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Matchmaker Zone Pitches + Synerise Microsoft presentations


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From OMGKRK Summer Jam 23rd August 2019
Informal Networking And Icebreakers Richard Lucas
Open Coffee Style Pitches
Community announcements
18:25 Pawel Kulon #OMGKRK Introduction To Dragons Cave Pre-Accelerator
18:30 Grzegorz Świerad Co Founder Habit Coach Pitch (3mins)
18:35 Jan Pacan Acai Pitch (3mins)
18:40 Dawid Liberda Co Founder - Walle Pitch (3mins)
18:45 Marcin Skalski Co-Founder Reksio Pet Keeper Pitch (3mins)
18:50 Konrad Bobko CEO Carry Bear Pitch (3mins)
18:55 Robert Rybarz Co Founder EmoSystem Pitch (3mins)
19:00 Sam Cook Pitch
19:05 Tomasz Kopacz, CEE ISV Tech Recruit Lead - Microsoft (10mins)
19:15 Szymon Łukasik, AI Team Leader - Synerise Case Study (10 mins)
19:25 Closing Remarks Richard Lucas

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Matchmaker Zone Pitches + Synerise Microsoft presentations

  2. 2. Turning powerful books into habits
  3. 3. Personal Growth
  4. 4. Self-help Books
  5. 5. To List of Actions
  6. 6. To Habits
  7. 7. Establish HabitsRead Only
  8. 8. Explore actions from books { 100 Books } The Product
  9. 9. Over 1400 Actions { Clear to-do list to each action } The Product
  10. 10. Track Your Progress { Simple tool to track } The Product
  11. 11. Get Reminded { Get into mindset } The Product
  12. 12. Book Summaries Habit Trackers Competition
  13. 13. Business Model Pro Book summaries All actions Free Book summaries All actions from all books (in the free version, get only 3 from each book) ❌ ~$49 / year
  14. 14. Traction
  15. 15. The Team Greg CEO Gabriela CMO Bartek CTO Eike CFO
  16. 16. Fundraising
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Automate crypto trading with AI
  19. 19. Problem
  20. 20. Solution • High / low volatility? • Price trend up / down? • Risky / defensive strategy?
  21. 21. Team AI & Physics Michal Balcerak Research at CERN Cloud Marcin Misiek >2 years of cloud experience Business Jan Pacan Experience at Deloitte Strategy Mathematics Anh Dung Le International Olympiads Medalist Data science Amadeusz Masny >2 years of ML/data science experience
  22. 22. Proof of Concept +14% -15% 2 weeks
  23. 23. We’re looking for seed funding of 200k EUR
  24. 24. +48 607 275 353
  25. 25. smart ● safe ● simple
  26. 26. US$ 64.67 bn in 2017 US$ 116.26 bn in 2026 HOME AUTOMATION MARKET Source: Transparency Market Research (TMR)
  27. 27. PROBLEM Sub systems not integrating Insufficient features and functionality Too many home automation control apps
  28. 28. SOLUTION A platform delivering multifunctionality because of:
  29. 29. SOLUTION A platform delivering multifunctionality because of: ‣ connecting smart home devices
  30. 30. SOLUTION A platform delivering multifunctionality because of: ‣ connecting smart home devices ‣ a complex control system
  31. 31. SOLUTION A platform delivering multifunctionality because of: ‣ connecting smart home devices ‣ a complex control system ‣ a mobile application
  32. 32. PRODUCT ‣ 15-inch touchscreen ‣ Wi-Fi connection ‣ ZigBee standard ‣ mic and speaker ‣ Amazon Alexa
  33. 33. PRODUCT
  34. 34. Differences ‣ no touchscreen ‣ no voice assistant ‣ no home automation DAKBOARD FROM NEW YORK
  35. 35. BUSINESS MODEL Platform Touchscreen device Mobile app Wireless controllers one-time payment Contractors (installers, real estate developers) Flat owners Touchscreen device Wireless controllers partnership with other brands based on sales fee Clients
  38. 38. Magdalena Frankiewicz UI & UX Designer Undergraduate of Digital Design Dawid Liberda Software Engineer Undergraduate of Computer Science Piotr Zbiński Full Stack Developer Undergraduate of Mathematics Adrian Ginalski Product Engineer Master of Automation and Robotics TEAM
  39. 39. Dawid Liberda CEO & Founder, +48 732 008 530 CONTACT US
  40. 40. 10 000 000
  41. 41. 10 000 000 30%
  42. 42. 10 000 000 30% 45%
  43. 43. ~1 500 000
  44. 44. SEARCH
  47. 47. WHY US?
