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  1. 1. Executive  Management  Partners  Inc.   April  2015     Developed  by   Richard  A.  Fisher  
  2. 2. ¡  Strategy  Overview   ¡  Business  Unit  History   ¡  Executive  Leadership   ¡  Executive  Review   ¡  Conclusion  
  3. 3. A.  What  is  strategy?  Why  do  we  need  a  strategy?   1.  Strategy  is  a  consciously  developed  plan,  a  ploy  to   outmaneuver  a  competitor,  a  position  defined  with   respect  to  targeted  markets,  and/or  a  perspective  of  how   to  achieve  global  business.   2.  Without  a  strategy,  we  fill  our  time  with  what  we  want,   what  we  think  the  boss  wants,  or  our  reactions.   3.  Without  a  strategy,  time  and  resources  are  wasted  on   inessential  activities.   B.  How  do  you  implement  strategy?   1.  A  great  strategy  takes  individual  pieces  and  sequences   them  into  a  coherent  whole.  
  4. 4. △  Investment  Banker/Healthcare  Finance   △  Mesirow  Advisory  alongside  Jim  Tyree   △  Hospital  Advisory   △  Pain  Management  Inpatient  Clinics   △  Hi-­‐Tech  Pharmacy   △  Walgreen  Investment  Advisory   △  Walgreen/Xcel  Laboratories  Pharmaceutical  Acquisition   △  Multidisciplinary  Northwest  Chicago  Suburb  Medical   Practices  CEO   △  Embry  Riddle  Aeronautical  University  Board  Member   △  International  Cancer  Initiative  CEO   △  GM/Chrysler/BCBS  CEO   △  Visa-­‐US  Bank/Healthcare  Debit  Card  CEO   △  Executive  Management  Partners  Inc.  CEO  
  5. 5. Richard  A.  Fisher   Marketing  and  Sales  Innovation   Investment  Banking   and  Finance   Experience   Healthcare  and   Clinical  Practice   Management   Risk  Management  
  6. 6. A.  Strategies  for  Innovation:   1.  Identify  opportunities   2.  Research  and  develop  portfolio  management   3.  Design  and  develop  sales  strategy   4.  Implement  sales  strategy   B.  My  goals  are  your  goals:   1.  Protect  assets   2.  Reduce  liabilities   3.  Increase  profitability  
  7. 7.       ”The  only  source  of  knowledge  is  experience.”   –Albert  Einstein