Prepare for the Post-Web Era: Tips About Mobile Apps


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App is the latest buzzword, with 25 billion downloaded from Apple’s iTunes App Store alone it’s not surprising we hear people talking about their favourite app in the queue at the supermarket or from the mechanic that just fixed our car. Recent research has shown that people now spend more time using apps than they do using the web, so it’s also not surprising that everyone has a brilliant new app idea.

This workshop will explore what it takes to go from app idea to market. From refining a concept, developing a plan, and wire framing, through to some tips about getting an app into Apple’s App store and Google Play.

Bring your own brilliant new app idea along and use it in the workshop to start the process of preparing for the post-web era; it could be the next Angry Birds.

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  • Started my career with mobile at Hutchison Telecom in 1990.\nBegan web development in 1994.\nSun Microsystems for 9 years.\nAuthored two books: How to use Flickr, and Pocket Guide to Podcasting.\nStarted my own cloud based recommendation company in 2005.\nNow Strategy Director of Perth’s largest mobile development company, Adapptor.\n\n
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  • What’s changed recently? Why is mobile “it.”\nReduced cost, increased data speeds, etc.\nIn a February 2011 Forrester Research article, “The mobile App Internet wags the IT dog,” Ted Schadler points out that as “consumers of business applications, we now expect them to be as simple as Angry Birds.”\n
  • People now spend more minutes per day using mobile apps than they do using the web.\n
  • Last Christmas week Australian’s downloaded 28 million apps.\nThat’s 54 apps downloaded per second.\n
  • Android now has 50% of the smartphone platform market.\niOS 30%, RIM 13.4%, Microsoft 3.9% and Symbian 1.5%\n\nHowever, app downloads, app use, mobile traffic all heavily favours iOS.\n\n
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  • At Adapptor we aim to build apps that are functional and/or playful.\nIf someone isn’t going to return to the app often, then you’re doing it wrong.\n
  • What’s your core feature? Just focus on that.\nInstagram is a great example.\nClear App is interesting, but I’m concerned they compromised simplicity with being too playful.\n
  • Every week I get asked how much it will cost to build an app. The answer is as you’d expect, “It depends.”\nApps are more complicated than most people would expect.\n\n\n
  • Despite what we’d like to think, all this new technology hasn’t changed the fundamentals of doing business.\nSo, it’s back to basics for creating an app.\n
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  • There’s plenty of things to know when developing an app.\nApple’s Guide:\n 2.11 Apps that duplicate apps already in the App Store may be rejected, particularly if there are many of them, such as fart, burp, flashlight, and Kama Sutra apps.\n 2.12 Apps that are not very useful, are simply web sites bundled as apps, or do not provide any lasting entertainment value may be rejected\n 2.13 Apps that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements will be rejected\n Navigation\nAndroid:\n Screen density\n Menus\n
  • User stories explain the app from a user’s point of view. What are all the things they need to do, and how will they do them.\nWireframes show how the functions of the app will hang together.\nFor iPhone wireframing the Blueprint App is a great tool.\n
  • Design is part art and part science. It’s getting inside the heads of people using your app.\n“Don’t make me think” by Steve Krug.\n
  • In season 2 of The Simpsons, Homer designed a car for his brother’s company: The Homer. Homer added everything he thought would be awesome in a car. Unfortuantely, Homer isn’t a car designer.\nThere are many ways to get an app developed if you’re not a coder yourself, but the reality of the situation is, you get what you pay for.\n Find someone on Elance.\n \n
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  • Android Market is simpler to add an app to.\nApple’s iTunes usually takes at least a week to have an app approved.\nAmazon’s app store is similar.\n
  • Sales and downloads aren’t your most important stats. You need to know how people are using your app.\nWhy? Most of us won’t sell 6 million apps.\n
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  • Prepare for the Post-Web Era: Tips About Mobile Apps

    1. 1. Prepare for the Post-Web Era: Tips About Mobile Apps Richard Giles Strategy DirectorFriday, 27 April 12
    2. 2. Who the hell is Richard Giles?!Friday, 27 April 12
    3. 3. The post-web era. The world has changed. (get off my lawn)Friday, 27 April 12
    4. 4. Mobile? Is that like WAP?Friday, 27 April 12
    5. 5. This app thing is a fad.Friday, 27 April 12
    6. 6. Holiday fad?Friday, 27 April 12
    7. 7. I for one, welcome our Android overlords.Friday, 27 April 12
    8. 8. The post-web era. Planning. (there’s an app for that)Friday, 27 April 12
    9. 9. I want an app daddy! What’s the goal for your app: I don’t care, just give me an app. Functional. Playful.Friday, 27 April 12
    10. 10. That’s not an app, this is an app! Keep it simple: What’s the core features. Remove everything else.Friday, 27 April 12
    11. 11. Apps are like onions. Building an app isn’t simple: It’s software. Is your app a service?Friday, 27 April 12
    12. 12. Phase 1. Collect underpants. Phase 2. ? Phase 3. PROFIT. Old skool rules still apply: Research. Business Plan.Friday, 27 April 12
    13. 13. The post-web era. Build it and they will come! (and then quickly uninstall it)Friday, 27 April 12
    14. 14. “We don’t need any more fart apps.” Read the Guides., 27 April 12
    15. 15. The Sting. Planning User Stories. Wireframing.Friday, 27 April 12
    16. 16. The Pickup Artist. Design: Functional (UX). Pretty (UI). Simple.Friday, 27 April 12
    17. 17. The Homer. Ways to code an app: Elance vs. Specialist. You get what you pay for.Friday, 27 April 12
    18. 18. Even a monkey can use it. Testing AnalyticsFriday, 27 April 12
    19. 19. The Post-Web Era. Launching an app. (listen, do you smell something?)Friday, 27 April 12
    20. 20. App stores. Apple iTunes. Google Play. Amazon AppStore.Friday, 27 April 12
    21. 21. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. You just need stats: Distimo. Mopapp. Bugsense. Google Analytics or Omniture.Friday, 27 April 12
    22. 22. Example Project - Dujour TechnologyFriday, 27 April 12
    23. 23. Making an app is simple. Final tips: Functional or playful. Keep it simple. Basic business rules still apply. Keep it simple. Eat well and exercise.Friday, 27 April 12
    24. 24. @RichardGiles - 0403 188222Friday, 27 April 12