Dear Future Laser Tag Owner:

On behalf of the largest laser tag company in the world I commend you for the research that ...
Batteries                                 NexusFEC                LT‐11.5                                       ...
Construction            NexusFEC   LT‐11.5                                           Notes
Unbreakable Plastics      Yes  ...
Radio                      NexusFEC       LT‐11.5                                               Notes
Radio Based         ...
Sensors                                   NexusFEC    LT‐11.5                                          Notes
Shoulder Sens...
Formats                  NexusFEC         LT‐11.5                                            Notes
Continuous Ga...
Exhibit D:                                            Exhibit E:  



Miscellaneous                  NexusFEC           LT‐11.5                                              Notes
Operating Sys...
Warranty        NexusFEC        LT‐11.5                                              Notes
Length           2 Ye...

Zone Systems dba Zone Laser Tag doesn’t like to have a lot of exceptions or...
Arena Construction                          NexusFEC                           LT‐11.5                             ...
Artwork                    NexusFEC          LT‐11.5                                               Notes
Memberships               NexusFEC   LT‐11.5                                          Notes
ILTA Facility               Ye...
Value                         NexusFEC     LT‐11.5                                           Notes
Territory Protec...
Nexus VS Tron
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Nexus VS Tron


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Nexus VS Tron

  1. 1. Dear Future Laser Tag Owner: On behalf of the largest laser tag company in the world I commend you for the research that you are conducting. The fact that you would want to compare laser tag systems in a fair and impartial manner shows your desire to run a quality and profitable laser tag experience. This particular document will compare the industry’s best selling laser tag product “NexusFEC” against LaserTron’s LT-11.5. We have tried to make comparisons easier by accurately showing the strengths and weaknesses of both systems. There is no perfect laser tag system for all needs and applications. A manufacturer should try to develop a product to reach the broadest audience possible and NexusFEC has shown that the market truly appreciates its features. Before you start comparing the products, many of our past clients have considered LaserTron before making the right decision to go with NexusFEC. Not only is NexusFEC more affordable than LT-11.5, it also comes with far more features than LaserTron has to offer. As you will see in this document, NexusFEC offers features such as: 8 colors, super light weight packs, green lasers, indestructible plastics and many other features. LaserTron simply does not compare to the features that you receive with the NexusFEC product. We strive to provide current, accurate and truthful information. If there is any information that is no longer accurate or has been changed, please inform us as we want to ensure only the truth is in this comparison. Please use this document to aid your project in the research to ensure that you are purchasing the best laser tag product on the market. If you have any questions regarding NexusFEC laser tag or how it differs from the other manufacturers, feel free to contact us at 866-966-3797 or by e-mail at We wish much success! Erik Guthrie VP of Marketing Nexus Laser Tag & Zone Laser Tag
  2. 2. EQUIPMENT Batteries NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Battery Life                24 Hours  20 Hours  LaserTron claims a 20 Hours battery life, but one of their locations has to shut down  (Single Charge)  laser tag on busy Friday and Saturday nights to recharge their vests.  Battery Charge Time  6 Hours  8 Hours  Friday and Saturday overnighters can deplete your batteries. This can jeopardize your  (To Full)  birthday party business if the batteries do not have enough recharge time.   (See Exhibit A)   Game Data Retention  Yes  Yes                                                        Exhibit A:  
  3. 3. Construction NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Unbreakable Plastics  Yes  Yes    Incased Phaser Cable  Yes  Yes    Locking Connectors  Yes  Yes    ADA Compliance with  Yes  Yes    Phaser  LCD  Yes  No  An LCD allows for clear text messages which make it easier to determine when a  battery is low or when a player has been tagged as well as increase game functionality  by displaying important information to players.     Limitations NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Number of Teams  8  4    Number of Bases  3  4  The additional base for LT‐11.5 will cost an average of $1,500.  Number of Packs  250  48                       
