Richard hingst experience and capabilities


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Richard hingst experience and capabilities

  1. 1. Richard W. Hingst Environmental Compliance Specialist CHMM, LEED AP Experience and Capabilities Available for consulting, project assistance, contract employment or direct hire.
  2. 2. Degrees and Certifications BS in Architecture MS in Environmental, Health, & Safety Management Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Accredited Professional (LEED-AP) 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER trained (29 CFR 1910.120 (e)(3)
  3. 3. Skills Proven leadership with over 17 years as a corporate environmental program manager, 7 years at facility level, all in manufacturing. Established record in teamwork, continuous improvement, and innovation. Effective in oral and written communications; able to effectively present complex topics in a concise manner in written or visual form. Effective interpersonal skills in dealing with people at various levels and functions . Self-confident, ability to accept and respond to challenges in a positive manner. Fast learner and adaptable to changing conditions . Organized in daily and long range goals. Capable in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project Manager, Adobe Photoshop, Lotus Notes.
  4. 4. Experience Waste minimization PCB compliance issues Storage tank compliance Facility compliance audits ISO 9000 and 14000 activities Remediation staff management Hazardous waste management Wastewater discharge compliance Secondary containment design (SPCC) Integrated emergency response plans Environmental Liability Summary (FIN47) Emergency planning and reporting (EPCRA) Facility engineer and environmental specialist International training conference organization Environmental compliance writer and lecturer Regulatory review and communication of required actions Management of facility strip out, deactivation, and demolition
  5. 5. Competent representative for public, federal, state, and local government agencies, and industry group meetings. The Macomb County Local Emergency Planning Committee State Program summary - info at CEAP Website: News article on public meeting
  6. 6. Experienced in writing for a variety of environmental communication programs.
  7. 7. Environmental Compliance for Facilities – Lunch hour Lecture Facility Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan Review Office Safety and Emergency Procedures A Brief Course on Secondary Containment of Regulated Materials (2001 ACHMM Conference) Capable of developing and presenting EH&S lectures for various audiences
  8. 8. Experienced in working with national, state/provincial, and local environmental compliance regulations
  9. 9. Experienced in regulatory review, comprehension, and communication of environmental compliance requirements and audit protocols. Regulation Summary of Required Actions Audit Protocol
  10. 10. Experienced in managing integrated Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) emergency response program Able to conduct incident response reviews to determine correctness of response and effectiveness of plans Able to perform root cause analysis on incidents Episode Plan Managed Integrated Emergency Response Plan Program for Chrysler (required at over 70 company facilities)
  11. 11. Capable in providing support for project supervision of facility demolition projects Past project experience included: Deactivation and Demolition of 15 buildings on 119 acres. Sale of assets and scrap metal paid for project and netted profit. Management of daily safety, environmental, and project activities. Site cleared and ready for sale! Original Toledo Parkway Site
  12. 12. Experienced in remediation staff management to assure timely and responsible investigations and corrective actions for contamination issues.
  13. 13. Experienced in storage tank regulatory compliance program management and issues. Helped develop Storage Tank Manual Program as a best practice for assuring regulatory compliance.
  14. 14. Experienced in assisting facilities with wastewater permitting and discharge issues.
  15. 15. Experienced in secondary containment designs and guidance documents to minimize environmental releases. Improved tanker truck unloading area designs. The pavement slopes down to a trench in the back. Developed simple flowchart for determining containment requirements
  16. 16. Environmental Liability Summary Experienced in developing environmental liability summary (FIN47 requirements) and annual updates in cooperation with company finance department. (Sample of information) Facility/Class FACILITY Building Area (SF) Asbestos CFCs & Mercury USTs & Hyd. Units Total               Assembly Plant 1 Assembly 3,200,000 $ 3,224,000 $ 61,055 $ 140,500 $ 3,425,555 Assembly Plant 2 Assembly 1,500,000 $ 855,000 $ 32,050 $ 154,230 $ 1,041,280 Assembly Plant 3 Assembly 2,600,000 $ - $ 50,818 $ - $ 50,818 Assembly Plant 4 Assembly 3,400,000 $ 3,338,000 $ 64,467 $ 92,250 $ 3,494,717 Assembly Plant 5 Assembly (Mexico) 2,575,126 $ - $ 51,654 $ 47,914 $ 99,568
  17. 17. Experienced in waste generation and minimization study. Familiar with LEED “Green Building” requirements.
  18. 18. Recommendations “ I worked with Richard at Chrysler. We were both working in the environmental group. Richard is very organized, quick learner and easy to get along with. He was respected by all his colleagues. Richard devoted his time and energy looking at all the project details to ensure that his projects were completed within budget and on time. I recommend him highly.” Neil McKay , Engineer , Architectural Materials - worked directly with Richard at Chrysler “ Richard Hingst is a wonderful worker and a team player. He is a hard working Senior Environmental Planning/Compliance Specialist. He stays on task and accomplishes his tasks within cost constraints. He is a quick learner as to understanding and adapting complex environmental regulations so that plant employees can easily understand them. Richard was very effective at achieving the corporate goals as to his role as a program manager in Emergency Planning, Underground Tanks, Remediation, SARA/CERCLA Compliance Reporting, Spill Control/Counter Measures, and Episode Plan development. I am very happy to recommend him, and I am sure that you will enjoy having him join your environmental group.” Bill Sikele , Senior Environmental Audit Specialist , Chrysler Corporation - worked directly with Richard at Chrysler “ “ Rick's knowledge and expertise are beyond comparison. As a planning and compliance specialist, I and many others relied on his expertise to ensure our continued compliance with complicated regulations and corporate requirements. He understands them well and just as importantly, he communicates in clear and unambiguous language. He is calm, friendly, and will be a positive addition to any organization.”  Sandi Lopez   , Facility Environmental Specialist , Chrysler LLC - worked directly with Richard at Chrysler “… I have known Rick for more than twenty years and have worked with him on countless projects during that period. Rick is one of the most professional, intelligent and competent individuals I know. He commits himself fully to every endeavor while maintaining a positive attitude regardless of the challenge. His vast knowledge and extensive experience in the environmental compliance field has had a permanent impact on the various programs and people he has been associated with during his career at Chrysler. He is highly regarded by his peers and is sought out for his thoughts and opinions. Honest, conscientious, energetic, Rick possesses great knowledge, quick wit and an optimistic outlook. He has high moral standards and a sound sense of values. He is also a gentleman in every sense of the word…” John Troy , Manager, Environmental Compliance Programs , Chrysler LLC - worked with Richard at Chrysler
  19. 19. Understanding environmental regulations and meeting their compliance requirements is not an easy task. Misinterpretation and failure to meet deadlines can bring about notices of violation, a halt to all onsite activities, fines, and even criminal prosecution of those who created the violation as well as those in charge of the site. Put me to work to guide you through this difficult task in a timely and cost effective manner. Richard Hingst is available for direct hire, or as a consultant or contract employee through his own company of Hingst Environmental Compliance Services, LLC, Lapeer, MI. Contact Richard Hingst at: [email_address]