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2. guidelines


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2. guidelines

  1. 1. HI4774 -Politics and Society: Europe, 1815-1914 Tutorial 2: The Revolutions of 1848 Weeks 5 & 6The readings for Weeks 5 and 6 are taken from William Simpson and Martin Jones, Europe, 1763-1914 (2ndedn, 2009), chapter eleven.Begin with the pdf file marked ‘Preparatory Reading’, which will provide context for the pdf filemarked ‘Discussion Documents’.The ‘Discussion Documents’ will form the basis for discussion and debate at the tutorial. You shouldprepare answers to the questions listed on p. 191. In addition, use the readings to think about twobroader questions: (1) what were the main causes of the Revolutions of 1848? (2) Why did therevolutions largely fail?Please note that you must bring a copy of boththe ‘Preparatory Reading’ and ‘DiscussionDocuments’ to the tutorial