Avalon Residential Condominium


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This slide presentation shows updates pertaining to the construction of the only High End, Highly Valued Condominium Residence in the Center of Ayala business Park, The "AVALON"

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Avalon Residential Condominium

  1. 1. Living right at the Heart of Urban Cebu ..
  2. 2. Where everything revolves around you ..
  3. 3. A place fit for the Who’s who in town ..
  4. 4. Where the night stays alive ..
  5. 5. And the scene gets high ..
  6. 6. This is Cebu at its BEST!
  7. 7. The Upcoming residential enclave of Cebu’s Elite
  8. 8. Vicinity Map
  9. 9. At the heart of Ayala Business Center In the vicinity of Financial, Commercial and Recreational Centers The most strategic location in Cebu
  10. 10. Very accessible to most important destinations in Cebu
  11. 11. A Crown Jewel Investment
  12. 12. 1 BEDROOM LAYOUT
  13. 13. 2 BEDROOM LAYOUT
  14. 14. 3 BEDROOM LAYOUT
  17. 17. UNIT TYPE FLOOR AREA BASIC UNIT PRICES 1BR 59 sq.m. 5.8M – 6.7M 2BR 89 sq.m. 8.7M – 10.3M 3BR 123 sq.m. 12.6M – 14.8M PENTHOUSE UNITS 230 sq.m. 24.0M – 25.0M
  18. 18. Partitions Painted Interiors Engineered wood (HDF) for bedrooms High Quality ceramic tiles (living, dining, and kitchen areas) Kitchen Cabinets Access Card Key System
  19. 19. Shower enclosure Provisions for air conditioning unit Tiled toilet and bath with bathroom fixtures Hot water provision Bathtub (except 1 bedrooms)
  20. 20. Telephone, cable/HDTV, wi-fi ready Exhaust fan/ exhaust duct provisions Servant’s quarters/ service area
  21. 21. Safety & Security 24/7 Security and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems Top of the line fire alarm and sprinkler systems with fire exits Perimeter fence Access Card Key System
  22. 22. Adult & kiddie swimming pools Fitness gym & Sauna Function rooms Business Center Daycare center Recreational and Entertaining
  23. 23. Comfort and Convenience 3 High Speed Passenger Elevator units 1 Heavy Duty Service Elevator unit Main Lobby and Reception area Landscaped gardens
  24. 24. Comfort and Convenience Centrally located garbage system per floor Individual mailbox for each unit 100% back-up power generation
  25. 25. 4 levels of basement parking & visitors parking slots Property management courtesy of an ISO certified company that has a solid track record
  26. 26. Condo Living Advantages Cost Advantages/Savings: Premium sports club membership: - P500,000 – P800,000 membership fee - P1,500 – P2,000 monthly dues 24 hour security 1 shift (8 – 10 hours) = P8,000 – P10,000/month Gardener/Helper – P5,000/month
  27. 27. Construction Updates ..
  28. 28. Construction Updates ..
  29. 29. Construction Updates ..
  30. 30. Construction Updates ..
  32. 32. Donald Trump Real Estate Strategies Be willing to Pay a Premium for a Prime Location -at the heart of Cebu Business Park
  33. 33. 4 things to look for in LOCATION: Great Views Donald Trump Real Estate Strategies
  34. 34. Great views
  35. 35. Donald Trump Real Estate Strategies 4 things to look for in LOCATION: -Prestige
  36. 36. Cebu Business Park A Prestigious Neighborhood
  37. 37. Donald Trump Real Estate Strategies 4 things to look for in LOCATION: Growth Potential (mature and non-speculative)
  38. 38. Growth potential
  39. 39. Donald Trump Real Estate Strategies 4 things to look for in LOCATION: Convenience
  40. 40. Convenience
  41. 41. Important Considerations in Choosing a Property Investment The projects should be worthy investments The developer should have a solid and reputable track record The projects should be well-planned and responsibly managed Strategic Location
  42. 42. Woodcrest Residences (pre-selling) - 1 Bedroom 2008 = P2.2M 2010 = P2.8M East Aurora Tower (RFO) Starting = P27,000 / sq.m. Present = P60,000 / sq.m. Primary Homes Projects are Worthy Investments
  43. 43. On time delivery – early payback period 4. Excellent Property Management Factors that Contribute to Make a Property have a Higher Investment Potential 2. Quality Construction 3. Quality Materials Used in Construction
  44. 44. Property Value- appreciation is above industry standards because of its track record in house construction quality, early delivery. Pricing - A True Value for Money (Good Ratings from Various financial institutions, Appraisal in most times (=) 100% of its selling price) Worthy Investment
  45. 45. requently sked uestions
  46. 46. In considering this a Blue Chip Investment, is there a demand for residence and rental in the area? Yes . The last residential building in the park was built ten years ago. The demand for residences (to own/rental) continues to grow. At present, activity in the area has tripled. F requently A sked Q uestions
  47. 47. F requently A sked Q uestions What lifestyle can a future Avalon resident look forward to? Being right at the heart of Cebu Business Park, Avalon offers a wide array of choices from the luxurious to the most basic services such as dining, shopping, fitness and entertainment experiences. It's proximity to important destinations adds to the convenience that comes with being a resident.
  48. 48. F requently A sked Q uestions Are the lifestyle amenities open to the public? Avalon’s lifestyle amenities are EXCLUSIVE to the residents’ and their guests only.
  49. 49. F requently A sked Q uestions How much is the rental potential of units in Avalon? Current rental rates for premium condominiums within Cebu Business Park ranges from PHP 45,000 (1 Bedroom) to PHP 120,000 (Penthouse units) per month.
  50. 50. F requently A sked Q uestions How much are the condo dues? Currently, the condo dues at Park Towers 1 and 2 range from P55 - P60/sq. m. Condo dues for Woodcrest Residences at Guadalupe are at P45/sq. m. Target rates for Avalon will be P60 - P70/sq. m. So, for a 1 Bedroom unit at Avalon condo dues will be at P4,200/sq.m per month.
  51. 51. F requently A sked Q uestions If I invest in a condo unit, will there be a group who will take care of my unit and its rentals? Yes , there will be. You can enroll your unit into the program of the Property Management Group. It is called PIMS: P roperty I nvestment M anagement S ervices
  52. 52. Is the parking slot included in the Total Selling Price? Yes, there is one slot included in the Unit TSP. F requently A sked Q uestions
  53. 53. What else are included in the Total Selling Price? Aside from the parking area , the TSP includes Value Added Tax , Transfer costs, Miscellaneous fees, Documentary stamps , and Other govt. fees . F requently A sked Q uestions
  54. 54. Could a buyer acquire an additional parking slot? If, yes how much? Yes , and the additional slot is for P650,000.00 F requently A sked Q uestions
  55. 55. How much is the reservation fee? P 100,000.00 only F requently A sked Q uestions
  56. 56. When is the target turnover or delivery? The target schedule of delivery of units will start by December of 2011; Scheduled completion of amenities will be at the 1 st Quarter of 2012. F requently A sked Q uestions
  57. 57. You can’t get closer than this! Signed. Own a unit at a prestigious location that literally makes the Ayala Center Cebu your next door neighbor! Sealed. Bearing the imprint of the Primary Group, Avalon promises structural integrity, functionality and the aesthetics you have always wanted in a place you can call your very own. Delivered. Primary Homes Inc., has established an enviable reputation of delivering on its committed turnover dates for its projects while assuring the quality standards that are now synonymous with every Primary Homes project.