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This is my slides' content when I visit cusotmer for first time!
You also can understand what my comapny's do via this presentation!

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20110812 CyberTAN presentation

  1. 1. Standards of ExcellenceTestShell FrameworkIntroductionTuesday, December 20, 2011 Richard Hsu QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  2. 2. QualiSystems – Company Overview• Global Software Company •Santa Clara, USA •London, UK •Munich, Germany •Tel-Aviv, Israel •APAC • Singapore , APAC HQ • Shanghai, China • Taipei, Taiwan • Seoul, Korea • APAC Channels, Australia, Japan , India• Founded 2004 9001:2000 90003:2004• Flag product – TestShellTM Test-Automation Framework• “Customer First” Culture QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  3. 3. What we do - TestShell Framework• End-to-End framework for Test Automation that supports the entire life cycle of a test for components, devices, or systems• TestShell automates and simplifies the process of testing, allows you to focus on pure testing, and thus substantially:  Improve Product Quality  Shorten Time to Market  Reduce Expenditures QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  4. 4. Testing Challenges without Automation• Lengthy test processes that can take up to several days• The wide array of benchmark applications/Scripts include Hardware and Software Time Lost• The variety of vendors and models requiring Quality Impacted diverse specifications• The need to control and manage many Expense Overhead distributed test stations Resources• Time-consuming test result collation and Unexploited analysis• Compound aggregation of extensive amounts of test data QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  5. 5. Proven ROI within the first year of use• Significantly reduce Time-To-Market • Full regression cycle 64 hours → 24 hours at USI (環隆電氣) • Single test cycle 15 days → 1.5 day at Cameo (友勁科技)• Significantly reduce Operational Expenditures • Resources involved in test creation down by 50% at Deutsche Telekom • Single test cycle effort 2 Days → 5 hours at Telstra• Managing and Improving Quality Control • Daily Build and regression at Ceragon Networks • Customer service centers at Crow • Saving X10 on RMA at Syneron QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  6. 6. Our Customers – across the value chain QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  7. 7. End-to-End Test Automation Framework Schedule Execute Run Tests & Regressions Coordinate Test Execution Collect Logs & Results Launch Test Stations Monitor Real-time Tests & Regressions Assets Create Equipment Analyze Test ResultsWrite Tests & Regressions Aggregate ResultsCreate reusable functions Central Customized Reports Control Test Assets Management Customized Dashboards QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  8. 8. TestShell Platform Details QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  9. 9. End-to-End Test Automation Framework Schedule Execute Create Analyze Central Management QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  10. 10. TestShell System Interfaces to Software and hardware compnents (Any many more..)Scripts & • Exe, DLLs, CLI, VIs • Mail & SMS, File EngineSoftware Utilities • Script-Engines • GUI Automation, Attributes • TCL, Perl, Python, VB, Java • Requirements • MatLab, OCR Management, QTP ,LR , Etc..Networking • Telnet, SSH, TCP, UDP Mobile • Symbian Modules • SNMP (& Traps), FTP • Windows Mobile • Traffic Generators, Switches • iPhone, Blackberry • etc. • Android T&M • Traffic generators • Messages, Instructions Modules Dialogs • Network analyzers • Alerts, Remarks • Spectrum, scope • Watchers, Graphs • Generators, etc. • etc.Logic • Variables WebModules • Web GUI • Cases, Loops, Delays Modules • Web Services • Parallelization, events • etc. • etc.
