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Lean Part 1.


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Lean Questions, Information & Facts from my experience in Business Improvement.

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Lean Part 1.

  1. 1. You’re not TOYOTA but want their efficiencies. Questions, Information and Facts about Lean. By Richard Camilleri
  2. 2. Contents1. Mass Manufacturing & Lean Manufacturing.2. What makes the difference?3. Did you know?4. How Effective are you?5. How Efficient are you?6. Do you have a Lean Mentality?7. How capable are your people?8. What I found... will fail.9. So how can I help you?
  3. 3. Mass Manufacturing & Lean Manufacturing• Processing of product is the same for Mass and Lean companies• Equipment purchased is the same for Mass and Lean companies• People hired are the same for Mass and Lean
  4. 4. What makes the difference?• Getting everyone to want to win• The engagement of ALL the People• An absolute commitment of constant Process Improvement
  5. 5. Did you know ?Broad Research Has Shown Only About 25% Of Workers:• Are fully engaged in their work• Are enthusiastic about team and organisation goals• Feel they are fully enabled to execute their goals• Have a clear line of sight between their work and their teams organisational goals• Work in an open trust-filled environment
  6. 6. How effective are you?• Have you developed a vision for your long-term Lean system?• Have you developed an implementation plan and dedicated the resources to accomplish the task?• Have you developed a cascading annual planning system and supportive review to align the organisation for improvement?
  7. 7. How efficient are you?• How are you doing with regard to your actual results V planned?• Have you identified the right matrix (quality, cost, productivity and delivery)?• Is the entire organization aligned with your Lean principles and values?
  8. 8. Do you have a Lean mentality?• Lean is a process that is done “With” people and “Not To” people• Get your team’s commitment by building mutual trust• Building teams with people is an absolute essential part of the Lean journey
  9. 9. How capable are your people?• Do you have people who understand and live the Lean enterprise philosophies.• Do you have a process for continuous learning and knowledge sharing?• Do your people know when, how and why to apply the specific Lean tools• Do you coach & support your people?
  10. 10. What I found … will fail.• The Top Management team not developing their Lean vision• Department managers and their teams not understanding Lean principles• Neither the Top or the Middle Management setting policies and methods to allow success• Having non committed resources
  11. 11. What I found … will fail. (contd.)• Hiring consultants who have no idea about your Lean vision• Having a “Yes” man at top / middle management• Implementing a few selected tools (5S, Kanbans, VSM) and stating that you are Lean !! And / Or attempting to empower employees without the Lean tools
  12. 12. So how can I help you?I can;• add value by understanding your business• identify opportunities for improvement• select key resources from my network to embed sustainable change.I won’t;• create dependency• charge like a wounded bull• let you down