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  • AAdvantage, CRM for affinity program, Ritz Carlton, Learning theory from psychology/marketing. brushing teeth and atm card
  • how many in the content marketing model? that focus is dependent on these best practices on the use of data. takes time, must start now
  • Dimensions: HHI, interests, demo, psycho
  • takes years, you’re already behind∂
  • takes years, you’re already behind∂
  • takes years, you’re already behind∂
  • takes years, you’re already behind∂
  • takes years, you’re already behind∂
  • Gwttra

    1. 1. GWTTRAThe Future Of Travel How Data Drives Tourism R. A. Burrell, CEO Internet Honey
    2. 2. Purpose Provide guidance on how to intelligently use data in tourism marketing
    3. 3. The Challenge• Data is in every aspect of the travel experience• How do tourism marketers use that data to: – Optimize their efforts – Justify their budgets• Tourism Marketing moves from emotional to scientific
    4. 4. The ExamplesWe’ll review 2 Case Studies• Colorado Tourism Office• Santa Fe CVB
    5. 5. Data
    6. 6. Data Structure• Ever use Google Analytics?• Ever use a tag? #hashtag?They are examplesof very large, bigdata: Aggregated
    7. 7. Data Structure Measures Aggregates Facts Big Data = massive quantities of small data
    8. 8. Silos: Good for Grain, Not Data
    9. 9. Disintegration Dysfunction
    10. 10. How To Leverage Data1. Integrate all data sources into a common platform, Tourism Engine™2. Set up tracking to identify, campaigns, media placements, content3. Organize team around collaborative meetings to share and direct execution
    11. 11. How
    12. 12. How
    13. 13. Results
    14. 14. Colorado Tourism Office “Herding Cats”
    15. 15. The Challenge Managing multiple vendors Justifying a budget increase
    16. 16. Colorado
    17. 17. Santa Fe CVB“Finding Foodies”
    18. 18. The Challenge Data Showed Traditional markets, Dallas, Houston are expensive to mass market. Research Said Foodies are beautiful people; multiple seasons, perishable experience, good demographics, defensible and own-able product
    19. 19. Santa Fe: Market Targeting
    20. 20. DMA Targeting
    21. 21. How• What awareness is created from PR, Social, Ads?• How does engagement touchpoint contribute? Web? Social? Twitter? Email?• Which of these go through Santa Fe to IPs? BookDirect? Email link out? Social referral? Lead? Reservation?• Who are these people? buying habits? Transcends Geo and DMO. Its psychographic, man.
    22. 22. The Funnel • Awareness • Engagement • Conversion [SIT] The Hourglass
    23. 23. The Hourglass • Awareness • Engagement • Conversion [SIT] • Lead Referral • Downstream – Booking, Shopping – Activity, Dining
    24. 24. Thank You!How Data DrivesTourism R. A. Burrell, CEO @travelwaggle Internet HoneyProviding digital ecosystems to execute and measure tourism marketing