The challenges of measuring social media


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There are many challenges to measuring social media. Platforms and tools make it easy to measure information that is not relevant rather than measuring what matters. Irrespective of this, no two platforms provide the same data anyway. To get maximum benefit, a PR pro must stick to the basics, focussing on goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. Armed with this they can identify what success looks like and shape the metrics accordingly.

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The challenges of measuring social media

  1. 1. The Challenges of Measuring Social Media Richard Bagnall, Metrica
  2. 3. 2007
  3. 4. 2010
  4. 6. Some conversations are private
  5. 8. Bob Garfield
  6. 9. The Chaos Scenario
  7. 10. “ The herd will be heard”
  8. 11. Out-take and out-come
  9. 12. Where to start, what to do?
  10. 13. Clear obstacles
  11. 14. Listen
  12. 15. G oals O bjectives S trategy T actics
  13. 16. Strategy
  14. 17. Some social media monitoring challenges
  15. 18. Volume & Relevance Co. A Co. B Co. C
  16. 19. Coverage by channel Co. A Co. B Co. C
  17. 20. Speed & Delay Co. A Co. B Co. C
  18. 21. Sentiment Accuracy Co. A Co. B Co. C Metrica (without analysts) ‘ CHANCE’
  19. 22. Volume - Forget absolute numbers Beware scoring systems Who matters? Influence v relevance. Treat automated metrics with caution Private conversations Query string is crucial Measure appropriately Summary of the challenges
  20. 23. A final thought
  21. 25. [email_address] Let’s keep in touch: