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CDRouter Brief Introduction

  1. 1. What is ? Richard Hsu, TLD3
  2. 2. Agenda What is CDRouter? Why do we need CDRouter for testing? How CDRouter works? CDRouter Automation Q&A
  3. 3. What is CDRouter?• CDRouter™ is the networking industrys leading test solution for Cable, DSL, SOHO, and wireless router testing.• By emulating the complex networking protocols used in both WAN and LAN environments, CDRouter provides a powerful automated test environment for different types of test activities including functional testing, protocol scaling, negative testing, and regression testing.• CDRouters in-depth feature set and advanced test control enables shorter test cycles and greater test coverage while freeing up your companys talent from repetitive testing.
  4. 4. Why do we need CDRouter for testing?• Test over 50 different IP protocols with one testing product• Fully automated testing• Dramatically reduce testing time with increased confidence in product reliability• Reduce the risk of product failure• Expose protocol issues that are too difficult to test manually
  5. 5. Why do we need CDRouter for testing?• Create an instant regression testbed for future releases in development• Become part of a larger testing community• Execute tests using web interface or command-line
  6. 6. How CDRouter works?• CDRouter is a software application that runs on Linux. Once installed, CDRouter can be controlled from a web browser(BuddyWeb) or the Linux command-line.
  7. 7. How CDRouter works?1. Install CDRouter software on a Linux host2. Physically connect your CPE device to CDRouter (Eth, 802.11, ATM, T1, etc)3. Create a configuration file that describes your test network4. Start a test run using BuddyWeb or the Linux command- line5. CDRouter automatically creates all required LAN and WAN devices and services6. Run individual test cases or entire suite once or many times7. View your test results
  8. 8. How CDRouter works?• Screenshots from BuddyWeb BuddyWeb Homepage From the BuddyWeb homepage, you have quick links to Configurations, Packages, current activity, and recent Results. All with the click of your mouse!
  9. 9. How CDRouter works?• Screenshots from BuddyWeb Live Results While you are running a test, the Live Status page is updated in real-time, so you can see exactly how far along you are in the test process. BuddyWeb uses cutting-edge technology to provide you with easy access to millions results and logs.
  10. 10. How CDRouter works?• Screenshots from BuddyWeb Trace Highlighting Exclusive to BuddyWeb is the automatic highlighting, numbering, and integrated filtering of log files. By coloring and shading important lines, or by omitting information you dont need, you can read and analyze traces faster, and get back to testing sooner.
  11. 11. CDRouter Automation• Purpose: – The matrix test cases can be ongoing without being interrupted for setting DUT when use CD Router to do testing. – Testing can run for 24 hours. – Increasing testing coverage. – Do not need engineer to care about the testing.
  12. 12. CDRouter Automation • Network Topology Version 2: When Runner PC just has two interfaceLicenseServer IP: 172.18.X.X / 192.168.0.X IP: DUTIP: Switch Testshell Runner IP: CD Router
  13. 13. CDRouter Automation• Running Snapshot
  14. 14. CDRouter Automation• Report from TestShell
  15. 15. CDRouter Automation• Report from CDRouter BuddyWeb
  16. 16. Q&A
  17. 17. Thank youTo Contact me about Automation or detail by mail & or Ext.6800