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Three networking application notes, value-focused with referenceable customers, the last one a hypothetical template guide

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Testimonial / Application Notes

  1. 1.     Three Customer Application Notes     App Notes Authored to serve as   1) A testimonial of customer satisfaction   including referenceable customer name, logo     2) Representation of manufacturer’s ability to deliver  comprehensive business solutions    3) Benefits‐focused marketing collateral  _______________________________________________      First Two App Notes  = real world story    Third App Note    1) A fabricated hypothetical story    2) 2nd page defines the logical criteria & steps  for creating successful testimonial app notes    This presentation © 2011 richard hurn, all rights reserved   ‐ ‐   richardhurn@aceweb.com          for references linkedin.com/in/richardhurn   ‐ ‐   for career portfolio  richardhurn.com   ‐ ‐       for whitepaper sample slideshare.net/richardhurn/best‐network‐practices‐for‐dsl‐deployment            
  2. 2. HOTEL CASE STUDY: High Speed Internet Access for 60% Less CostHotel Site: Wyndham Dallas North By the Galleria 4801 LBJ Freeway Dallas, Texas 75244Goal: Provide seamless Internet access for guests via ubiquitous and economical wireless network deployed throughout the entire hotel facility.Requirements The hotel has fourteen floors. Requirements were to connect guest and staff laptops, notebooks and PDA devices, which were potentially located throughout the facilities planned coverage area. Only industry standard 802.11b Wi-Fi devices were to be supported. The Wyndham faced several key issues: ● 150 of the hotel’s guest rooms were Ethernet-wired and the cost associated with continuing this effort was deemed excessive as NO horizontal runs could be installed due to building construction. ● The hotel had not installed a way to bill hotel guests and as such, Internet access was being provided with NO revenue gain. ● Wi-Fi deployment with traditional Access Points was still too expensive.Elandia Solutions, a primary Value Added Retailer for Vivato, reviewed Wyndham’srequirements, and their networking wants, and opted to provide leading edge Wi-Fi productsto create a total infrastructure solution. Elandia first provided a full day detailed site survey toensure that all required coverage areas were properly addressed and that a variety of guest-provided Wi-Fi enabled devices as defined would be supported within the coverage areas.Elandia further addressed Internet access points of presence, power requirements andoverall network connectivity to allow for integration into the existing network. Copyright 2004, Vivato, Inc www.vivato.net 866-802-1600
  3. 3. Wi-Fi InstallationBUDGET ISSUESElandia overcame Wyndham’s financial budget considerations by designing a truly costeffective Wi-Fi solution. The solution equipment included eleven high-powered dual 200mWRF (radio frequency) AP/Bridge devices. These devices, effectively representing twenty-twowireless Access Points, were directly connected to the existing Local AreaNetwork in a single location via “home run” cabling. No power was requiredat each location as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) was employed. Hence theinitial cost was controlled by utilizing minimal equipment and by completelyavoiding the need for additional Ethernet cabling or power runs. This latterissue also addressed the specific want of avoiding unsightly cable runs tomaintain the facilities interior atmosphere. “Vivato provided the right solution at an economical price. Our guests now enjoy high quality wireless broadband access to the Internet.” Mr. Mark. Hamner, GM Wyndham DallasIn-Room High SpeedInternet Accesswith no per-room All meeting, conference, & lobbyconstruction needed facilities covered at no additional costPHYSICAL ISSUESFinally, Elandia overcame Wyndham’s physical layout complexities by providing high-powered Wi-Fi equipment that was capable of flooding the coverage areas as required.Specifically, two Wi-Fi AP/Bridges were deployed for three-floor coverage. In providing thistype of design, a single unit with dual radios provided coverage for approximately 37-38rooms or approximately 18-19 devices per radio. This design effectively balanced networktraffic across the Wireless Local Area Network. Each of the home-runned Wi-Fi devices wasattached to an existing 10/100 Switch to help maintain performance. In this manner, thelowest cost of deployment and total system life cost of ownership was controlled. Based ontypical take rates and load balancing parameters, Wyndham anticipated no more than 5-6active users per radio. Copyright 2004, Vivato, Inc www.vivato.net 866-802-1600
