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Mojo Reporter Brochure


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Mojo Reporter Brochure

  1. 1. Capture the news as it happens. Anytime. Anywhere.
  2. 2. CHOOSE EXISTING OR TAKE NEW VIDE0 TAKE PHOTO OR CHOOSE EXISTING IMAGE RECORD AUDIO ADD LOCATION INFORMATION EASILY ADD SECTIONS CREATE Start typing your story straight away. Attach pics, video and audio content from within the article. Add your location via GPS or assign the story to sections in your publication. Mojo Reporter’s simple & straightforward workflow allows you to quickly add & edit whatever content you may need on the go, wherever you may be. No More Messy Notes or Clutter! Mojo Reporter is a mobile productivity tool for to go where the story is and capture it as it unfolds. While it can be used as a stand-alone app, it can also be integrated with content management, editorial or digital distribution systems (e.g. Baobab Suite). This enables content to be sent automatically for A Comprehensive Content Creation Tool at Your Fingertips Intuitive article creation & publication tools
  3. 3. Organised Content The articles that you create are added to a convenient list view. This clear interface makes it easy to see the sections, tags, states and media you’ve allocated to stories. Simply tap the menu icon to see the inbox view and FREELANCE EDITION - free app We encourage freelance Mojos to use all app features for free and upload to their respective Google drive folders. - Mojo media captured in-app can be retrieved via the device gallery by going to settings and making media public - Media captured via other apps, can be attached to MojoReporter posts easily for consolidation in the cloud web dashboard facility by publicly publishing your test post to the platform. Simple, easy to use and store all types of Mojo media in one app for future storage.
  4. 4. TEAM EDITION The true value in MojoReporter platform is that journalists can capture and/or add securely sent to a centralised web dashboard for further review and editing - custom version of MojoReporter app and your own Mojo web dashboard - secure user accounts to Mojo app and web solutions - custom integration with editorial or broadcasting platforms * Can integrate with: