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How to Create Safe Structural Design for Residential Buildings?


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Outsource Structural Drafting Company offers reliable and complete service delivery in Structural Design and Analysis to clients / customers all over the globe coming particularly from the building and design industry.

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How to Create Safe Structural Design for Residential Buildings?

  1. 1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright ©2014 Outsource Structural Drafting. All Rights Reserved. Email: info@outsourcestructuraldrafting.com Voice (India): +91-794-000-3252 How to Create Safe Structural Design for Residential Buildings? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By: Nilesh Pujara A residential building is occupied by all types of residents including senior citizens, young occupants, middle aged men and women, the less abled people, children of all ages and so on. Besides there are also several other workers, cleaners, plumbers and repair work experts. There are also people who work on site during the construction of a residential building. Ensuring that the structural design is safe for all these people is the responsibility of the construction project managers, designers, architects, structural engineers and property developers collectively. Now What Can Be Ideally Called a Safe Structural Design? Structural design that is created by considering all the aspects of occupant safety is a safe design. In order to achieve a safe structural design, all kinds of design elements that might increase the risk of hazards or accidents, or might expose the occupants to any kind of disease or harm are removed. The onus of engineering safe and robust foundations, connections, roof-floor-wall assemblies, beams and columns, and lateral load resisting systems lies on the residential structural engineer.
  2. 2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright ©2014 Outsource Structural Drafting. All Rights Reserved. The safety of a residential facility can be enhanced by considering all the possible ‘what if’ factors, analyzing them and making structural changes that mitigate risk factors. Factors That Promote a Safe Structural Design for Residential Buildings Include  Detailed documentation that allows all team members of the structural design and engineering discipline, access to accurate and updated information. This also ensures better collaboration and coordination between designers, engineers and on site construction experts and hence increased safety.  Availability of analysis tools and the ability to use these tools well, in order to identify and mitigate risks.  Knowledge and capabilities of the residential structural design & engineering experts.  Safe design concepts applied across all the phases of a structural steel design and concrete design right from conceptualization, design, fabrication to renovation and demolition. It is essential to address all the safety requirements and implement a safe design approach across the structural design process, as the liability of occupant safety lies on residential property developers. Investing in safe structural design and hence ensuring a favorable and risk free environment for occupants instills a sense of confidence in your firm. It also demonstrates that you follow good and ethical business practices and hence helps you establish a good reputation in the market. In order to develop a safe structural design it is essential to employ experts who are not only equipped with knowledge but also are equipped with the required software and structural engineering tools. Engineers at Outsource Structural Drafting can work in sync with your team and help you create safe structural designs for residential buildings. For more information visit: http://www.outsourcestructuraldrafting.com/structural-design- analysis.php Company Address: Outsource Structural Drafting Hi-Tech House B/H, V-Murti Complex, Nr. Gurukul Tower, Gurukul, Ahmedabad-380052, Gujarat, India Voice (India): +91-794-000-3252 Email: info@outsourcestructuraldrafting.com