  4. 4. Wyndham Results “The right solution at the right price! Saved us over $22,000 and our Wi-Fi coverage is tremendous!” Mr. Mark Hamner, GM WyndhamElandia’s professional approach yielded a Wi-Fi networking infrastructure that wascompletely designed, tested and installed within three days. Should expanded coverageareas be required, Elandia’s initial design will allow Wyndham to simply grow in a modularfashion following the same facility criteria as the initial deployment.As part of the overall solution, Elandia addressed Wyndham’s Internet access bandwidthrequirements and ascertained that sufficient capabilities already existed such that their“customer’s experience” met with state-of–the-art expectations. In doing this, Elandiaprovided a liaison with Wyndham’s Internet Service Provider (ISP).Similar Results by Vivato’s WindChannel VAR Both the WindChannel and Elandia VARs will be presenting at the upcoming Wi-Fi Roadshow this May through June all across America. Please see www.wifiroadshow to select a city near you! Come hear why the following hotels have chosen Vivato: Hilton Gardens Hampton Inns Quality Suites Sheraton Comfort Inns Holiday Inns Homewood Suites Courtyard by Mariott Fairfield Inns Copyright 2004, Vivato, Inc www.vivato.net 866-802-1600
  5. 5. How ‘Smart’ Cities Utilize Vivato Wireless Wi-Fi Increasing City Efficiency, Safety and Economic DevelopmentThe term ‘Smart City’ has recently been used to These 3rd generation or 3G products, includingcategorize cities that have several progressive 1xEVDO, simply can not adequately handle theinitiatives, which include wireless data networks to bandwidth requirements of the applications that citiesincrease the city’s internal efficiencies thus increasing are eager to run.the safety to the citizens and visitors. ‘Smart’ cities havefound new ways to drive retail commerce, tourism and Wi-Fieconomic development using new standardized wireless 802.11 Wireless Fidelity, or Wi-Fi, is an industrytechnologies. This paper reviews the use of wireless ‘Wi- standard that uses an unlicensed spectrum. Wi-FiFi’ technology in cities, and the enabling of new enabled mobile devices such as laptops, person digitalmunicipality and public applications. assistants (PDAs) and rugged handheld PCs are prevalent, inexpensive and can run thousands of usefulBACKGROUND municipality applications. Standard Wi-Fi (802.11bCity public safety and transportation agencies currently version) has a throughput of 11,000 kbps (11Mbps)use a wireless communication network called Cellular which enables such bandwidth-intensive mobileDigital Packet Data (CDPD). CDPD is a relatively low applications as fast image retrieval, streaming video,bandwidth network and is used for emergency and non- large database access and Automatic Field Reportingemergency mobile services: (AFR). • Police and fire dispatching • Suspect identification CDPD • Vehicle license plate lookup GPRS GSM Vivato • Mobile Display Terminals (MDTs) 1XRTT Wi-Fi RANGE • Message signs and intersection controllersMaximum throughput of CDPD is, at best, only 19.2kbps. CDPD uses FCC licensed frequency spectrum(usually between 800 and 900 MHz) and requires Standardexpensive proprietary equipment. It is important to note Wi-Fithat life-critical emergency communications require useof licensed frequencies to avoid interference andguarantee service. BANDWIDTHThe major wireless communication firms have Figure 1 – Bandwidth & Range Comparisonannounced the end-of-life of CDPD, with no futureupgrades or support. They are marketing new improved, While enabling more than 10x the bandwidth of currentbut relatively low bandwidth, replacement systems like: CDPD or similar systems, standard Wi-Fi is limited in coverage distance. An ordinary Access Point (AP) can • Global Systems for Mobile (GSM) support wireless connectivity within a distance of • General Packet Radio Service (GPRS, an approximately 300 feet (91 meters). extension of GSM) • 1xRTT
