out the basic details.
  3. 3. Mr. Maltz has always been an advocate for change in how we approach warfare in the future and most of his work has shown an exceptional capacity for understanding network operations and forward leading approaches to winning the hearts and minds of our enemies. Richard knows that our national strategy for war should always be looking for the best resolutions of lasting peace and not perpetuating future wars. His appetite for reading and simulating historical practices that have failed or succeeded into present day situations is astounding.
  4. 4. I would suggest that the best utility of Mr. Maltz’s abilities would be where he can have the most influence on helping to shape the minds of our young leaders while being a sage for our seniors. His unique abilities should provide exceptional counsel and a position where he would be able to write and speak publicly while doing research on linking national strategy within DoD and our future partners would be ideal and a win/win for our nation.
  5. 5. Mr. Maltz would be an exceptional employee for any organization that is looking to move toward the future and I recommend him without reservation. If you have any questions regarding Mr. Maltz qualifications or abilities, please don’t hesitate to contact me.</li></ul>Ronald N. Batdorf<br />C2 Enterprise Engineering Branch Chief<br />USJFCOM, J89<br />757-836-9089<br /> <br />