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Professional vitae for Richard Hurn
Skilled at maximizing brand loyalty, boosting sales growth and growing market share. Proven success stems from understanding end-user behavior of technology purchasers, their needs and motivations. This content then fuels solutions marketing and educational selling that promotes relevant win-win solutions specific to real-world technology applications

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  1. 1. RICHARD HURN 2030 Magellan Drive, Oakland, CA 94611 (971) 239-8322 richardhurn@aceweb.com richardhurn.com linkedin.com/in/richardhurn slideshare.net/richardhurn 15 years of integrated MarCom experience at the agency & corporate level promoting superminis, semiconductor equipment, enterprise software, networking and telecom solutions world-class thoughtware targeting leading-edge technologiesDear Marketing Recruiter: 1 Aug 2011I am a senior contributor to value-add product positioning and differentiation - articulating messages and campaigns thatresonate with top-tier networking companies and service providers. Since 1990 I’ve held responsibility for leadgeneration of technology products and for corporate value enhancement. My career focus is the design and constructionof fully-integrated B2B marketing solutions. Serving as the information architect, graphic designer, and media productionmanager, I provide a turnkey solution that has proven to deliver: Compelling and effective messaging across fully integrated marketing channels Strategic campaign planning with 100% on-time, on-budget execution Lowest-cost route to global market outreach and lead generationBuilding Demand Generation and Enhancing Corporate ValuationMost recently I successfully migrated the market perception of a small DSL technology vendor from that of a garageshop tech to being recognized as a credible solution provider - leveraging the value of the company to achieve a $10Mbuyout. With over 20 years of high tech B-2-B promotion, I offer the know-how and in-depth experience to exceed yourexpectations in market and revenue development. Ive been responsible for maximizing brand loyalty, sales growth andmarket share. Success hinged on understanding end-user behavior, their needs and motivations, developing relevantwin-win solutions, and implementing marketing programs that deliver solid success: Migrated market perception of Phylog, building solutions branding yielding a $10M valuation upon sale Produced 250% growth in software sales by expanding direct marketing into six foreign countries Cracked new telecom markets previously closed to sales efforts by reaching customers with a direct-selling CD Exceeded reseller recruitment goals for eCommerce vendor using 10-city product launch roadshow Accelerated sales cycle for military niche market, generating qualified leads using zero-cost eMarketing in only three weeks Replaced outside agency costs with inhouse services saving $300,000 in 6 months for an optical networking manufacturer Built investor enthusiasm for new Unix platform by authoring IPO roadshow for Pyramid Computing Reduced print and packaging costs by 65% for an enterprise software firmMy strongest value-add is the articulation of persuasive business-case value propositions for emerging technologies.Working with development or product engineers to understand a technology, and interviewing prospective customers tounderstand their key business motivators, I then forge a competitive value proposition postured in the language of thebuyers own needs and fears. Typically I work with the CEO or VP Marketing to understand their market goals &marketing budgets, and finalize approval of the product positioning message.Typically this original product positioning platform is developed as a sales presentation or a business case whitepaper.All other outbound media is then derived from this core messaging platform to provide consistent reinforcement of thesecore marketing themes. Often this core marketing platform is modified to tailor the sales message to target multiplevertical markets. Then I act as the in-house creative agency to author and produce all outbound media - integrating web,direct marketing, collateral, sales presentations, ads, PR, & tradeshows.For the last ten years, I’ve managed product rollouts for the broadband access market, successfully commercializingnew technologies including PON, xDSL, ATM-over-copper, and IP-optimized SONET. Earning the PresidentsMillennium Award at Advanced Fibre Communications in 2000, I established a new $20M/year niche for a DSL solutioncalled eMAX.MARKETING CANDIDATE richardhurn@aceweb.com PAGE 1 of 7
  2. 2. As author of customer-specific sales presentations to British Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom and severalLatin American carriers, I was put in charge of the Project Pronto xDSL promotion for SBC, and I gained a thoroughunderstanding of the market drivers shaping the purchase decisions of RBOC, CLEC, and ILEC customers. At AFC, myresponsibilities included: Championed new-product branding strategy using solution-centric positioning Performed industry research defining market drivers and competitive advantages Authored product positioning platforms for DSL, SONET, and ATM technologies Defined and created product launch campaigns integrating all collateral, tradeshow, sales presentations, and customer support elements Developed formal launch proposals, timelines and budget projections and shepherding approvals through senior management Published sales training and product deployment guides for field and partner use Delivered on-time, on-budget program completionAs an aggressive promoter of broadband products integrating voice, video, and data services, Ive effectively