  6. 6. Smart Cities Using Wi-Fi NEW ECONOMIC MODEL expensive to deploy with the hardware, professional services and the recurring operating expenditures.Vivato has taken standard Wi-Fi and extended it to more There are many dependencies on the overall Wi-Fithan 20 times the coverage by means of innovative deployment – size of coverage area, building height,technology phased-array antenna base stations. Using building material and wall thickness, terrain and otherintelligent Vivato Wi-Fi Base Stations, cities are able to obstacles such as large trees. The pico-cellular APreach laptops, hand-held PCs in patrol cars, fire engines, method can be susceptible to seasonal variances due toparking meter attendants and city workers within the annual shedding of leaves by trees.distances over 13,000 feet (4 kilometers). In addition,extending beyond 4 km is achievable using higher power In this example, the cost of the ordinary pico-cellular APclient devices. coverage method would be several thousands of dollars per unit. Since this example city with a population ofAn ordinary Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) mesh solution 15,000 requires 100’s of units, the hardware cost alonedeployed in a city results in what is know as ‘pico- would exceed $400,000. This figure does not includecellular’ coverage. Figure 2 shows the many pico- professional services, installation, software orcellular or “hot spots” covering a deployment area using maintenance costs. Compare this to the cost effectivestandard AP antennas. Even for a small coverage area of Vivato solution that would cost under $20,000.15,000 residents, this ordinary AP approach wouldrequire hundreds of APs. Each AP would require aprofessional installation on a city light pole, providingthe city has the rights-of-use to every light pole needed.Each AP in this pico-cellular deployment would alsorequire power to the AP, and network connectivity orback-haul to many of these AP devices. Figure 3 – Vivato Base Station and AP Coverage The expansion in coverage using Vivato Wi-Fi Base Stations can drastically reduce the overall equipment needed for a municipal solution. This same city size of 15,000 would require just a few Vivato Wi-Fi base stations. In figure 4, a typical city deployment is shown Figure 2 – ‘Pico-cellular’, Hot Spot Coverage with (1) Vivato Base Station and (2) Vivato AP/Bridges to fill an area not covered by the base station. ThisConsider the Information Technology (IT) maintenance meshed combination of extended range Base Stationschallenge from having hundreds of APs to manage and and AP/Bridges keeps the complexity low, while givingpotentially hundreds of points-of-failure. This pico- the city the largest and most efficient wireless coverage.cellular architecture approach requires long installationtime, disruption to the city and can be extremely A recent Vivato Wi-Fi installation in the city of Salida, Colorado (population 16,000) gave ubiquitous coverage Please visit www.vivato.com or call toll free 1-866-802-1600 2
  7. 7. Smart Cities Using Wi-Fithroughout the city for mobile police applications. This infrared capability. A wireless camera system can alsoinstallation required only (1) Vivato base station and no be linked into existing wired video systems.AP/Bridges, providing the police force with the mostcost efficient wireless solution. Police Reporting Automatic Field Reporting (AFR) - Much time of theIn the cellular phone industry, coverage for a given city patrol officer is spent at the office manually enteringarea is accomplished by use of base stations. As in the field reports into a Records Management System (RMS),Vivato Wi-Fi solution, areas not covered by the base or writing manual reports. This time spent in the office isstations (tunnels, bridges, etc.) are covered by use of time away from patrol and can be eliminated using thepico-cell antennas (analogous to the AP). If a city were Vivato Wi-Fi solution. Now officers can simply enter into use the pico-cellular method for cell phone coverage, their reports from a laptop in their patrol vehicle andit would require a pico-cell antennas placed on every city communicate in real-time to headquarters. Thisblock. drastically increases their presence in the community and help makes a city safer. Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) for MUNICIPALITY WI-FI APPLICATIONS Police, Fire and Rescue As a means of redundant dispatch, Wi-Fi can enableReal-time Database Access for Police police, fire and rescue vehicles to review dispatchEquipped with rugged laptops in the vehicle, law information quickly and with enhanced graphics andenforcement officers can now have instant access to video. Fire hydrant information, building and floor plansregional crime information databases such as RISS, can be quickly sent to the response teams.ROCIC, COPLINK, Amber Alert System, and DMVrecords. Police officers can now obtain mug shots, floor Trafficplans and other images in real-time while on patrol. Intersections, streets and bridges can be monitored by video surveillance using mounted Wi-Fi cameras. These video or static images can easily be stored and retrieved using standard image databases. Electronic traffic signs can be updated and controlled from a wireless connection. Parking & Public Works Meter attendants can access