  48. 48. Ewa Suknarowska Web data analyst Marcin Skalski Software engineer Mikołaj Klaman Frontend software engineer Grzegorz Łaganowski Software engineer Piotr Kruczek Software engineer Paweł Ćwik Software engineer
  51. 51. PROBLEM • To buy few basic goodies you have to waste your time in the shopping line • It’s hard to buy anything at night - only on gas stations • Only few stores are open on Sundays and or holidays • Each time you have to go to the store by yourself
  52. 52. SOLUTION Choose the products you want Add them to the CarryBag Select payment method Enjoy quick delivery Order snacks, sweets and drinks with prompt delivery via CarryBear app
  53. 53. PRODUCT CarryBear is an on-demand platform that allows its users to order convenience goods, snacks, drinks, ice-creams as well as inedible accessories with the guarantee of prompt delivery Enjoy your caprice while saving time and energy
  54. 54. MARKET Students Gamers Serial-watchers 5 million users of grocery market on-line per year
  55. 55. BUSINESS MODEL CarryBear charge profit margin of approximately 30% on each product plus delivery cost 30% 5-10 pln
  56. 56. COMPETITION QuickDelayed Expensive Affordable Compared to the competition CarryBear is • FAST • CONVENIENT • ACCESSIBLE
  57. 57. TEAM 888-672-460 698-889-152 507-307-981 „Imagine downloading snacks from the Internet...”
  58. 58. Electricity price on the market in Poland
  59. 59. Huge fluctuations of electricity price Complicated procedure Complex electricity purchase products Lack of precise consumption data - risk for supplier 1. Problem I don’t have a time for energy
  60. 60. Our mission is to manage the proces of purchasing electricity in innovative way, striving to reduce costs and consumption of our customers. 2. Energy management platform
  61. 61. Inteligent web platform managing electricity contracting 3. Solution Energy consumers PLATFORM Energy suppliers o Real time consumption o Tailored strategy o Fully automatic o Cost control and optimization o Easy customers acquisition o Detailed consumption profile o Simplified procedure
  62. 62. 4. Market size Small and medium-size enterprises • 70k+ Catering establishments • 100k+ Production companies • 35k+ Accommodation facilities • 110k+ Small-area stores • 10m+ m2 Offices Supplier change in every: o 5 minutes (Poland) o 1 minute (Czech Republic) o 4 seconds (United Kingdom)
  63. 63. 5. Business model We take 5-10 PLN/MWh comission fee from suppliers for each contract Subsription fee from customers 20-1000 PLN/month
  64. 64. 6. Team Sales and strategy Over 2 years of experience in energy procurement consulting and sales Software developer Over 5 years of experience as a software developer (full stack) Embedded developer Over 3 years of experience in developing and testing embedded systems
  65. 65. Thank you for your attention!
  66. 66. Authors
  67. 67. Sells In the U.S.
  68. 68. Publishing
  69. 69. **** **** - Based on an estimate of total subscribers on competitors platforms.competitors’
  70. 70. Facebook Logo Amazon Logo Google Logo YouTube Logo Create Custom Content blocks on pages, emails, and messages: ● Survey-based (what client tells us) ● Behavior-based (what client does) ○ Page Visits ○ Video Views ○ Email Link Clicks ○ Messenger Link Clicks ○ Purchase Behavior 13_Website_Builder-_Edit_-overwrites- StoryFunnel allows InfoPreneurs to create customised journeys like the biggest sites in the world.
  71. 71. Combining the Functionality of all the tools you need to communicate in one- place. ○ Omni-Channel Inbox ○ Client Support Desk (Zendesk) ○ Team Workflow Desks (Asana) ○ Sales Team Workflow StoryDesk solves Message channel overwhelm for the InfoPreneur Clients Sales Prospects Team InfoPren euer
  72. 72. builder Countdown timers SMS Email Inbox Integration
  73. 73. The investment Opportunity We have an offer to raise 750k crowd-funding Equity Campaign on CrowdCube.
