Dircom social media measurement sessions: Madrid & Barcelona 2013 by Richard Bagnall


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The changes to the media which has led to the fragmentation of audiences has caused fundamental changes and challenges to the role of PR. In this presentation I explain why many of the PR metrics that the industry has relied on for so many years are no longer valid and set out an approach to measuring digital and social media that will ensure all organisations get credible and meaningful insights.

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  • Very honoured to be here.Thanks to Dircom and to Acceso for inviting me to speakParticularly pleased to have the opportunity to speak today as driving better education and adoption of best-practice is massively importantAll of us in the comms industry and the measurement industry face many challenges together.I believe how we respond and act will dictate our future success
  • Been a long road – use pic of long road if I find oneEarly career in PR – in house and PR agencies. What made me get into measurement? Had to be a better way to measureI knew that measurement would become more importantEarly days was green field site but as budgets increased, so would demand for measurement and accountabilityMetrica founded 1993. Grew rapidly, Focus on international. Privileged to have worked all over the world for organisations of all sizes.Sold to Private Equity to create Gorkana Group in 2009
  • Used to be simple!120 years press clipping innovation! 1880 – 2000!And the press clippings fed into the measurement businessNext – sack of mail slide
  • As a measurement company – pride at first sack of mailA metric of our own successAnecdote – photocopier story 108%Truth was that measurement was pretty basic. As an industry basically stuck measuring outputsNext: recap on what I mean by outputs
  • Why are we in this position?This isn’t easy! More than ever we’re measuring conversations and networks, days of linear media are coming to an end.Measuring outputs alone are no longer ok.Basic output metrics are becoming less and less meaningful – numbers of clips, impressions,, AVEs etc – many studies showing the monitoring companies don’t agree with each other, impressions are nigh on impossible to measure (8% of fans on average see FB content)Clamour for new metrics can lead us down the wrong route – if only I could know who will make my content go viral? But the answer isn’t a klout score. It’s more complicated than that!But the good news is that more things have changed, the more they have stayed the same… First need is to minimise confusion – in terminology – we have the AMEC glossary. We have the report transparency table.Great progress has been made by the conclave on social media measurement standards. HT to the AMEC group membersAll designed to ensure we all use the same language and mean what we say and say what we mean.The next challenge then is to help the industry present its work, and it’s thinking - to clients in a manner that they can easily understand. We want them to prove their value in a clear and credible manner that speaks the language of the business.One of AMEC’s many successes was the valid metrics framework launched a few years ago. I’ve been lucky enough to attend conferences and consult with clients in many countries, and it’s frequently held up as best practice.There isn’t one simple answer to social media measurement. There isn’t a silver bullet. Never was, never will be. An index, a score, an automated dashboard alone wont help our clients measure their work.What we need is a new framework that is designed for social media. It needs to act as a tool into which tailored but standard metrics can be applied. It needs to be simple to understand, credible, affordable and most importantly meaningful.I’m delighted to say that I have been able to call on the intellectual power of the great Don Bartholomew to lead the AMEC group work on developing this. I’m going to hand over to Don now to share with you how we got on and present our framework that we commend to you to take back to your markets and use to measure the success of your clients social media campaigns.
  • Created Content – All content that is created & Owned by the organisation… Good tip is to speak to senior staff & long term staff, loads of ideas for blog posts, videos etcCurated contentUtilising curated content can add expertise that doesn’t exist within the organisation, also broadens the appealTry to add value by adding context or delving deeper into the pointsSeek, sense & Share – the 3 Ss“seeking”  is only one third of the taskMaking sense of the information is just as important.  As simple as how you annotate the links you share,  the presentation,  or what you’ve left out. #Sense making can be writing a blog post using the links (like this post) or summarizing the key points in a presentation.    Sharing – is about giving the best nuggets of content to your audience in a format that they can easily digest and apply itCommissioned Could include films via famous producers (Prada w/ Helena Bonham Carter, Chipotle scarecrow advert)Same principle for photographers, writers etcMain difference from created content is credibilkity comes form the producer’s reputation
  • Dircom social media measurement sessions: Madrid & Barcelona 2013 by Richard Bagnall

    1. 1. RICHARD BAGNALL Chair, AMEC Social Media Measurement Group @richardbagnall #medircomunicacion
    2. 2. @richardbagnall
    3. 3. The purpose of PR is to… …communicate the right message to the right target audience…… at the right time, in the right medium… …to achieve an objective (e.g. sales, footfall, hits, awareness, improve reputation, knowledge, share price etc ) @richardbagnall
    4. 4. Outputs, Out-takes and Outcomes Outputs @richardbagnall Out-takes Outcomes
    5. 5. @richardbagnall
    6. 6. @richardbagnall
    7. 7. PR is getting more complex PAID Channels you pay to leverage – paid search, display ads, sponsored tweets OWNED Channels you own and control website, blog, Twitter, Facebook EARNED Others create the channel – WOM, viral, proactive Influencer outreach, media relations @richardbagnall
    8. 8. @richardbagnall
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    10. 10. CONSISTENCY @richardbagnall
    11. 11. The Good Old Days @richardbagnall
    12. 12. THE NEW METRICS @richardbagnall
    13. 13. @richardbagnall
    14. 14. Organisational Goals, Objectives & KPIs PR Goals, Objectives & PR KPIs @richardbagnall
    15. 15. Business Goals Business Objectives Social Media Goals Social Media Objectives Social Media Strategy Social Media Tactics The right tools & services @richardbagnall
    16. 16. Exposure Awareness Engagement Knowledge Influence Impact Advocacy @richardbagnall Consideration Preference Action
    18. 18. AMEC’S SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT FRAMEWORK EXPOSURE ENGAGEMENT INFLUENCE PAID OWNED EARNED IMPACT ADVOCACY Impressions Reach CPM Active GRPs Interaction rate Click-thrus Time viewing Completed plays Purchase Visit website consideration Attend event Change in opinion Sales Download coupon Mentions in Earned channel Unique visitors Page views Reach Impressions CPM Return visits Interaction rate Duration Subscriptions Links Tell a friend Change in opinion Association with key attributes Download paper Download app Sales Request info Cost savings Recommendations Ratings Number of items Number of mentions Number of Followers Comments/post Shares RTs/1000 Followers Number of inbound links Purchase consideration Tell a friend Likelihood to Recommend Visit store Attend the event Sales Vote for issue Ratings Reviews Recommendations Recommendations rate
    19. 19. Dircom Measurement Take Aways  Measure appropriately, big data … but the right data  Measure what matters, don’t just count what’s easy to count  There is no magic bullet / single number  Use tailored frameworks  Tie measurement to objectives  Add value with human insight  Use metrics to help plan, inspire & inform @richardbagnall
    20. 20. Please stay in touch… @richardbagnall http://linkedin.com/in/richardbagnall richard@bagnall.net