Richard Hurn’s Marketing Qualifications specific to video service assurance            richardhurn...
Building Demand Generation and Enhancing Corporate ValuationMost recently I successfully migrated the market perception of...
As an aggressive promoter of broadband products integrating voice, video, and data services, Ive effectively     launched ...
Since 1980, Ive work closely with software and engineering teams to distill complex technologies into bottom-line valuepro...
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RH video networking achievements


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career achievements promoting video transport solutions and QOS policy management across hybrid networks for the YouTube Era

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RH video networking achievements

  1. 1. Richard Hurn’s Marketing Qualifications specific to video service assurance world-class thoughtware targeting leading-edge technologies 15 years of integrated MarCom experience at the agency & corporate level promoting superminis, semiconductor equipment, enterprise software, networking and telecom solutionsDear Marketing Recruiter: 10 August 2011I am a senior contributor to value-add product positioning and differentiation - articulating messages and campaigns thatresonate with top-tier networking companies and service providers. Since 1990 I’ve held responsibility for leadgeneration of technology products and for corporate value enhancement. My career focus is the design and constructionof fully-integrated B2B marketing solutions. Serving as the information architect, graphic designer, and media productionmanager, I provide a turnkey solution that has proven to deliver: Compelling and effective messaging across fully integrated marketing channels Strategic campaign planning with 100% on-time, on-budget execution Lowest-cost route to global market outreach and lead generationMy experience in video service assuranceacross hybrid networks is important forsolving today’s network capacitychallenges in the YouTube Era. Thismarketing expertise includes:1) Video transport network equipment: a. Terawave – MarCom Mgr selling a video transport multiplexer (PON, ATM, SONET, & IP) b. Advanced Fibre Communications – MarCom Mgr selling DSL & ATM transport multiplexers c. Rim Semiconductor – Marketing Director promoting a next generation VDSL2 chipset d. Phylogy – Strategic Marketing Manager promoting DSL wireline enhancer focused on VDSL2 applications2) Video QOS Assurance - collateral explaining policy-based QOS methodologies for service assurance: a. Dimetis – B/OSS sales presos, brochures, website, and tradeshow signage demonstrating mechanics of QOS policies for video packet prioritization & packet assurance b. Terawave – sales presos, app notes, brochures, website, and tradeshow signage demonstrating mechanics of QOS policies for video packet prioritization & packet assurance c. Rim Semiconductor – value proposition whitepaper, sales presos, app notes, brochures, tradeshow signage demonstrating mechanics of QOS policies for video packet prioritization & packet assurance d. Phylogy – all outbound collateral, calue proposition, website for new VDSL2 chipset optimized for IPTV3) Project Examples Online (download entire set via a. B/OSS marketing for Dimetis: 1) business-case whitepaper 2) “Plug Into Dimetis” sales brochure on video service assurance across hybrid networks 3) website home page & message design featuring video assurance ( non-optimized 12Mb concept draft version) b. Terawave – sales brochure on integrated video transport multiplexer c. Rim Semiconductor – video over IP business case whitepaper for DSL chipset d. Phylogy IPTV – 1) VDSL2 brochure 2) business case whitepaper defining value proposition for DSL networks CANDIDATE PAGE 1 of 8
  2. 2. Building Demand Generation and Enhancing Corporate ValuationMost recently I successfully migrated the market perception of a small DSL technology vendor from that of a garageshop tech to being recognized as a credible solution provider - leveraging the value of the company to build a $10Mvaluation and buyout . With over 20 years of high tech B-2-B promotion, I offer the know-how and in-depth experience toexceed your expectations in market and revenue development. Ive been responsible for maximizing brand loyalty, salesgrowth and market share. Success hinged on understanding end-user behavior, their needs and motivations, developingrelevant win-win solutions, and implementing marketing programs that deliver solid success: Migrated market perception of Phylog, building solutions branding yielding a $10M valuation upon sale Produced 250% growth in software sales by expanding direct marketing into six foreign countries Cracked new telecom markets previously closed to sales efforts by reaching customers with a direct-selling CD Exceeded reseller recruitment goals for eCommerce vendor using 10-city product launch roadshow Accelerated sales cycle for military niche market, generating qualified leads using zero-cost eMarketing in only three weeks Replaced outside agency costs with inhouse services saving $300,000 in 6 months for an optical networking manufacturer Built investor enthusiasm for new Unix platform by authoring IPO roadshow for Pyramid Computing Reduced print and packaging costs by 65% for an enterprise software firmWith 5 years of direct mail and direct email experience, I know how to construct market outreach programs that yieldproven lead generation using a disciplined approach: (view PowerPoint on my email / web lead generation ) 1) identify target prospects by market value or segment relevance, then craft user-specific message content they will find compelling, assure that additional web content / collateral mirrors the target offer 2) manage list selection matching target audience profile, manage fulfillment of message delivery 3) supervise lead management tools for lead capture and distribution, sales integration, and ROI tabulationMy strongest value-add is the articulation of persuasive business-case value propositions for emerging technologies.Working with development or product engineers to understand a technology, and interviewing prospective customers tounderstand their key business motivators, I then forge a competitive value proposition postured in the language of thebuyers own needs and fears. Typically I work with the CEO or VP Marketing to understand their market goals &marketing budgets, and then shepherd team reviews to finalize approval of product positioning messages.Typically this original product positioning platform is developed as a sales presentation or a business case whitepaper.All other outbound media is then derived from this core messaging platform to provide consistent reinforcement of thesecore marketing themes. Often this core marketing platform is modified to tailor the sales message to target multiplevertical markets. Then I act as the in-house creative agency to author and produce all outbound media - integrating web,direct marketing, collateral, sales presentations, ads, PR, & tradeshows.For the last ten years, I’ve managed product rollouts for the broadband access market, successfully commercializingnew technologies including PON, xDSL, ATM-over-copper, and IP-optimized SONET. Earning the PresidentsMillennium Award at Advanced Fibre Communications in 2000, I established a new $20M/year niche for a DSL solutioncalled eMAX using a direct mail campaign that cracked markets previously closed to AFC. This program began yieldingrevenue from new customers in only 3 months and included comprehensive organizational alignment of the marketing,sales, product management and engineering teams.As author of customer-specific sales presentations to British Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom and severalLatin American carriers, I was put in charge of the Project Pronto xDSL promotion for SBC, and I gained a thoroughunderstanding of the market drivers shaping the purchase decisions of RBOC, CLEC, and ILEC customers. At AFC, myresponsibilities included: Championed new-product branding strategy using solution-centric positioning Performed industry research defining market drivers and competitive advantages Authored product positioning platforms for DSL, SONET, and ATM technologies Defined and created product launch campaigns integrating all collateral, tradeshow, sales presentations, and customer support elements Developed formal launch proposals, timelines and budget projections and shepherding approvals through senior management Published sales training and product deployment guides for field and partner use Delivered on-time, on-budget program completionMARKETING CANDIDATE PAGE 2 of 8
  3. 3. As an aggressive promoter of broadband products integrating voice, video, and data services, Ive effectively launched carrier-class products to RBOCs, ILECs, CLECs, and PTTs. My knowledge of specific telecom protocols and technology platforms includes: • Multi-service access platforms (NGDLCs) using hybrid copper / fiber transports serving POTS, T1, Nx64, FR, aDSL, vDSL, sDSL, VoIP, and ISDN integrating both domestic and international protocols • T1 & ADSL-fed IADs providing native IP, VoIP, & VoDSL ports with ATM transport aggregation and tailored QoS • High-density, field-hardened DSL platforms for extending xDSL services closer to the network edge with ATM backhaul for more efficient transport utilization • Next generation Point to Multi-point SONET network targeted to VPN applications and optimized for IP tunneling using ATM for efficient bandwidth utilization plus rate-adaptive QoS • Passive optical networks including ONTs and ONUs carrying TDM, SONET, ATM, & IP traffic using dynamic bandwidth allocation and customer-specific QoS options offering multiple bandwidth pricing options • Network management tools for remote diagnostics, network provisioning, and on-demand service activation.Using spreadsheet modeling to plan and monitor multiple outreach campaigns simultaneously, I provide fully-integrated"marketing dashboards" to coordinate all promotional activities. This coordination leverages program investments toachieve higher market impact at lower cost. Proven ability to penetrate new markets and upsell existing customers isbased on persuasive messaging that showcases how technology can contribute directly to the customers strategicgoals. Using independent research, web mining, end-user interviews, and collaboration with R/D and sales engineers Iidentify potent market drivers and then marry your product benefits to those needs to build compelling business-casearguments. Specific outreach programs I’ve executed include: World-wide print advertising campaigns in industry trade journals Public relations programs synchronized with tradeshows and product launch programs Branding exercises including corporate identity and product positioning Development and maintenance of corporate web sites Direct marketing for new customer acquisition and retention of existing clients Sales presentations optimized for customer-specific presentations Business case whitepapers explaining how technology solutions contribute to a customers business goals. Global reseller recruitment and support Roadshows for potential customers and resellers Trade show planning, exhibit implementation, and activities scripting Online lead generation integrated with web-based lead management and sales force automation systemsMARKETING CANDIDATE PAGE 3 of 8
  4. 4. Since 1980, Ive work closely with software and engineering teams to distill complex technologies into bottom-line valuepropositions - translating product features into value-add operational benefits and enterprise solutions customers canrealize from product deployment. Ive authored competitive business propositions that motivate purchase decisionsusing tutorials, whitepapers, product brochures, and application notes to explain and validate mission-critical technologysolutions. The disciplines I use to bring these programs to completion include: Excellent communication and creative thinking Willingness to take on tasks outside of primary skills responsibilities The ability to work on multiple projects Strong leadership ability, coupled with a strong simultaneously belief in teamwork and the value multiple inputs Superb organization and project management Writing and approval-routing of message content skill for tutorials, collateral, advertising, and PR Effective working with senior VPs and Graphic design and production management for engineering staff web, flash animation, direct mail, tradeshows, and Ability to work proactively and independently print collateral bring programs to completion Program fulfillment and monitoring of response metrics, including cost-per-leadExperienced with the complete sales cycle, I support the sales team throughout the deal environment by coordinatingwith key resources including sales teams, channel partners, support services, and product managers to ensure ROI ofmarketing programs. As manager of outbound marketing at six companies, departmental duties have included: Translating strategic goals of Sales and Marketing VPs into tactical objectives Quarterly projection and milestone monitoring of marketing budgets and schedules Team staffing including recruitment, training, and evaluation Coordination with IT / IS departments to manage web activities and digital design resources Selection and supervision of contract writers, designers, and production vendors Coordination of agency review and selection, developing program objectives guidelines to provide selection criteria Maintenance of agency relationships for PR, advertising, and tradeshow activities Facilities and resource planning for in-house digital design and production workstations, proofing tools, networking, and storageI would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your bottom-line goals in any marketing capacity I can fulfill.Sincerely:Richard work portfolio website references CANDIDATE PAGE 4 of 8