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Open-design examples

A presentation wij Open-Designism containing a wide range of open-design examples.
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Open-design examples

  1. 1. OPEN DESIGN Made by: OPEN DESIGN WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING, FOR EVERYBODY, Paul Atkinson, design historian
  2. 2. OPEN SOURCE IS NOT ONLY FOR SOFTWARE..Increasingly the philosophy of open-source software is being applied to variousfields, such as science, education and politics.It has also spread to physical products, and is called open-design. It includesproducts like furniture, electronical devices, architecture and many more.The following slides show a tip of the ice berg of existing open projects >>
  4. 4. Community of 5.000 members
  5. 5. 1 winner
  7. 7. Customers get to build their own cars at local factories
  8. 8. the Maker Movement
  9. 9. As production technologies become cheaper and more accesible, peoplestart playing with it.The movie shows an open source 3D printer.
  10. 10. “The collective potential of a million garagethinkerers is about to be unleashed..”Chris Anderson – editor in chief of WIRED Magazine
  11. 11. Different versions of open-source 3D printers:
  12. 12. A platform where you can share download 3D files
  13. 13. The thingiverse database currently holds over 14.000downloadable designs
  14. 14. Fab Labs
  16. 16. (a machine for DNA research)
  17. 17. Open source PCR $600Professional machine$6.000 -$17.000
  18. 18. open source microcontrollerSince 2005, 150.000 boards sold
  19. 19. Used by engineers, musicians,scientists, artists, hobbyists, teachers….
  20. 20. Nonprofit Challenges
  21. 21. OPEN IDEO 1 YEAR: 19.662 users - 1.871 concepts
  22. 22. Architects form all over the world designsustainable houses for Ghana
  23. 23. OPEN INNOVATION in Companies
  24. 24. Platforms that connect engineersor scientists to companies >>
  25. 25. “Open Innovation isan inevitable trend”Robert Kirschbaum,vice president innovation at DSM Venturing & Business Development
  26. 26. Since open-design is an emerging field, whichcan be regarded as a landscape of variouspractices and application, it is hard to give abrief yet complete definition of it. Have youanother way to describe the subject, or anotherinsight that could be incorporated in the text?Please send us a message.
  27. 27. Check out more about open-design at: