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Foundational framework I authored, defining this comany's messaging guidelines for all outbound marketing communications. Purpose is to shape the comany's value proposition for integration across PR, tradeshows, ads, sales presos, websites, etc to achieve uniformity and build consistently-reinforced market impact

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Message Development Platform

  1. 1. Rim Semi Message Matrix draftUmbrella Position Statement:For integrated voice, data and video services (triple play services), Rim Semiconductor improves the reliability and service quality of broadband over copper to enable carriersto compete more effectively with cable. The Embarq IP-based transport chipset from Rim Semi delivers better end-user experience with better image quality than other video-over-copper technologies, plus higher bandwidth over longer distances to cut networking costs for the wireline carrier.Core Messages: consistent messages for all audiences that are compelling, differentiated and newsworthy• For telcos facing competition from cable, Rim Semiconductor enables better triple play services than traditional xDSL technologies• Rim Semiconductor dramatically improves the quality of video-over-copper while cutting the cost for the carrier’s access network by 50%• Rim’s IP-based copper transport technology delivers significantly more bandwidth over longer distances—with up to 50% more reach—increasing the total available market for carriers• With more bandwidth and higher reliability, Rim offers better quality of service (QoS) for IPTV than traditional xDSL technologies• Ultimately, Rim’s technology delivers better price/performance for triple play applications, so carriers can guarantee premium service quality and improve profitabilityTagline: Helping carriers win the race for video-over-copper: faster, better, cheaperAudience Specific Messaging:Primary __________Carriers_________ Equipment Manufacturers Wall StreetSecondary Business decision-maker Technologist/Access DSLAM CPENeeds 1. Can’t guarantee bandwidth for 1. Can’t guarantee 1. Need to differentiate offering 1. Wants to consolidate parts 1. Needs to invest in growingProblems premium services bandwidth for premium from Alcatel to grow market and lower costs company with strong market 2. Can’t afford to wait for fiber/heavy services share 2. Wants to integrate more opportunity competition with cable 2. Concerned about video 2. Wants to offer value-add at capabilities, like VoIP 2. Wants strong management 3. Needs technology that works, and QoS for IPTV lower installed cost 3. Wants to improve voice & ream and business isn’t too costly to deploy 3. Wants standards-based 3. Needs flexible technology video QoS with grooming momentum technology enabling tailored deployments at modem 3. Wants strong for enterprise, backhaul, & communications and view residential applications into financials 4. Wants chipmaker responsive to their needs for optimized linecard solutionDifferentiated 1. Embarq’s IP-based copper transport 1. Embarq’s IP-based 1. Embarq’s IP-based transport 1. Rim reduces the 1. Rim is targeting the growing technology, called IPSL, runs at up to copper transport technology delivers higher transport complexity of CPE market triple play services,Messages and backhaul efficiencies than ATM including IPTV, and enables(benefits twice the speed of VDSL2 technology, IPSL, runs equipment, increasing 2. Embarq’s superior performance in telcos to sell high-margin services 2. Embarq’s IPSL technology improves at up to twice the speed reliability and loweringbased) bandwidth and QoS gives that would otherwise require QoS so carriers can guarantee of VDSL2 overall hardware costs extraordinary capital outlays manufacturers a persuasive premium services and subscribers 2. IPSL technology allows differentiator to the Alcatel/MS 2. Rim’s chips enable an 2. Rim’s leadership team has XXX can enjoy better video quality – carriers to deliver triple hegemony in IPTV markets integrated suite of services years in telecommunications and boosting ARPU for the carrier play services with higher 3. IPSL offers better processing for the telco with plug-and- semiconductors. The company reliability for the carrier efficiency and improved error play simplicity has already achieved success 3. Embarq offers up to 50% more reach with its technology in a lab to serve a 46% larger service area at and higher quality of correction, so line cards require less 3. By integrated voice, video, engineering work and are more environment the same cost as VDSL2. user experience for the & data processing in the subscriber reliable 3. With its recent funding, initial 4. Embarq cuts the cost of the video CPE, Embarq can control design wins and major telco 3. Embarq’s IPSL tech- 4. Rim’s IPSL technology is flexible-- the QoS allocation for each access network in half compared to the total bit rate can be divided up trials, Rim is has early momentum VDSL2 nology is an evolution of service and is on-track for success in this depending on the service needs— DSL and the company is high downstream for residential market exploring integration video, or balanced rates for with VDSL2 standards businesses
  2. 2. Primary __________Carriers_________ Equipment Manufacturers Wall StreetSecondary Business decision-maker Technologist/Access DSLAM CPESupporting 1. Embarq’s improved IPSL QoS 1. Embarq’s IPSL 1. As the leading innovator in 1. Rim’s on-board dynamic 1. Rim provides chips to powerMessages delivers a achieve higher % of technology achieves DSPs for broadband over bandwidth management both the carrier and consumer(how will we useable payload over the transport higher payload through copper, Rim offers the carrier a balances service equipment needed to deliver than VDSL2, supporting more HDTV with a lower bit error premium price/performance priorities using an these services, and IPTVdeliver streams with higher picture quality rate, better noise solution. This premium integrated router subscribers in just Northbenefits, not tolerance and flexible positioning lets the eqpt maker America are estimated tonecessarily 2. Embarq’s better price/performance in 2. Rim’s technology helps quality of user experience for triple upstream /downstream command premium pricing per ensure subscribers a increase four-fold betweendifferentiated) play services enhances subscriber data rates linecard, while still delivering a higher quality of service 2005 and 2009 satisfaction & loyalty to boost the 2. Embarq’s greater reach lower total installed network for both their video carrier’s ARPU and minimize churn reduces the number of cost to the carrier image and their voice 3. Embarq’s reduce RT count RTs required for each 2. As a small, flexible IC supplier, quality accelerates time-to-market to help Customer Service Area – Rim Semi can better tailor carrier’s improve competitiveness in simplifiying network Emnarg to the specific needs of markets facing aggressive cable planning with up to 50% the DSLAM maker deployments fewer RT’s required 4. Embarq’s better price/performance in network build-out supports the carriers ROI goals for triple play servicesDetailed 1. IPSL can use 100% of the copper 1. Using a smaller framesupporting spectrum to maximize transport size than VDSLx, IPSLmessages bandwidth requires less computing 2. IPSL co-exists better with other DSL overhead, to achieve a types in the access network better higher % of useable than ADSL2 according to recent payload Telcordia study 2. Smaller frame size also 3. In residential applications Embarq is reduces packet resends capable of delivering 26Mbps to 6Kft to simplify IP/SAR vs. VDSL2 with 24Mbps at 4Kft processing 4. For enterprise applications, Embarq 3. IPSL minimizes latency delivers 120Mbps at 1Kft compared to and jitter in the IP stream 80Mbps for VDSL2 to deliver higher voice & video quality