On the road to the New Models of Social Enterprise


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On the road to the New Models of Social Enterprise
Presentation at teh Enterprise 2.0 Summit Paris February 2012

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On the road to the New Models of Social Enterprise

  1. 1. On the road to the New Models of Social Enterprise Richard Collin richard.collin@grenoble-em.com Twitt : @richardcollin
  2. 2. To think To behave To act out of the box
  3. 3. From results to meaningsShift EmergenceResiliencySolidarityHybridityInnovation BricolageSpeedBeta ExceptionValue creation & new businessmodels
  4. 4. A unique creation economyUnpredictable Artist tasks Creativity Future consumer/ producer - cyber creator Empowered team-worker, informed shopper Predictable Mass-era worker tasks and consumer Repetition Imposed Freedom to Authority initiate
  5. 5. You never change things by fighting the existingreality. To change something, build a new model thatmakes the existing model obsolete Buckminster Fuller , The Foundation for P2P Alternatives www.p2pfoundation.net
  6. 6. It takes courage to act in the face of structural resistance.
  7. 7. To dare
  8. 8. To trust
  9. 9. To recognize & to give
  10. 10. To walk the talk
  11. 11. To focus on the usage of ITAnd the social networks….not on the tools
  12. 12. To be transparent& To tell the truth
  13. 13. To imagin
  14. 14. Solidarity & Humility
  15. 15. Turns out that in an age ofwrenching change, the mostvaluable human capabiltiiesare precisely those that areleastManage-able.Nerve. Artistry.Elan.Orginality.Grit. Non-conformity.Valor. These are the qualitiesthat create value in the 21 stcentury..
  16. 16. Value creation exists at theinterface of the customer and theemployeesMake change a lifestyleThe end of control commandTrust trough transparency
  17. 17. The notion of a process –a defined series of stepsin the production of good or the delivery of services _subordinates individuals to their roles in the process…but now connectedness should always takeprecedence over efficiency, especially where theefficiency comes at the cost of the customer…The process should be secondary to the strategicprinciples of the firm Stowe Boyd The rise of networks, the end of process
  18. 18. ERP vs SN&M
  19. 19. Towards The knowledge EntrepreneurThe farmer of trustthe skills harvester ….being a tinker
  20. 20. The 10 commandments to take back home for youo Remember it is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permissiono Come to work each day willing to be firedo Circumvent any orders aimed at stopping your dreamo Do any job needed to make your project work, regardless of your job descriptiono Find people to help youo Follow your intuition about the people you choose, and work only with the besto Work underground as long as you can, - publicity triggers the corporate immune mechanismo Never bet on a race unless you are running in ito Be true to your goals, but be realistic about the ways to achieve themo Honour your sponsors
  21. 21. nging the Wisdoms of Systems Toward the Nextenterprise •Value bricolage strategically •Design tinkering •Establish systematic serendipity •Thrive on gradual breakthrough •foster the why not attitude •enable power distribution •transcend barrier to information sharing
  22. 22. “Theonly way to meet the continuouslyunpredictable challenges ahead of us is to match them with continuously unpredictable changes of our own
  23. 23. Thank you Your questions ?