  74. 74. $1.8 MM - March 2016 - January 2017 Indent
  75. 75. Total Revenue Total Revenue Total Revenue Total Revenue Delete The end of this line Marketing Costs fix these s to match?
  76. 76. Delete Lower part of line Delete The end of this line
  77. 77. Originally educated as a mathematician, Damian is an accomplished UI/UX and product designer. He has over 8 years of design experience with SaaS startups across the world. He has been the Chief Designer for 1 year for James Cook Media Krzysztof has a masters in Applied Computer Science from AGH University, Poland’s top Engineering School. He has 9 years of development experience in multiple tech startups, including 4 years leading the development of James Cook Media’s SaaS products. Tyron is one of the world’s top marketing automation technicians and theorists. Tyron has worked with James Cook Media for over 7 years, and has been the main automation designer for our 6 x 7-Figure Funnels.
  78. 78. Microsoft Startups Tomasz Kopacz CEE ISV Tech Recruit Lead (also technical architect)
  79. 79. We provide startups with unfair advantage. Microsoft Startups
  80. 80. We provide startups with unfair advantage. We accelerate the success of innovative, enterprise- ready companies by providing unprecedented access to top Microsoft partners and customers and powerful business connections.
  81. 81. Choose Your Own Adventure Customize your partnership with Microsoft from a broad set of programs benefits
  82. 82. Poland, Germany, UK, CEE, (USA, China, India, South Africa …) Microsoft: 646+ offices in 211 countries Example: Poland… 60K+ companies with 10+ employees Microsoft: direct contact with 10K+ Microsoft distributors: access to 2M companies
  83. 83. Industry Approach (example from Poland) Store of the Future: Factory of the Future: Industry Tracks:
  84. 84. And – Microsoft is a TECHNOLOGY company You will get (free) additional 60 000+ developers working for YOU
  85. 85. How To Start?
  86. 86. Being an award-winning Microsoft partner – Synerise success story Szymon Łukasik AI Team Leader
  87. 87. Our story: It all started in 2013, at that time we were known as HG Intelligence Early-stagefunding from the Krakow Technology Park Seed Fund and Satus Ventures In 2018-2019 Satus received 29x ROI on selling part of their Synerise stocks
  88. 88. Founding fathers: Miłosz Baluś, CTO Krzysztof Kochmański, CDO Jarosław Królewski, CEO
  89. 89. AI which can understand people faster, better and ​on a massive scale.​
  90. 90. Under the hood: Synerise DB Storage 4x fasterthan state of the art in- memory stores Data Synerise AI Utilizing any & all data for every single use-case. Models Synerise APP Framework Build anyfintech/martech/big data app in 24h via APIs. Execution
  91. 91. Our platform at a glance…
  92. 92. … in real time …
  93. 93. … and with personalization Our personalized AI recommendations are implemented at different levels: o Pre-shopping​ o Product view​ o Add to cart​ o Pre-checkout​ o Post-checkout We also use: o Personalized search​ o AI-driven user segmentation​ o Individualnewsletter and push message ​content + timing​
  94. 94. Succesful startup – key factors:
  95. 95. AI start-up – is it enough to be innovative?
  96. 96. "An idea's worth nothing, execution is worth everything”
  97. 97. How do you sell your idea? "A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible” Freeman Dyson
  98. 98. Engineer Noun | ‘en-juh-neer Someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge (see also: Wizard, Magician)
  99. 99. How to sell your idea - Improvise, adapt, overcome…
  100. 100. The team
  101. 101. v Partners who share your vision 2015 Synerise receives support under the BizSpark program, which provided Synerise with access to Microsoft Azure platform 2017 Noticing the value of Synerise, we are recognized by Satya Nadella, who during var Sovia = new Tech (); says about Synerise, "They are building the next generation marketing cloud" 2018 Country partner of the year award received during Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas Initiated partnership with Microsoft Poland on the new AI Schools & Academy project 2019 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award during Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas
  102. 102. Szymon Łukasik AI Team Leader Thank you Trusted by the world’s most disruptive big and small companies & institutions: