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CAMentrepreneurs Launch in Cambridge


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These slides were shown at the CAMentrepreneurs Launch in Cambridge on 24th October 2019
which was described like this.

This free event is to launch CAMentrepreneurs in Cambridge. Since our launch CAMentrepreneurs have had 23 meetups around the world, in Dubai, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, New York, Sydney and Warsaw. Now we are launching in Cambridge. For our global entrepreneurial diaspora, we will be showcasing some of the many pro-enterprise people active in the Cambridge Entrepreneurial Eco System. For the thriving Cambridge based pro-Enterprise Community we will introduce entrepreneurs from around the world and help explain how they can benefit from the CAMentrepreneurs network.

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CAMentrepreneurs Launch in Cambridge

  1. 1. Agenda/Programme 18:30-18:50 Registration/informal networking 18:50-19:00 Lecture Hall Doors Open 19:00-19:15 Introductions and welcome 19:15-19:23 Cambridge Eco System Showcase 19:23-19:30 Open Mic 19:30-19:45 CAMentrepreneurs Showcase 19:45-19:50 Open Mic 19:50-20:00 Discussion, Q&A Summary and next steps 20:00-21:00 Informal networking in the Simon Sainsburys Foyer
  2. 2. Cambridge Judge Business School OPPORTUNITY FOR INVENTORS AT ENTERPRISETECH We’re calling inventors of early-stage novel technologies from across the University of Cambridge, other institutions, local start-ups, companies and large industry to submit projects to EnterpriseTECH. Deadline: 25 October 2019 Find out more: Contact us:
  3. 3. Cambridge Judge Business School ENTERPRISETECH: APPLY BY 25 OCTOBER Calling Mphil, PhD students and postdocs at the University of Cambridge! Develop skills in entrepreneurship and explore the commercial potential of a real, early-stage innovation at EnterpriseTECH. Deadline: 25 October 2019 Find out more: Contact us:
  4. 4. Cambridge Judge Business School ENTERPRISEWOMEN: LAUNCHES NOVEMBER The new programme commences this November with the first workshop on TransformaLve Leadership. We’ll be joined by guest speakers: Kim Wedral-Rooke, Taylor Vinters; Rakhi Rajani, QuantumBlack and Anne Boisier-Fouché, Shine For Women. Date: 21 November 2019, 16:30-20:00 Venue: Cambridge Judge Business School Find out more and register:
  5. 5. Cambridge Judge Business School VENTURE CREATION WEEKEND: INNOVATION IN SMARTTECH & IN EDUCATION In partnership with Santander in collaboration with Shape Do you have ideas or technologies that create a smarter world? Join our Venture Creation Weekend to explore ideas in SmartTech or Education with other aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators. Dates: 22-24 November 2019 Venue: Cambridge Judge Business School Tickets: Standard - £60, Students - £40 Sign up at:
  6. 6. Cambridge Assets
  7. 7. Cambridge’s Precious Elevator Assets
  8. 8. Mitigating the Risk of Elevator Assets 400+ groups around the world EngageAttract* *Daniel Tovisi, 2018.
  9. 9. CAM Active Member of the Cambridge Community Alumni Who Which What Where
  10. 10. CAM Active Member of the Cambridge Community Alumni
  11. 11. CAM Active Member of the Cambridge Community Alumni CAM
  12. 12. Activating Alumni: An Effective Example Pomona College Claremont, CA
  13. 13. 1,600 Students 1 Entrepreneurial Society No Business School 20,000 Students 100s+ Entrepreneurial Societies Judge Business School v.s. University of CambridgePomona College Situated in Small College Town (Claremont, CA) Situated in Cambridge Cluster (60k+ employed members)
  14. 14. Bringing Value Back
  15. 15. Richard Lucas Founder
  16. 16. What Official Alumni Group of the University to support business and social entrepreneurship among Cambridge University Alumni, Current Students and others.
