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Panda Report


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A report on Pandas by Catherine

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Panda Report

  1. 1. Classification: Pandas are warmblooded mammals and bears.
  2. 2. Appearance: Pandas are black and white on their legs, hands and arms. Their tummy is white.
  3. 3. Habitat: Pandas live in the mountains of china. There are only a thousand left in the wild.
  4. 4. Diet : Pandas eat bamboo shoots, leaves, rats, mushrooms, flowers and vines.
  5. 5. Life Cycle: Female pandas breed every two or three years. She has her cubs in a den lined with leaves sometimes in a hollow tree. They can have twins but only raise one cub. By the time a panda cub is one year old, it can look after itself but will stay with its mother until it is two or three year old.
  6. 6. Conservation Status: Yes theyare endangered and Adelaide zoopeople went to china and there name isWang Wang and Funi and Wang Wang means net net and Funi means lukygirl