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Penguin island


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Penguin island

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• Penguin Island has hundreds of things to do, but I’m going to tell you about the most favourite, popular and common thing to do on Penguin Island. See the penguins of course!
  3. 3. HOW TO GET TO PENGUIN ISLAND• THERE ARE 4 WAYS TO GET TO PENGUIN ISLAND:• THE RELAXING WAY: Take a ferry that runs all day from 9am to 4pm.• THE HARD WAY: Take your boat and travel over there by yourself or with your friends and family.• THE EXERCISE WAY: Hire a canoe and paddle your way over there.
  4. 4. food• Food: There is no where on the island to buy food or drink and no bbq so you have two choices: bring a picnic or get back on the ferry when you’re hungry and have lunch at the café near the jetty. The prices are very reasonable and the food is decent ( fish & chips, burgers, salad rolls etc…)
  5. 5. COST ADULT CHILD CONC.PENGUIN ISLAND FERRY $12.00 $12.00 $12.00Includes unlimited ferry transfersto Penguin Island for the day. Penguin Island Ferry + Discovery Centre Includes: $19.50 $16.50 $18.50Unlimited ferry transfers to Penguin Island for the dayPenguin feeding at Discovery Centre Penguin & Sea Lion Cruise Includes: Unlimited ferry transfers to Penguin $36.50 $27.50 $33.00 Island for the day Penguin feeding at Discovery Centre 45 minute glass bottom boat cruise
  6. 6. Danger!• Some people think that they can walk through the water when the sand bar rises. But do not do that because people have died doing that!
  7. 7. Map of penguin island
  8. 8. Discovery centre• Enjoy a 20 minute viewing and interpretive session with the Little Penguins at the Discovery centre hosted by a DEC ranger. You will learn all about the biology, natural behaviours, habitat and conservation of these fascinating creatures. A fun and interesting activity for students of all ages.
  9. 9. Star PENGUINS• Currently there are 10 little penguins that are the star attractions at the Discovery Centre. The boss of the group is Piggy (named for his healthy appetite!) whose life long partner is Gerry (the only female of the group). They are proud parents to the youngest pair Nemo and Sassy. Jojo, Skip, Lou, Peri, Pengu and Sedge make up the rest of the group who have been badly injured, orphaned as chicks or born in captivity - it is unlikely that they would survive in the wild. So come and give them some love.
  10. 10. activites• Swim with wild dolphins• Feed the penguins• Dolphin watching• A glass bottom boat cruise• And lots more so come down to Penguin Island(45 minutes out of Perth). It will be relaxing and peaceful.