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Launching Open Coffee Wrocław


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from the day before 22nd March 2019

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Launching Open Coffee Wrocław

  1. 1. Open Coffee What and why? Richard Lucas Wrocław, Poland 23.03.2019
  2. 2. Open Coffee Kraków From an idea by Saul Klein Free Bi Weekly meetups where Entrepreneurs and others, meet, share ideas and projects. Longest standing fixture of the Kraków Startup Community -180 meetings scine 2012
  3. 3. Key features 1.Friendly, positive and welcoming 2. Structured and efficient (point to multi- point) then small groups & one on ones 3. For everyone who wants to make positive change in their life (not tech startups only) 4. Participant focused 5. Low/no cost high benefit
  4. 4. Why Open Coffee? 1. Diversity and interdisciplinary contacts stimulate innovation 2. Culture is about shared experience. It makes the pro enterprise community and eco system “real”. 3. Makes the the world a better place (especially the city it happens in). 4.Give those present an opportunity to share and learn. 5. Sets an example of how to behave 6. Breaks negative stereotypes of enterprise
  5. 5. How to help Open Coffee Spread the word about our meetings by blogging/ writing articles/sharing./photos Bringing new people (especially entrepreneurs) volunteer to help (host a meeting., welcome people) Any other idea you can help implement.
  6. 6. Open Coffee What and why? Richard Lucas Wrocław, Poland 23.03.2019