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MeInPixels 2016


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MeInPixels 2016

  2. 2. I am Sethakge Richard Mabetlela, 24 years old. I am Digital Marketer, My motto is Believe, Act, Become. I am fascinated by how brands interact with potential consumers and how consumers consequently respond to the brands on the online stream or digitally. • I am smart, creative, • I am able to turn everyday concepts into business. • I am very observant, if I see something very attractive that thing stand out for people, I always try to imitate the same thing and give it a new meaning inline with specific target audience. • I values and respect any task given, make sure that it is delivered on time. • (RE), Reinvent, Re-brand, Re-marketing (digital)
  3. 3. What I am about . I am passionate about entrepreneurship, I am Co-founder of a clothing label called Darkie Original. Digital tools social media tools help me everyday to interact, maintain and sustain relationship with potential consumers. I am also passionate about music, I am DJ/Music producer. I disseminate my art (music) through social media, mainly Youtube and Souncloud. Competitor
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  5. 5. • I use social media to share the content of my work, either music or clothing line, I have Darkie original page currently sitting on more 400 hundred likes. People actually love the brand • My interaction with potential consumer is mainly online or digitally, but I make sure that my work is present offline as well. • My ultimate goal is to open an online store. My digital career interests I see myself as a Digital strategist, I want to be able to help agencies or brand with unmet goals, aims, opportunities, resolve challenges, and ultimately gain competitive advantage. I want help agencies or brand realise the importance of digital marketing because I believe that as much as people love your brand, if it is not present online, they will find an alternative. • Digital Strategist • Web design and development • Advertising • SEO- Search Engine Optimization
  6. 6. OPRAHFICATION: Everyone is getting a free T-shirt, next week. THANK