launchedcarrier-class products to RBOCs, ILECs, CLECs, and PTTs. My knowledge of specific telecom protocols andtechnology platforms includes: • Multi-service access platforms (NGDLCs) using hybrid copper / fiber transports serving POTS, T1, Nx64, FR, aDSL, vDSL, sDSL, VoIP, and ISDN integrating both domestic and international protocols • T1 & ADSL-fed IADs providing native IP, VoIP, & VoDSL ports with ATM transport aggregation and tailored QoS • High-density, field-hardened DSL platforms for extending xDSL services closer to the network edge with ATM backhaul for more efficient transport utilization • Next generation Point to Multi-point SONET network targeted to VPN applications and optimized for IP tunneling using ATM for efficient bandwidth utilization plus rate-adaptive QoS • Passive optical networks including ONTs and ONUs carrying TDM, SONET, ATM, & IP traffic using dynamic bandwidth allocation and customer-specific QoS options offering multiple bandwidth pricing options • Network management tools for remote diagnostics, network provisioning, and on-demand service activation.Using spreadsheet modeling to plan and monitor multiple outreach campaigns simultaneously, I provide fully-integrated"marketing dashboards" to coordinate all promotional activities. This coordination leverages program investments toachieve higher market impact at lower cost. Proven ability to penetrate new markets and upsell existing customers isbased on persuasive messaging that showcases how technology can contribute directly to the customers strategicgoals. Using independent research, web mining, end-user interviews, and collaboration with R/D and sales engineers Iidentify potent market drivers and then marry your product benefits to those needs to build compelling business-casearguments. Specific outreach programs I’ve executed include: World-wide print advertising campaigns in industry trade journals Public relations programs synchronized with tradeshows and product launch programs Branding exercises including corporate identity and product positioning Development and maintenance of corporate web sites Direct marketing for new customer acquisition and retention of existing clients Sales presentations optimized for customer-specific presentations Business case whitepapers explaining how technology solutions contribute to a customers business goals. Global reseller recruitment and support Roadshows for potential customers and resellers Trade show planning, exhibit implementation, and activities scripting Online lead generation integrated with web-based lead management and sales force automation systemsMARKETING CANDIDATE richardhurn@aceweb.com PAGE 2 of 7
  3. 3. Since 1980, Ive work closely with software and engineering teams to distill complex technologies into bottom-line valuepropositions - translating product features into value-add operational benefits and enterprise solutions customers canrealize from product deployment. Ive authored competitive business propositions that motivate purchase decisionsusing tutorials, whitepapers, product brochures, and application notes to explain and validate mission-critical technologysolutions. The disciplines I use to bring these programs to completion include: Excellent communication and creative thinking Willingness to take on tasks outside of primary skills responsibilities The ability to work on multiple projects Strong leadership ability, coupled with a strong simultaneously belief in teamwork and the value multiple inputs Superb organization and project management Writing and approval-routing of message content skill for tutorials, collateral, advertising, and PR Effective working with senior VPs and Graphic design and production management for engineering staff web, flash animation, direct mail, tradeshows, and Ability to work proactively and independently print collateral bring programs to completion Program fulfillment and monitoring of response metrics, including cost-per-leadExperienced with the complete sales cycle, I support the sales team throughout the deal environment by coordinatingwith key resources including sales teams, channel partners, support services, and product managers to ensure ROI ofmarketing programs. As manager of outbound marketing at six companies, departmental duties have included: Translating strategic goals of Sales and Marketing VPs into tactical objectives Quarterly projection and milestone monitoring of marketing budgets and schedules Team staffing including recruitment, training, and evaluation Coordination with IT / IS departments to manage web activities and digital design resources Selection and supervision of contract writers, designers, and production vendors Coordination of agency review and selection, developing program objectives guidelines to provide selection criteria Maintenance of agency relationships for PR, advertising, and tradeshow activities Facilities and resource planning for in-house digital design and production workstations, proofing tools, networking, and storageI would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your bottom-line goals in any marketing capacity I can fulfill.Sincerely:Richard Hurnrichardhurn@aceweb.com work portfolio slideshare.net/richardhurn website richardhurn.com references linkedin.com/in/richardhurnMARKETING CANDIDATE richardhurn@aceweb.com PAGE 3 of 7
