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Performance Based Task Module #3

QU MAT Technology Competencies Module #3

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Performance Based Task Module #3

  1. 1. Performance Based Task MAT Technology Competency #3 Richard B. Guidone Quinnipiac University, 2017
  2. 2. Important! Links on these slides contain references to the Google for Education site and must be completed as part of the training before you begin your presentation. Slide #3, Slide #12, Slide # 14 and Slide #16 all contain blue highlighted words that refer you to the GFE site. All other links are important and provide you with background so that your presentation will stand out. Please click and follow all of them. 2
  3. 3. Description of Task In order to demonstrate what you have learned through the technology modules, your next task is to collaborate to create a multimedia presentation (using Google Slides) around a topic that is of interest to you and your group and that is something you would be able to use in your teaching. Richard B. Guidone Quinnipiac University, 2017 3
  4. 4. Task Continued…. For example, if you are an English teacher candidate, you might create a presentation on how to teach the poetry of Robert Frost or Langston Hughes Similarly, if you are an elementary teacher candidate, you might create a presentation on some aspect of the curriculum covered by your district. 4
  5. 5. Description of the components of your presentation There are multiple ways to creatively incorporate these components in your presentation, so please use the information below as a guide rather than a prescription for completing your final project. At the same time, the following components are required and must be included, in some way, in your multi-media presentation. 5
  6. 6. Introductory Slide Effective presentations will include an introductory slide that includes a title, your name, subject and grade level intended and a background design that is in some way related to your teaching topic. 6
  7. 7. Technology Integration Rationale Effective presentations will include a slide or two that discusses the rationale for using technology in your teaching topic. In other words, why does it make sense to incorporate various uses of technology into your particular topic? What is gained by integrating technology into your teaching of this topic? Include a slide of a video of yourself reading the statement of rationale. Use a google based tool to do this. 7
  8. 8. Evaluation and Citation of Internet Content Effective presentations will in some way address the reliability of websites included in your project, and will cite the URLs from which materials were taken. Use links in your text and put complete url’s in the notes section of your slide. See notes view below. 8
  9. 9. Images from the Internet Effective presentations will include locating at least one of each of the following from the Internet that are related to your teaching topic, as well as a brief explanation of how these might be useful in teaching about your topic: One blog page, one podcast and one YouTube-like instructional video from Kahn Academy or other teaching site.on your topic. 9
  10. 10. Internet Resources Effective presentations will include the URLs to at least three agencies or organizations related in some way to your teaching topic, as well as brief description of the agency/organization and/or how the website might be used in support of your topic. Richard B. Guidone Quinnipiac University, 2017 10
  11. 11. Graphic Organizers Effective presentations will include at least one teaching resource (a diagram, a graphic organizer, etc.) that you create using any of the Google tools or apps at your disposal. Richard B. Guidone Quinnipiac University, 2017 11
  12. 12. Teaching Materials Effective presentations will include at least four different teaching materials that were found at and/or created through at least two different websites. Materials should be varied and interactive(i.e., a worksheet, a story, a word-search, etc.) and should clearly support your teaching topic. Another might be a link to a site that describes just the perfect app that relates in some way to your topic. A fourth link might be to a Smartboard site that contains useful references that you might use with your students. Richard B. Guidone Quinnipiac University, 2017 12
  13. 13. Web 2.0 Uses of the Internet Effective presentation will include at least one or two sites that are considered to be examples of how the internet allows (think teachers as well as students) to collaborate around various issues. Be sure to include a good description of how these sites would enhance participation on the part of your students on this topic. The presentation is shared with a larger community by posting it for all to see on Slideshare and including the link to your presentation on that site on one of your slides. Who will get the most views? Richard B. Guidone Quinnipiac University, 2017 13
  14. 14. Use and Design of Presentation Effective presentations will work – that is, links will take users to specified websites, images and/or video. Clips will open and/or appear, and the presentation will transition from one slide to the next without too many distracting transitions. In addition, effective presentations will reflect the principles of good design. 14
  15. 15. Rubrics Create a simple rubric you might use to assess the understanding of your students on your topic. Richard B. Guidone Quinnipiac University, 2017 15
  16. 16. Google Form Assess your presentation by creating a Google Form and administer it to the participants of your class. Gather and display the data into the last slide of your presentation. Richard B. Guidone Quinnipiac University, 2017 16
  17. 17. Presenter View Create a back-channel for participants while you present. Watch, learn, do. Richard B. Guidone Quinnipiac University, 2017 17