vehicle and parking violation records in real-time using handheld PC devices to determine the best course of action with a violation. Even parking meters are being equipped with Wi-Fi so that the attendant can determine meter expiration without having to physically read each meter. Utility meterWireless camera surveillance attendants have the same flexibly and power with Wi-FiWith the advent of low cost Wi-Fi cameras, patrol in reading water, sewer and power meters. This data canofficers in their vehicles can obtain then be sent back to a central facility in real-time.quick access to images of intersectionsand streets, high crime areas, schoolsand other surveillance areas. Fire ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTengines and response teams can usethese wireless cameras to monitor the Public Internet Accessstatus of a fire out of harms way. Wi- Cities are working with Internet Service Providers (ISPs)Fi cameras range in complexity from to provide the citizens with internet access throughoutbasic models to remote controlled and the city, in parks, malls and open community areas.weatherized models. Some have remote focus and Please visit www.vivato.com or call toll free 1-866-802-1600 3
  8. 8. Smart Cities Using Wi-FiVarying economic models range from free access to a Dual Networksmonthly fee around $20 per month. Many cities are desiring to run simultaneous wireless networks – one for public internet access and one for Vivato Wi-Fi is flexible and can municipality applications. Using the Vivato Wi-Fi be used temporarily for events solution, this can be achieved with out having to such as festivals, ceremonies, purchase redundant equipment. Cities can use many of sporting tournaments and the built-in security features of the Vivato Wi-Fi concerts providing visitors with solutions to ensure a highly secure network for police,real-time information, email and Internet access. fire, traffic and public works applications.Retail traffic SecurityIn addition to prepaid cards driving customers to coffee Security is an important issue for municipality Wi-Fishops and restaurants, retail stores can offer wireless installations. Vivatos Base Stations include state-of-the-promotions, discounts, and events, thus driving more art Wi-Fi security - the Wired Equivalency Protocolfoot traffic to their establishments. Using any Wi-Fi (WEP) and Temporal Key Integrity Protocolenabled laptop or PDA, a visitor could access many of (TKIP) with 802.1X authentication with per-the ‘digital city’ sites that list restaurants, concerts, station keys. In addition, they are industryhotels entertainment, museums and points of interest in standard 802.11i compliant FIPS 140-2the city. capable. Higher-level security mechanisms normally found in add-on products such asTourism Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Virtual LANsA prepaid wireless access card is being used today to (VLANS) are built into each Base Station. Vivato is alsoincrease the experience of the traveler. Imagine checking introducing Rogue AP detection with its Base Stations.into a hotel and being given a free 10 hours of usageInternet card for access anywhere in Summarythe city. Retailers can also sell the Wi-Fi is powerful network technology that can be usedprepaid cards to customers. Cities are in conjunction with the municipal emergency systems toinstalling visitor kiosks for enable higher bandwidth applications for police, fire,information and high resolution maps rescue and public works. In addition to providing aof city amenities. These Wi-Fi kiosks public access network, these applications help the citycan also include real-time language increase efficiency, safety and economic development.translation for visitors. The Vivato combined Wi-Fi Base Station and AP/Bridge meshed solution provides the largest coverage and the lowest cost. For more information please call 1-866-802-1600 or visit www.vivato.com About Vivato - Vivato delivers a complete family of innovative Wi-Fi infrastructure products, featuring Wi-Fi Base Stations, both indoor and outdoor. Vivatos base stations are packaged as a single integrated unit, including the planar phased array antenna and all of the electronics needed to run the Base Station. Simply supply Ethernet and power, and the Base Station delivers beams of Wi-Fi to a large area. Vivatos Wi-Fi network Base Stations and AP/Bridges are changing the "physics" and economics of Wi-Fi, combining unsurpassed performance and capacity at the lowest cost of deployment. One manageable network element, instead of many, controls the entire Wi-Fi Zone. Call Vivato today and find out how to make your city safer, more efficient and how to drive economic development. Please visit www.vivato.com or call toll free 1-866-802-1600 4
  9. 9. Smart Cities Using Wi-Fi 139 Townsend Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94107 Please visit www.vivato.com or call toll free 1-866-802-1600 5
  10. 10. embedding digital services over an exhausted copper plantproblem: UMC1000 Case Study #207Telmex customers are demanding ISDN and ADSL services Since AFC’s new line cards can be hot-swapped into “live”in region where copper is exhausted and right-of-ways service platforms, and since the single existing UMCcongested. Fiber deployment for this platform accomodates any mix of service cards, this entireregion is scheduled for three years from upgrade was performed for Tequila Flats in one afternoonnow. How can Telmex hold on to these and without any service interruption. Following softwaredata services customers? provisioning from the central office and sign-up of new customers, Rudi was able to bring up service on his first 18Sr. Rudi Fernandez, Manager of digital services for customers only two weeks after phoning Mr. Sloan back inTelmex’s Mexico City service area was pondering his ability Petaluma.to retain customer loyalty in the midst of strenuouscompetition from both Sprint and GTE for digital servicesover both phone lines and cable. Mr. Fenandez’s network budget: Withplanning office had just booked the upscale domestic no funding scheduledneighborhood just north of Tequila Flats for fiber until 2000, Rudideployment in late 2001, but Rudi had over 78 dormant would have tradi-service requests on his desk demanding either ISDN or tionally been para-ADSL services for home-office and entertainment-hungry lyzed. But bycustomers. leveraging the existing UMC investment, arranging a budget variance based on the revenue from 87 orders for digital service sitting on his desk, and the minimal cost of adding incremental service cards, the Telmex budget committee approved the service expansion with an Mr. Fernandez was also painfully aware that his ultimate capacity for 240 digital subscribers by year’s end. existing plant was completely exhausted and the right-of-way to Tequila Flats was highly results: Denied growth by congested and would be costly to string new Telmex’s rapid digital services capacity. His network planners clearly had no implementation, GTE has since upgrade budget available until Q2, 2000. dismantled its digital services pushUnwilling to simply turn his back on paying customers, in Mexico City and Sr. FernandezRudi remembered AFC’s presentaion at SuperCom last year was promoted to Vice President,promising the ability to rescue stranded plant. Extracting Digital Services. The and theadditional POTS from a copper plant was one thing, -- but revune stream for AFC digitalnow he wondered, could AFC help embed digital service solution has exceed projections andinto the same situation? Sr. Fernandez happily signs up 87 digital system uptime has exceeded customers only 8 weeks after calling AFC 99.94%.solution: With UMC1000 multi-service platforms With customer loyalty firmly established in the Tequilaalready installed as local loop access devices for Tequila Flats region, the network planners at Telmex last monthFlats, Rudi phoned his application engineering team in invited AFC to present a technical seminar on expandingtheir Petaluma California office with his problem. digital services throughout Mexico City. “Why wait forWorking with Mr. George Sloan at AFC, Rudi received a fiber installation when we can generate digitial servicesfax diagramming three options for revenue today?” Sr Fernandezinstalling ISDN and ADSL pondered. “Especially with thebysimply adding line cards into cost/benefit ratio we receive from theTelmex’s existing UMC cabinets. UMC1000 multi-service platform, you would be loco to let customers getMr. Fernandez met with his away from you while you wait fornetwork planners and decided to fiber!”modify the existing POTS servicewith 4:1 concentration, and then Another in a seriesadd the data service line cards to of business successes provideduse the bandwidth freed up by the by the UMC1000 solution from AFC.POTS concentration. Phone (707) 792-3800 or visit www.fibre.com for more examples of profit engineering from AFC! c 1998 Advanced Fibre Communications, Inc. All references and trademarks used by permission