  4. 4. RICHARD HURN 2030 Magellan Drive, Oakland, CA 94611 (971) 239-8322 richardhurn@aceweb.com richardhurn.com linkedin.com/in/richardhurn slideshare.net/richardhurn 15 years of integrated MarCom experience at the agency & corporate level promoting superminis, semiconductor equipment, enterprise software, networking and telecom solutions: Branding, Positioning, Messaging - world-class thoughtware targeting leading-edge technologies Product Launch, Roadshows, Tradeshows Lead Generation, Direct Marketing, Lead Management Integrated Collateral – print, web, direct mail, email Program & Project Management, Budgeting & Scheduling Hands-On Copy Writing and Graphic Design Collaboration / Coordination with C & VP level, Product Managers, Sales, & R&D EngineersEMPLOYMENT HISTORYSTRATEGIC MARKETING CONSULTANT May, 2008 – Jan, 2011Phylogy – manufacturer of DSL line extension equipment, targeting global xDSL networks – San Jose, CAWrite, design & produce media supporting investor relations, product packaging, distributor promotions,market research, marketing collateral, sales presentations, and corporate website. Successfullymigrated market perception of this vendor from that of a garage-shop tech to being recognized as acredible solution provider - leveraging the value of the company achieving $10M buyout. websiteDimetis – policy-based quality assurance for Gb broadcast media transports - GermanyWrite, design & produce media supporting investor relations, product packaging, distributor promotions,market research, marketing collateral, sales presentations, and corporate website website mockupsMARKETING DIRECTOR Jul, 2005 – May, 2008Rim Semiconductor, chipset manufacturer for telecom industry, targeting the VDSL2 market – Portland, ORManaging investor relations, product packaging, distributor promotions, market research, marketingcollateral, sales presentations, and corporate website. Position eliminated due to layoffs.CONTRACT MARKETING SERVICES 2004 – Jul, 2005Pronto Networks – provider of managed IP services platform for mixed-use networks – responsible forrepositioning company, re-branding their solution, designing new website, authoring vertical marketingCranite – wireless security software – authored new-product positioning presentationSkyPilot – carrier-grade wireless access system – authored product brochure & VoIP case studiesVivato, wide-area Wi-Fi networking systems – authored web update and system whitepaperSR. MANAGER, MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS 2003 – 2004Vivato, wide-area Wi-Fi networking systems – San Francisco CAAs brand manager responsible for commercializing Vivatos unique Wi-Fi solution, I was hired out ofTerawave by their VP of Marketing who took over as CEO at Vivato. Both managing contract vendorsand providing hands-on copy writing and desktop publishing, I re-vamped Vivatos strategic and tacticalmessaging and supervised a vertical marketing program spanning 8 markets. niche markets websiteACHIEVEMENTS• Authored & published core value proposition for product, trained sales force• Documented actual deployment cost-comparisons for eight verticals, authored case studies• Authored direct marketing for three market niches - hospitality, logistics, & metro applications• Supervised and produced 10-city roadshow focused on the hospitality industry, components included web registration, magazine ads, we banner ads, direct mail, and direct eMail• Generated leads & RFPs boosting revenue 50% quarter over quarterMARKETING CANDIDATE richardhurn@aceweb.com PAGE 4 of 7
  5. 5. SR. MANAGER, STRATEGIC MARKETING 2000 – 2003Terawave Communications, broadband optical networking systems – Hayward CAReporting to VP of Marketing, recruited out of AFC to manage product and corporate promotions forpre-IPO startup. Responsible for all outbound and investor marketing of broadband access technology.website landing pageDEPARTMENT MANAGEMENT - Supervised team of two employees producing fully integratedmarketing communications. Established and maintained all MarCom timelines, annual budget, vendorselection, employee recruitment and training, project cost management, and lead generation programs.PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITIES • Initiated web-based eMarketing • Championed ROI-based system overview • Selected and Installed automated Lead describing competitive benefits of Terawave Management broadband solution • Supervised two corporate websites • Analyzed trades publications and structured • Initiated solution-centric product application media buy notes and sales presentations • Managed liaison with IT department for web • Planned and executed direct mail outreach and digital media facilitiesMEDIA OUTREACH • Designed new corporate identity • Designed produced & managed • Designed and produced all print collateral • Designed animated system tutorials • Designed and produced global advertising • Designed and produced all tradeshow • Authored sales presentations signageACHIEVEMENTS - Saved company $300,000 in 6 months by replacing outside agencies and producingadvertising, web site, and tradeshows inhouse.MARKETING SERVICES MANAGER 1998 – 2000Advanced Fibre Communications, broadband access networks – Petaluma. CAInitially hired to author and produce marketing programs for the international division of AFCs DigitalLoop Carrier product. Promoted to report to VP of Marketing and supervise the planning and design ofall AFC new-product promotions. Earned Presidents Millennium Award for Outstanding Service forthree new-product launches.PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITIES • Initiated new-product branding strategy for DSL product • Responsible for industry research defining market drivers and competitive advantages • Developed product positioning platform for DSL, SONET, and ATM technologies • Supervised the company’s first direct marketing campaign • Developed launch proposals, timelines and budget projections • Responsible for on-time, on-budget program completion • Initiated solution-centric product positioning strategy • Authored global distributor program, sales presentations, roadshows, and tradeshows.MEDIA OUTREACH • Designed icon set used in all network • Designed animated system tutorials diagrams • Designed and produced Chinese tradeshow • Authored all international sales exhibit presentationsACHIEVEMENTS - Using a direct-selling multimedia CD, cracked major new markets previously closedto AFC by the competition. Established new $20M revenue stream in 12 mos. with this product launch.MARKETING CANDIDATE richardhurn@aceweb.com PAGE 5 of 7
