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Internet Marketing In Dynamics Crm


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The CRM Online March 2009 Service Pack includes some great new features for Internet Marketing. That's what Richard Knudson discusses in the presentation accompanying this slide show.

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Internet Marketing In Dynamics Crm

  1. 1. Internet Marketing in Dynamics CRM Dynamics CRM User Group Meeting #3  
  2. 2. Agenda Dynamics CRM Marketing Classic  Traditional Internet Marketing  Internet Marketing using Dynamics CRM  Toolkit: Web-to-Lead 
  3. 3. Dynamics CRM Marketing Classic CRM 4.0 On-Premise Implementation  This is a subset of what Dynamics CRM Online  offers Marketing Campaign is the central entity  Campaigns have Marketing Lists (Accounts,  Contacts and Leads) Campaigns also have Campaign Activities –  customer-touching stuff (emails, phone calls, faxes, letters…)
  4. 4. Campaign Execution Campaign Activities get distributed  Emails get sent out, phone calls are assigned & made, faxes get - faxed… And if you‟re lucky…Campaign Responses get  created Email recipient clicks Reply - Sales Rep Converts a Phone Call activity - Campaign Response can be converted to  Opportunity…which can turn into a sale The Campaign Response is the link between  marketing and sales
  5. 5. Big Gap in Classic CRM Marketing How do Campaign Response records get  created? Direct replies to campaign activity emails are  the only way to get automatic campaign responses What about Internet Lead Capture?  Drive traffic to a Landing Page 1. Visitor submits a form 2. “Lead” record created in CRM 3.
  6. 6. With Internet Lead Capture… In addition to this Campaign email Reply Campaign Response We‟d also get this Internet Ad Landing Page Form Campaign Response
  7. 7. Traditional Internet Marketing Pay-per-click model  Search word bidding  Banner or persistent ads  Email marketing  Inbound links 
  8. 8. Web 2.0 Internet Marketing Blogs and podcasts   Micro-blogs like Twitter  Social networking sites like Linkedin, Facebook, MySpace…  Videos on YouTube, slide shows on… All of these can be great traffic drivers…but how do you measure effectiveness? And how do you integrate them into your overall marketing strategy?  
  9. 9. With Internet Lead Capture…  
  10. 10. So how „bout them Landing Pages? Dynamics CRM Online now has them out  of the box! Hosted by Microsoft, or a snippet-generator  you can use to host yourself No code required  Dynamics CRM on-premise still requires  some work (in the form of server-side code)  
  11. 11. CRM Online March 2009 Service Update Wizard-generated Landing Page  Easily create custom landing pages that are hosted with the CRM  Online service and used to capture leads from the Internet DIY Scenario: Embedded Lead Submission  For organizations with their own lead capture landing pages in  place, wizard can automatically generate an embeddable HTML code snippet that will submit lead details into CRM Online. Sales and Marketing scenarios enabled  Landing Page may be tied to multiple campaigns  Landing Pages for non-campaign purposes (e.g. sales events)  Lead Staging – form submits go into “Internet Lead” staging area  so you can filter out the asdf leads before importing Lead Tagging  Leads are tagged with the original source…  Tagged with generating Campaign for Campaign Response 
  12. 12. Benefits of Internet Lead Capture • Wizard-based solution ensures that anybody can build custom Easy to use web-site landing pages Increase • Eliminate the time and effort required to manage leads in multiple places productivity Improve data • Eliminate dead data and leads before they become information that is acted upon by sales and marketing. quality Improve • You can focus in the right areas by understanding which campaigns are more or less successful decision-making • Eliminates need for IT development, new servers and page Reduce cost maintenance by automating the process for end-users end-to- end.
  13. 13. Internet Lead Capture with Dynamics CRM Online Demo will show:  Create Landing Page  Drive traffic with…  A banner Ad  A Twitter Tweet  What happens after form gets submitted   
  14. 14. Internet Lead Capture with Dynamics CRM Online Two versions: 1. Create Landing Page to be hosted 2. Create a “Snippet” of code to pop into one of your pages for more control  
  15. 15. Demo: CRM Online Internet Lead Capture  
  16. 16. Internet Lead Capture with Dynamics CRM On-Premise For this we have to get our hands dirty: Register the CRM 4 web service proxy 1. Turn on server-side “code blocks” 2. Open up security 3. Open our SharePoint web site with SPD 4. Create our WebToLead.aspx page within the site 5. Let‟s do it…and if you have questions, email !  
  17. 17. Snippets on DCRMUG Site Two for webconfig:  Parserpaths.txt Trustlevel.txt One to register the web service proxy:  Createcrmdll.bat The landing page/form:  Webtolead.aspx  