  4. 4. Radio NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Radio Based  Yes  Yes  A radio based system allows for real time game scoring and faster transition between  games because there is no down time to download game scores.  This decrease in  down time increases revenue.  Radio Signal  900 MHz  900 MHz    Real Time Scoring  Yes  Yes      Illumination NexusFEC LT‐11.5     Notes LED’s on Phaser  17  2  A better illuminated Phaser reduces facial injuries.   Ultra‐Bright LED’s  Yes  Yes    Multi‐Color Vesting  Yes  No  NexusFEC offers color changing vesting racks which can change color at any time.  Racks  (See Exhibit B)    Exhibit B:  NexusFEC Vesting Racks:              LaserTron Vesting Racks:  
  5. 5. Sensors NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Shoulder Sensors  Yes  Yes    Number of Sensors  16  12  The more sensors that a pack has, the harder it is for your customer to cover their  pack.  360 Degree Tag Radius  Yes  Yes      Sound NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Dual Processing  Yes  No  Dual Processing Speakers allow the packs to produce two sounds at once: being tagged  Speakers  and tagging.  Customizable  Yes  No  NexusFEC uses MP3 players for sound files. You can easily upload any sound file that  Voice/Sound Effects  you wish to use.    Weight NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Pack and Phaser Weight  5.5lb  8lb  NexusFEC is lightweight and will not restrict the customers who can play laser tag due  to the weight like LT 11.5 (See Exhibit C)                                            Exhibit C:               
  6. 6. SOFTWARE  Formats NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Continuous Games  Yes  No  Continuous games allow for you to bring customers into a game at anytime. This  could be a positive thing for players who show up late for a birthday party or group  event.  Late Game Entry  Yes  Yes*  With LT‐11.5, if a guest goes into the game more than 60 seconds late, the guests  pack will not be registered and they will not receive a score card.  Unique Game Formats  Yes  Yes    Number of Game  586,282,412 +/‐  250  The number of game formats available for NexusFEC is only limited by the amount  Formats  of space on your hard drive  Birthday  Yes  Yes  Zone’s game format plays the “Happy Birthday” song before the game begins while  Announcement  the birthday player is surrounded by all of their friends.   LaserTron announces “Happy Birthday” at the end of the game on the Birthday  players pack.  Alone in the dark arena away from their friends, the effect is lost.    Point of Sale NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes POS Software  Optional  Yes  AcaciaPOS, offered by Zone, can be modified because we have programmers on  staff. LaserTron outsourcers their POS system which means it will cost them money  to hire the company to modify the software. (Exhibit D)  POS Software Cost  $9,995  $19,995    POS Updates  Free  Extra  To receive software updates with LaserTron, you will need to sign up for a service  plan which costs extra. (Exhibit E)  POS Support  Free  Extra  To receive support for your POS with LaserTron, you will also need to sign up for a  service plan which costs extra. (Exhibit E)         
  7. 7. Exhibit D:                    Exhibit E:                                    
  8. 8. Miscellaneous NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Operating System  Window XP  Linux  There are claims that Windows XP has stability issues but Linux has issues as well.  (Figure 3) Stability is compromised by the drivers that are plugged into the computer.  We deliver the gaming system free of errors and with the appropriate stable drivers.  Memberships  Yes  Yes      Figure 3:  “Instability can be caused by poorly written programs, aside from intrinsic OS stability. Software crashes, however, can be recovered without restarting the entire operating system, and losing data from other applications. In terms of potential uptime, lists of the highest web server uptimes had shown Linux and Windows to be level.” "Comparison of Windows and Linux." 26 Mar. 2008                                