  6. 6. CONTRACT WRITER / DESIGNER - eCommerce Products 1997Intershop Communications, eCommerce server platform – San Francisco, CAWrote, designed and produced new-product brochure, road show and direct mail campaign and for aneCommerce software engine used for web merchandising and online supply chain management.CommerceNet / Aims, web collaboration platform for engineering teams – San Carlos, CAWriter / designer of new-product collateral for a Web Collaboration software suite supporting virtualR&D teams for rapid engineering development.MANAGER, DIRECT MARKETING PRODUCTIONS 1993 – 1996IMSIsoft, consumer software publisher – San Rafael, CAHired out of AccountMate reporting to VP of Sales. Supervised design, print production, and lettershopof monthly mailings promoting 12 different consumer products. Responsible for all print purchasing,invoice reconciliation, and inventory tracking. Print production averaged 8 million pieces monthly .Produced150 new offer elements each month using a staff of one production artist. Grew the monthlyvolume from 350K to over 1.4M, expanded mailings into Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Sweden,and Australia. Installed and staffed new creative design and digital pre-press department.DEPARTMENT MANAGEMENT • Supported 12 different product lines in six foreign languages – launched 8 new product offerings • Replaced outside production agency with in-house design facility. • Responsible for operating budget, vendor selection, employee recruitment and training, project cost management • Coordinated telemarketing for cross-selling and upselling scripts • Supervised one employee and up to 20 vendors to design and produce consumer direct mail programs • Responsible for budget in excess of $1Million per monthPROGRAM RESPONSIBILITIES • Coordinated telemarketing for cross-selling and upselling scripts • Up to15 offer versions per product, testing price points, payment options, premiums, and creative p • Supervised all translations and idiomatic proofing • Established and maintained all production timelines • Coordinated all vendors for new creative, pre-press film, print production, and lettershopMEDIA DESIGN & PRODUCTION • Selected and supervised print and lettershop vendors in Des Moines, Chicago, and Cedar Rapids • Specified and installed digital design workstations • Specified stringent pre-press quality control procedures • Produced two annual product catalogs • Coordinated all film production, color proofing, and press checks • Supervised data processing for list merge/purge and barcode presort to maximize postal discounts • Supervised all Lettershop addressing and insertionACHIEVEMENTS • 250% revenue growth expanding outreach from 350 thousand per month to 1.4 million per month • Replaced outside production agency with in-house design facility, saving $10,000 per month. • Streamlined film processing to minimize plate changes saving company $15K / month in print costs • Aggressive vendor negotiation reduced printing costs by 14%MARKETING CANDIDATE richardhurn@aceweb.com PAGE 6 of 7
  7. 7. MARKETING COMMUNICATION MANAGER 1990 – 1993AccountMate, enterprise software publisher – Mill Valley, CAReporting to President of accounting software firm, installed new MarCom department withresponsibility for design, production, and distribution of all advertising, product packaging, marketingcollateral, and direct mail. Designed new identity campaigns for both corporate ID and for product-linemarketing. Developed new promotion campaign, coordinating trade show exhibits, sales training,marketing brochures, and national ads to establish competitive presence in a highly saturated market.DEPARTMENT MANAGEMENT - Maintained fully integrated marketing communications program onannual budget of $300K. Responsible for annual budget, vendor selection, employee recruitment andtraining, project cost management, lead generation and reseller recruitment programs.PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITIES • Quarterly newsletters for both user base • Designed and implemented VAR and reseller team recruitment and training. • Planned and executed direct mail outreach • Established and maintained all MarCom timelinesMEDIA OUTREACH • Designed new product identity and product • Authored sales presentations packaging • Designed animated system tutorials • Designed and produced all print collateral • Designed and produced all tradeshow • Designed and produced advertising signage campaignACHIEVEMENTS - Cut collateral cost to 1/3 of previous years budget while delivering twice the volumeand upgrading collateral to full color using aggressive vendor negotiation. Redesigned productpackaging to cut cost by 63%.EDUCATION - Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Mechanical EngineeringAWARDS - President’s Millennium Award for Outstanding Achievement at AFC for three product launch programs; Production grantsfrom the National Endowment for the Arts, California Arts Commission, & Berkeley Arts CouncilPUBLICATIONS - Articles on computer graphics for training and marketing - Communication Arts, Computer Graphics World,Computer Graphics Today, Computer & Electronics Marketing, The International Television Journal, and monthly column in VideoPro portfolio slideshare.net/richardhurn website richardhurn.com references linkedin.com/in/richardhurnMARKETING CANDIDATE richardhurn@aceweb.com PAGE 7 of 7