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Drupal commerce essentials


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An introductory session describing the capabilities of Drupal Commerce.

In depth Drupal Commerce training takes a couple of days, so this session will outline the basic concepts you need to understand before embarking on your first Commerce project.

Topics covered include:

* Products and product displays - what they are and why they are different
* Rules based pricing
* Product options and variations
* Out-of-the-box functionality
* Overview of major contributed modules
* Things to look out for and common misconceptions
* Case studies

This is intended to be a beginner course to get you started and also to introduce some of the differences if you are already using Ubercart for Drupal 6.


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Drupal commerce essentials

  2. 2. THE ESSENTIALS‣ What do you get in Commerce Core?‣ The fundamental principals‣ Essential Contributed Modules
  3. 3. OUT OF THE BOX‣ Products‣ Cart / Orders‣ Line Items‣ Customer Profiles‣ Transactions‣ Price Calculation Model
  4. 4. PRODUCTS‣ Products vs Product Displays‣ Understanding the concept is key‣ Products can also be described as Variations
  5. 5. PRODUCTS‣ Each var iation of a product has a separate SKU‣ Use a product display to show multiple products together
  6. 6. BULK PRODUCT CREATIONNew iPad = 2 colours, 3 memory variations + 4G option =12 variations to enterUse Bulk Product Creation to create all variations.
  7. 7. LIVE DEMO PART 1‣ Bulk create products‣ Set up product options‣ Create a single product display
  8. 8. HIDE THE COMPLEXITY‣ Once you understand why the setup is this way‣ Work with the UI to hide it from the site admin‣
  9. 9. LIVE DEMO PART 2‣ Inline edit of product variations‣ What happens when variations are removed
  10. 10. PRICES AND VAT‣ The selling price is made up of components.‣ Start with Base Price‣ Add Tax‣ Discounts and Fees
  11. 11. RULES BASED PRICING Gives you amazing flexibility in determining the price displayed‣ Depending on the date‣ Depending on the user‣ Depending on other items in the order‣ Depending on the payment method
  12. 12. ESSENTIAL CONTRIBCommerce ShippingCoupons and offers...Trailer for the next session!