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SEO Quick Wins: The Small Things that Make The Big Differences


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Good SEO takes experience, a keen interest and a sixth sense to get right. In this presentation we explore quick win tips for SEO that make a difference.

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SEO Quick Wins: The Small Things that Make The Big Differences

  1. 1. QUICK WINS FOR SEO (THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE) Richard Baxter Founder
  2. 2. The aggregation of marginal gains Dave Brailsford / Team SKY Src:
  3. 3. Quick Wins Small things that make a big difference
  4. 4. It’s all in the history.
  5. 5. What do you know about the domain portfolio associated with this site?
  6. 6. What do you know about the technical history of your site? Change of domains? Staging / dev server address? Subdomains?
  7. 7. Change of Address vs a 301’d domain Go here: - date ranges aligned in charts so that’s why one is tiny!
  8. 8. Clean-up old subdomains: Redirect or remove − Redirect out unnecessary sub-domains − Maybe just rel canonical them! − Robots.txt and remove necessary (dev) domains via GWMT
  9. 9. This isn’t the host’s fault, it’s yours!
  10. 10. Things that are hard to test but I think they’re important: −Redirected domains should use same IP as target host −Match WHOIS records between domains −Deal with errors at the source
  11. 11. Address Errors on Legacy Domains / Sub Domains − I think managing errors at the source makes a difference errors Caused by a subdomain redirect:
  12. 12. Remember legacy https! − Without a valid SSL cert on an old domain, you can’t redirect 301 requests >> This needs to stay valid for the redirect to be possible…
  13. 13. Still not sure if there’s any legacy stuff indexed? − “show me all pages indexed on this domain” − –inurl:www “show me all pages indexed on this domain without www”
  14. 14. − -inurl:www inurl:subdomain − “show me all of this agency’s clients” Robots.txt doesn’t matter if you’re linking to your dev server all over the place!
  15. 15. Internal links
  16. 16. Read:
  17. 17. Internal 301s are bad…
  18. 18. Internal 301 Redirects Are *BAD* − “HTML5 Examples” – removed all tag / category links Oops
  19. 19. Pages w/few internal links Sort by lowest
  20. 20. Look for redirect chains Moz links here Additional redirect
  21. 21. Spot the difference − snippets/ − snippets/ − snippets/
  22. 22. Spot the difference − snippets/ − snippets/ − snippets/
  23. 23. Why? − We’d migrated to the new site and a bunch of pages had their stop words removed because of this setting:
  24. 24. − − −
  25. 25. Use Link Equity: Top Pages
  26. 26. External links
  27. 27. Links to old domains to realign
  28. 28. People linking to the wrong subdomain: your WWW
  29. 29. Realign those links!
  30. 30. Linked to 404 This URL redirects to home and should point elsewhere
  31. 31. The power of your best links − Update with new URLs / domains − Realign anchors to branded − Promote inbound links and strengthen them with new links
  32. 32. Fast analysis with URL Profiler
  33. 33. Fast find + disavow directory links Get the contact details of your competitor’s inlinks
  34. 34. I wonder if the people who link here, know about this
  35. 35. Contacts!
  36. 36. Fast find + disavow directory links − Search title for “directory” sort by external links. You’re looking for no external links, on very low DA sites with competitive anchors. Suggest for disavow.
  37. 37. aHrefs: search + sort
  38. 38. Suggest a disavow
  39. 39. “Link Intersect” done Right − Find sites that link to your social profiles but not your sites − Don’t forget your old social account URLs − DEFINITELY check your Slideshare URL…
  40. 40. Find quick content opportunities Identify content to redevelop
  41. 41. Start simple: Identify Strong Pages Read:
  42. 42. − In top 20 pages on our site − This content desperatel y needs updating
  43. 43. Check internal site search − “schema cheat sheet” was creating a 404 page (no results!) − Identify popular terms with high exit rate and fix by adding terms into correct pages
  44. 44. Re-use old Guest Posts I wrote this 5 years ago. Mild rewrite an republish, it outranks the original
  45. 45. Chop up old infographics − PSD to HTML − Fiddle around with jQuery − Dig out & republish the original research in a blog post
  46. 46. Do a survey and take the story:
  47. 47. Assorted quick wins
  48. 48. Images
  49. 49. Unlinked mentions − Go deeper, don’t just look for brand, look for product mentions, your CEO etc − Use talkwalker / fresh web explorer / mention / ahrefs alerts
  50. 50. Technical Checks
  51. 51. Technical Checks − Implement article mark-up / search action schema − Check for canonical / meta headers / href lang / robots index, follow − OGP/ Twitter card − Check www and trailing slash redirects and duplicates − Do this: − Read this: generating-rich-snippets/
  52. 52. Be curious. Find it, and optimise!
  53. 53. THANK YOU Richard Baxter CEO