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Social Media 101 SMBs 2013


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How to get started on Facebook & Twitter from tools & best practices to help links. Plus a quick look at Instagram, Vine and Pinterest.
Originally presented in Chicago for the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce by Richard Bouchez.

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Social Media 101 SMBs 2013

  1. 1. Social Media101: SMBsHow to get started onFacebook & Twitter from tools& best practices to help links.Plus a quick look atInstagram, Vine and
  2. 2. Social Media 101 for SMBs by Richard Bouchez islicensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.Based on a work at
  3. 3. InovediaMarketing.com BouchezCREATED By…Original presentation given for the Lincoln ParkChamber of Commerce 2013.
  4. 4. InovediaMarketing.comAgenda• Social Media = Not Magic• Rights to share / edit• Listening Obligations• Strategy• Measurable• Tools• Posting Tips & Examples• Hootsuite• Facebook Fan Page• Overview• Prep• Setup• Steps• Twitter• Why?• Getting Started• Prep• Overview• Instagram• Pinterest• Vine & Others• Links• Image AttributionIMPORTANT:Almost every image islinked to a tip, resourcepage or an exampleso, please, clicketyclick!
  5. 5. InovediaMarketing.comSocial Media = MagicFREECHEAPEASYMONEYTIMECOMMITMENTViral
  6. 6. InovediaMarketing.comLISTENINGVolun – told!CongratulationsYou have beenWARNING: starting any social mediaaccount obligates you to checkit, respond to questions, addresscomments and generally payattention.Users WILL hold you to it.
  7. 7. InovediaMarketing.comSTRATEGYGoals Testing Tweaking Tools Metrics Consistency Focus CommitmentWhat are you going for?• Clicks• Shares• Post Likes / Favorites• Page Likes (growth)• PTAT – People TalkingAbout This• ViralityPick SOMETHING.Measure it!
  8. 8. InovediaMarketing.comSTRATEGYGoals Testing Tweaking Tools Metrics Consistency Focus CommitmentJust a couple of tools…•• Shorten links, trackclicks• Hootsuite (• Scheduleposts, trackgrowth, shortenlinks, auto generateweekly reports
  9. 9. InovediaMarketing.comPOSTINGDO• Images that pop!• Provoking questions• Resourceful links• Be conversational• Have conversations• Shorter is BETTERDON‟T• Over sell• Go off brand• Ignore questions• Show frustrationClick a pic to view the post
  10. 10. InovediaMarketing.comHOOTSUITEFREE TOOL: Save time by scheduling postsOne login for all your channelsTrack metrics with weekly reportsDelegate tasks to team membershttp://hootsuite.comFun fact: I graduated!-Richard
  11. 11. InovediaMarketing.comFAN PAGES
  12. 12. InovediaMarketing.comFAN PAGE OverviewTimelineCover photoProfile PictureAppsPhotosPinning postsHighlight (Star) posts
  13. 13. InovediaMarketing.comFAN PAGE PREPWhat you‟ll need:• Cover photo• Profile pic• About information• Vanity URL• Need 25+ Likes• 1 chance to change• Historical stuff? Back-fill yourtimeline before your page goeslive!Link to cheat sheet:
  14. 14. InovediaMarketing.comFAN PAGE SETUP …Points to ponder…1. Open or Closed Wall• Open = more engagement= more time commitment• Closed = less engagement= less scary?2. Private Messages on / off• See sub points above
  15. 15. InovediaMarketing.comFAN PAGE SETUP Steps…1. Go to: Choose your page category4. Fill out the form.5. Edit Page6. Upload images7. **Add at least 1 more admin**• Click “Edit Page”8. When ready - click “publish”9. Post something10. Email everyone you know!11. Bonus tip: Upload your email list!• Click “Build Audience”Watch: Hubspot „s How to Video
  16. 16. InovediaMarketing.comTWITTER …Why?• Public• Searchable• High SEO value• Journalists use it.• Brands Retweet• Widgets push updatesto your Website• Extend MarketingReach
  17. 17. InovediaMarketing.comTWITTER Getting Started3 Steps to Gear Up for Tweeting1. Search & follow your…• Passions• Business Influencers2. Listen – read your feed daily.3. Post – chime in & share!
  18. 18. InovediaMarketing.comTWITTER PrepWhat you‟ll need…1. Header Image2. Profile Photo3. User Name (15 characters)4. Bio (160 characters)
  19. 19. InovediaMarketing.comTWITTER OverviewA Tweet can be…• 140 characters (no link)• 117 characters w/linkDefinitions1. Retweet: repost a tweetto your stream2. #Hashtag: Adding # to aword categorizes thattweet in search.3. DM: Direct Message. Aprivate messagebetween user / follower.
  20. 20. InovediaMarketing.comINSTAGRAMGreat for through the lens experiences: Travel Products Art Seasonal People
  21. 21. InovediaMarketing.comPINTERESTKind of like Digital Scrap Booking: DIY Photography Crafts Recipes Products
  22. 22. InovediaMarketing.comVINE & OTHERS……Vine Example
  23. 23. InovediaMarketing.comwww.ripsoncommunications.com & Social Strategy Public Relations & Video ProductionSHAMELESS PLUGS…
  26. 26. InovediaMarketing.comAPPENDIX: ImagesFlickr, by San Diego ShooterFlickr, by Steven HarrisFlickr, by Ell BrownFlickr, by Richard BouchezImages used under Creative Commons license. If you share thispresentation, you do so within the original image owners CC license.
  27. 27. InovediaMarketing.comAPPENDIX: Bonus Links Content Calendar DownloadFree Social Media Training
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