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Stock screener take your pick


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Today's I would like to share top 5 picks of the most popular stock screens of top organizations. Let’s take a glance at them now… The list includes AAII (American association of individual investors), Yahoo finance, dividend investor, Reuters, CNBC.

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Stock screener take your pick

  1. 1. Stock Screener- Take your pickTodays I would like to share top 5 picks of the most popular stock screens of top organizations.Let’s take a glance at them now… The list includes AAII (American association of individualinvestors), Yahoo finance, dividend investor, Reuters, CNBC. AAII: -The American Association of Individual Investors is a nonprofit organization. Its mainpurpose is to provide education and guidance regarding stock market portfolios, financialplanning and retirement accounts. AAII assists investors in becoming good managers oftheir own assets. Its market itself as an unbiased source of investment because thisorganization is not for a profit purpose. Founder of AAII is James Cloonan with about150,000 members. According S&P 500, the last thirty years, AAII’s members report is“investment returns that are consistently higher than those of the stock market as a whole.”Since 2003, AAII has maintained two real portfolios: a shadow stock portfolio and a mutual fundportfolio (for education purposes). These portfolio’s returns and contents are available online and,the site reports, have outperformed the market considerably over the course of their existence.Stock screener: -AAII’S provide a wide range of stock strategies and investment approaches andhelp to assess them. Its updates our screens monthly, include 60 stock investment strategies as wellas the companies that pass each screen.AAII stock screener
  2. 2.  Yahoo Finance: This is a site of Yahoo. It gives financial news and information includingoriginal video programming, stock quotes, rates of the stock exchange, press releases andreports related to finance and message boards for discussing a companys prospects and stockvaluation. In the US it is a top financial news and research website since January 2008, withmore than 37.5 million monthly individual visitors. For personal finance management it offerssome hosted tools.Stock screener: Stock Research center uses the stock screener to search stocks by industry,index membership, share data such as price, market cap, beta etc.Yahoo finance stock screener Dividend investor :- It provides our members an essential dividend stock mining tool toscreen high yield dividend stocks, monthly dividends, ex dividend date, dividendstocks,dividend history and stock dividend screening criteria. That also provide CDs, bondsand money market accounts. Well chosen qualified dividend paying stocks provide threesimultaneous income streams; the current dividend income, increase future dividendincome and share price. The maximum tax on interest income from bonds, CDs, and moneymarket accounts is up to 35% and tax on Qualified Dividend Income is only 15%. Investingin preferred stock helps in higher liquidity, credit ratings and securities that are issued byfundamentally good companies.
  3. 3. Stock screener : - By the use of screener tool investors able to screen thousands of stocks to findtheir own dividend investments.Dividend investor screener Reuters : - It is an international news agency. Its headquartered is in London, UnitedKingdom and a division of Thomson Reuters. This provides the latest news from around theworld, covering worldwide breaking news of business, politics, entertainment, technologyand many more.Stock screener: - investors can connect to the most current information on stocks and bondson Reuters by the use of stock screener.
  4. 4. Reuter stock screener CNBC : - Since 1991 this is an officially the consumer news and business channel. It providesbusiness news and information through satellite and cable in the United States owned andoperated by NBC Universal. The network and its international spin-offs cover businessheadlines and provide live coverage of financial markets.Stock screener : - Its stock screener is an excellent choice for a stock screening tool if the data andlogic requirements of investors investment strategies are met. Choose according to yourrequirement.CNBC stock screenerGood luck for choosing best ones.