  17. 17. Vision ● Regular alumni events/meetups in major global cities ● Once a year in medium cities that have an alumni group ● Individuals able to “help out” visitors from other parts of the world ● When alumni are visiting Cambridge give opportunities to engage with local eco-system. ● On-line platform supports and facilitates contacts alumni <-> alumni <-student->
  18. 18. Since December 2016 24 meetups 7 cities, 4 continents, near zero budget Cambridge, Dubai, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, New York, Sydney, Warsaw
  19. 19. Why Unlock unexploited potential of entrepreneurial diaspora to help each other, current students and others Bridge between worldwide entrepreneurial diaspora and Cambridge
  20. 20. Key facts and values ● “Cambridge and” not “Cambridge only”. Partnerships with appropriate local organisations ● Inclusive, positive, ‘give’ more than “take”, community spirit. Make first timers feel at home. Everyone was a beginner once. ● Participant driven and focussed ● Events -> informal, fun and useful ● TED-TEDx model – only operate with local leaders • Global network, addressing local needs/priorities
  21. 21. Calls to action - Encourage entrepreneurs to attend - Venues - Help with organisation - Ideas (plus implementation) - Ensure that meetings are welcoming, useful and enjoyable for first timers. - Give talks, sponsor, mentor
  22. 22. Contact/more info Linkedin Facebook
  23. 23. CUEhub Join a Team: Get involved with student ventures Start a Team: Recruit teammates and find mentors Support a Team: Mentor teams Our mission is to bring enterprising people together and let ideas bloom. Pre-Register:
  24. 24. H A C K B R I D G E KINDLING TECH ENTREPRENEURSHIP THROUGH OUR PROJECTS RESEARCH Innovative projects in engineering, biotech and software, aiming for published papers and successful products. COMMERCIAL Get involved with companies ranging from AI/Datascience startups to Venture Capitals to solve Real-World Problems. TECHNICAL PROJECTS | STARTING YOUR OWN COMPANY | CONSULTANCY W H A T W E D O LSC HACKBRIDGE Joint Venture between London Strategic Consulting and Hackbridge to provide strategic insights and build fit-for- purpose solutions. JUMPSTART Interested in launching your own project and learn the ropes on starting a company? We prep students with nothing but a strong drive, to an idea, to a working proof-of-concept. js2427 tto21 ram99 xl404Workshops • Ideation & Teambuilding workshop by Entrepreneur • Product-Market Fit Workshop by Judge Business School Mentors • Judge Business School, Syndicate Room, Aleksi co-founder of, Wilbe Ventures, Entrepreneur First, Playfair Capital. Exit Plans • Incubator programs, Comeptitions • CUEHUB Most incubators (especially in Cambridge) require you to have a Team and at least a Proof of Concept. Jumpstart would bridge the Gap between you and these programs T H E J U M P S T A R T M O D E L - B R I D G I N G T H E G A P
  25. 25. Open Mic
  26. 26. Announcements from
  27. 27. Intellectual Property Solutions IP protection IP Auditing IP Training IP Management Freedom to Operate Investor-ready IP Dr. Claudia M. Duffy BSc MSc PhD (Cantab) European Patent Attorney Founder Consultant Attorneys Technical Consultants Physical Sciences Universities Young Companies SMEs Investors
  28. 28. CAMentrepreneurs NYC “ The events you’ve hosted over the past year for the CAMentrepreneurs group have been immensely helpful for me as a first-time founder, and I similarly had a nice time meeting folks last night” Alex Russell, Trinity alumnus October 2019
  29. 29. Summary • Founded April 2017 • 3 events in 2017, 5 in 2018, and 5 in 2019 • Strong and loyal Committee • Over 700 total attendees (about 350 individuals) • Social events to draw in new audience • “The Entrepreneurial Journey” series is popular and well received
  30. 30. Open Mic
  31. 31. Summary and Discussion Next Event is 30th January 2020