  11. 11. Testing in the All IP World - Example Scenario Start • Typical test flow for validating : • Allocate all testing resources • Configure the Device Under Test Setup Topology • Configure Traffic Generator(s) • Applying traffic to the DUT and Configure DUT sniffing /getting statistics • Analyzing Configure TrafficGenerator (ex. IXIA , SPIRENT) • Typical tests: • Traffic blasting, protocol emulation, load & stress, conformance , acceptance, interoperability, etc Run Traffic Analyze Results • Typical validations: • End-to-End: Path Recovery, Clock Recovery, Delay, Latency, Throughput, Loss Ratio, End Information-leakage, routing/switching performance, etc QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  12. 12. Testing in the All IP World - Example Scenario Start Multiple Network Elements from different vendors such as: Setup Topology • Ethernet Switch Configure DUT • OSS Configure Traffic • Wireless devices (Access Points) • WiMAX/4G (STB) Run Traffic • Multi Service Router Analyze Results • High Speed Router • BBRAR Store & Report Data • DSLAM • Gateway End • Modem QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  13. 13. Testing in the All IP World - Example Scenario Start Various network protocols and interfaces Setup Topology SSH Telnet SMTP Configure DUT SOAP TCP SNMP Traps Configure Traffic Run Traffic TFTP SNMP VISA Analyze Results Serial SFTP GPIB Store & Report Data UDP HTTP FTP End QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  14. 14. Testing in the All IP World - Example Scenario Start Multiple test equipment types from different vendors Setup Topology • Traffic Generators Configure DUT • Network Emulators Configure Traffic • Network Sniffers • Network Analyzers Run Traffic • Baseband Emulators Analyze Results • Logic analyzers • Signal analyzers Store & Report Data • Oscilloscopes • Signal generators End QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  15. 15. Testing in the All IP World - Example Scenario DEMO QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  16. 16. TestShell CommonScenario for Network QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  17. 17. DEMO 1: Router Testing via Traffic Generator- Configure DUT by Telnet Traffic Data Data Traffic Sender Receiver Configure Check alive Router/Switch Command lineRun Traffic Telnet Analyze Results Driver Driver
  18. 18. DEMO 1: Router Testing via Traffic Generator (cont.)Code Free Test Creation as easy as Visio Visio Flow Studio Flow QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  19. 19. DEMO 2: AP Router Testing via Traffic Generator- Configure DUT by Website(GUI) Traffic Data Data Traffic Sender Receiver Configure Router Check alive Website(GUI) Command lineRun Traffic Analyze Results Driver Driver
  20. 20. DEMO 2: AP Router Testing via Traffic Generator (cont.)- Configure DUT by Website(GUI) • Special features for Wireless Device: 1. Use different configuration files to complete diverse testing, ex. different mode(802.11n,b,g), different channel(1~11) or different encryption type(WEP, TKIP). 2. Use excel file to maintain the path of configuration files and import data of excel file by “File Engine” on Testshell. 3. TestShell’s GUI Automator can provide “Inspect” and “Valuate” feature to check states of web screen. 4. TestShell can get snapshoot of testing result and export to report automatically. QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  21. 21. Tests Creation - Benefits• Drag & Drop Test Creator – non programmers can join the automation• Reusable Building Blocks• Record and Replay Actions• Integration with both Traffic Generators and T&M• Supported interfaces: • Network Protocols (Telnet, SSH, Serial, TCP, UDP, SNMP, etc) • GUI – Web, Java, Win app • Logic and Dialog • Integration with external files (configuration and results)• Resource Asset Management & Deployment • Documentation • Scripts • Executables • Dlls
  22. 22. End-to-End Test Automation Framework Schedule Execute Create Analyze Central Management QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  23. 23. Scheduler SnapshotResourcemanagement &Equipmentutilization Tests scheduling – overnight & weekend QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  24. 24. Tests Scheduling –Scheduler• Automatic scheduling according to time, station and priority• Test scheduling across single or multiple stations• Advanced "Outlook-like" interface• Virtual station locking• Fully customizable execution rules• Automatic real-time execution conflict handling
  25. 25. End-to-End Test Automation Framework Schedule Execute Create Analyze Central Management QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  26. 26. Tests Execution –Runner• Execution planning • Select Test or Regression • Select Unit Under Test and Topology • Record Admin information • Serial, Version, Batch etc… (Dynamic)• Run • Complete Run • Step by Step • Automatic troubleshooting and action execution • Real-time data tracking• Standardize data collection• Data transfer guarantee
  27. 27. End-to-End Test Automation Framework Schedule Execute Create Analyze Central Management QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  28. 28. Test Analysis - InSight Central data collection Data is then readyTest Lab 1 Test Lab 2 21,6 C Test Lab n for comprehensive 128 ms 19 W 101,3 3E-07 102,1 81,9 MHz Melbourne Canbara analysis, using 51 kb/s 3,2 V MHz 11,9 mA 57 kb/s 69% 12 5,3 TestShell InSight 21 C Sydney 3,3 V mA wwwData from alltest labs andstations is Multi-Sitecollected and Repositorystored in acentral server
  29. 29. Test Analysis - InSightOnline customizable display www The dashboards are completely customizable according to user The analayzed data is preferences, supporting presented via online & display multiple analysis Dasboards: including OLAP options, • Providing real time analysis • Reviewed any time anywhere
  30. 30. End-to-End Test Automation Framework Schedule Execute Create Analyze Central Management QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  31. 31. Test Management modules - Snapshot Tests and Regression managementDUTmanagement Central repository across the organization Tests version control Fully scalable and openand user control Permission framework QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  32. 32. TestShell Components QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  33. 33. TestShell Applications Analyze Create TestShell InSight TestShell Studio TestShell Server Manage Execute TestShell Scheduler TestShell Runner TestShell Controller QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential
  34. 34. Thank you To Schedule a Live Demonstration go to: www.qualisystems.com/demo QualiSystems Proprietary & Confidential