  9. 9. WARRANTY  Warranty NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Length  2 Years  5 Years  A 5 year extended warranty is offered for NexusFEC with the payment not being  due until the 3rd, 4th and 5th years. This saves you an average of $100/per pack  per year.  Wear & Tear  Covered  Covered    Consumables  Not Covered  Not Covered    Acts of God  Not Covered  Not Covered    Phaser  Covered  Covered  With LaserTron, if you open the Phaser you void the warranty. We send you a  spare parts kit and encourage you to fix the broken Phaser yourself. Being able  to fix the broken Phaser in less than 3 minutes means you can put it back into  service increasing revenues.  Repair Time  48 Hours  48 Hours                       
  10. 10. OVERVIEW OF THE ZONE ASSURED SUPPORT WARRANTY Zone Systems dba Zone Laser Tag doesn’t like to have a lot of exceptions or exclusions to its contracts and its warranty coverage so here is what your warranty will cover in plain English: Phaser Plastics - Covered under warranty except for Acts of God, abuse, vandalism, or intentional neglect. Phaser Electronics - Covered under warranty except for Acts of God, abuse, vandalism, or intentional neglect. Phaser Cable Cord - Covered under warranty except for Acts of God, abuse, vandalism, or intentional neglect. Vest Plastics - Covered under warranty except for Acts of God, abuse, vandalism, or intentional neglect. Vest Materials - Covered under warranty except for Acts of God, abuse, vandalism, or intentional neglect. Vest Electronics - Covered under warranty except for Acts of God, abuse, vandalism, or intentional neglect. Computer & Printer - Covered under warranty except for Acts of God, abuse, vandalism, or intentional neglect. Score Monitor - Covered under warranty except for Acts of God, abuse, vandalism, or intentional neglect. Software Upgrades - Free during the warranty period What is Not Covered - Consumables such as score cards, membership buttons, fuses, manuals, etc. The term of the warranty will be decided by you during this negotiation stage. The minimum amount of warranty time is one (1) year and can run up to five (5) years for NexusPro and two (2) years for the NexusFEC System. Specific details regarding your warranty will be in the sales agreement.      
  11. 11. ARENA  Arena Construction NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Arena Provided  Yes  Yes    Construction Method  Custom design and  Sewer Tubes with    Themed arena on a  neon tape on a  steel mezzanine.  steel mezzanine.  Relocatable  Yes  Yes  There are very few instances in the 25 year history of the laser tag  industry that a business has relocated.    Theme NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Number of Themes  13  4  Zone offers themes to fit your needs and budget. Why be limited to      only 4 themes?   (Figure 4)  Exhibit F:  NexusFEC Arena:                                                                                                     LT‐11.5 Arena:                           
  12. 12. MARKETING  Artwork NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Images  Over 1000  Approx. 50  (See Exhibit G)  Readymade Flyers,  Over 300  Approx. 30    Posters, etc.  TV and Radio Spots  Yes  No      Conferences NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Dedicated and Exclusive  Yes  No  Zone has been offering an exclusive 2 day conference for its operators for over 14  Operators Conference  years. LaserTron does not offer exclusive conferences but instead co‐hosts the  events while trying to sell their expensive package to you.  Start‐up  Yes  Yes  To attend the informational days of the LaserTron conference, you must sign a  developer agreement stating that you will buy their equipment. (See Exhibit H)  Zone requires no commitment to attend their conference.    Exhibit G:                Exhibit H:     
  13. 13. Memberships NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes ILTA Facility  Yes  No  An ILTA Facility Membership can generate thousands of dollars for your laser tag center  Membership  every year. The membership dues are paid by Zone if you buy Zone Equipment.    Web NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Site Listed on Website  Yes  Yes    Web Forum  Yes  No  We use a web forum so you can contact other operators and find out answers to  questions and input on operational issues.  (See Exhibit I)    Exhibit I:                       
  14. 14. VALUE  Value NexusFEC LT‐11.5 Notes Territory Protection  No  5 Years  Territory Protection does not protect you from competitors because there are  other manufactures who can sell gear in your territory.   List Price for a 30 Player  Approx.  Approx.  With NexusFEC, you must keep in mind that we offer a variety of discounts to our  System  $84,000  $117,000 +  future operators. Our clients rarely pay list price. LaserTron will rarely discount  $19,995 for  their product.  POS  Software    97% of our Operators who chose Nexus considered LaserTron as an option  before making the right choice.