  11. 11. Telmex customers are demanding ISDN and ADSL Since AFC’ new line cards can be hot-swapped into s services in region where copper is exhausted and right- step #5: “live” service platforms, and since the single existingstep #1: - define a concise, UMCpossible,accomodates any mix diagram cards, of-ways congested. Fiber deployment If platform create data-point of servicespecific problem - hopefully a for three for this region is scheduled this entire upgrade was performed for Tequila Flats in to quantify (validate) success of ourBUSINESS issue, not just a Telmex hold years from now. How can one afternoon and without any service interruption. solution. Following software provisioning from the central officetechno- to these data services customers? on gear problem. and sign-up of new customers, Rudi was able to bring upor translate the techno issue into digital services for Sr. Rudi Fernandez, Manager of service on his first 18 customers only two weeks aftera dollar problem (ie. City service area was pondering his Telmex’ Mexico rusted plant s phoning Mr. Sloan back in Petaluma. ability to retain customer loyalty in the midst ofin coastal town) strenuous competition from both Sprint and GTE for digital services over both phone lines and cable. Mr. WithStep #2 - personalize planning office had just booked the Fenandez’ network the story w/ s no funding scheduled upscale domestic neighborhood just north of Tequilaa contacts name and company until 2000, Rudilogo Flats for fiber deployment in late 2001, but Rudi had over would have tradi- 78 dormant service requests on his desk demanding tionally been para- either ISDN or ADSL services for home-office and lyzed. But by entertainment-hungry customers. leveraging the existing UMC investment, arranging a budget variance based on the revenue from 87step #6 - digital service sitting on orders for Success: provide both his desk, and the minimal cost of adding incremental concrete and anecdotal success service cards, the Telmex budget committee approved the examples. More than “ linethe service expansion with an ultimate capacity for 240 Mr. Fernandez was also painfully aware that his was put up” what’ the resulting digital subscribers by year’ end. s , s existing plant was completely exhausted and VALUE to the telco, the town, the the right-of-way to Tequila Flats was highly congested and would be costly to string new guy who specified our equipment Denied growth by capacity. His network planners clearly had no Telmex’ rapid digital services s upgrade budget available until Q2, 2000. implementation, GTE has since Unwilling to simply turn his back on paying customers, dismantled its digital services push Rudi remembered AFC’ presentaion at SuperCom last s in Mexico City and Sr. Fernandezstep #3: promising the ability to rescue stranded plant. year was promoted to Vice President, Digital Services. The and the revunedescribe the AFC solution infrom a copper plant was one Extracting additional POTS thing, -- but now he wondered, could AFC help embedspecific referenceinto the same situation? stepstream for AFC digital solution has #7: digital service to the problem Sr. Fernandez happily signs up 87 digital exceed projections and system We must have rights todefined in step #1. Also give customers only 8 weeks after calling AFC uptime has exceeded 99.94%.details of the implementation, AFC photographs and quotes for these With customer loyalty firmly established in the Tequilaengineers, time frame, particular multi-service platforms With UMC1000 Flats region, the testamonials to have any month network planners at Telmex last already installed as local loop access devices for Tequila invited AFC to present a technical seminar on-expanding credability. No quotes no good,surprises overcome.his application engineering team in their Flats, Rudi phoned digital services throughout no validity. Sorry, butfor no pix - Mexico City. “Why wait Petaluma California office with his problem. Working with fiber installationquality marketing requires guts. when we can generate digitial services Mr. George Sloan at AFC, Rudi received a fax diagramming revenue today?” Sr Fernandez pondered. “Especially three options for installing ISDN with the cost/benefit ratio we receive and ADSL bysimply adding line from the UMC1000 multi-service cards into Telmex’ existing UMC step #4: s platform, you would be loco to let cabinets. customers get away from you while Give examples of how our step #8: Mr. Fernandez met with his technology uniquley enabled the Ship you photos,fiber!” & signed all wait for quotes, network planners and decided to modify the existing POTS service system solution. Refer to specific permissions with rough story and capabilities that lead to the with 4:1 concentration, and then technical details details to Richard add the data service line cards to success. Hurn for publication. Will send use the bandwidth freed up by the you a finished piece for your POTS concentration. critique & customer signoff prior to publishing. thanx richard x4162