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Richard Claassens
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  1. 1. CMU Summer Academy Embodied Futures and Service Design June 23-25 1
  2. 2. Service System Design for value co- y g co- creation (Patrício, Fisk, Cunha, Constantine 2008) • A interdisciplinary f An i t di i li framework th t i t k that integrates th t the design of various levels of the multi-interface service system system. • SSD stages 1. Customer experience mapping 1 C t i i 2. Positioning the service system in the customer value constellation of offerings 3. Designing the service system • Service system architecture • Service system navigation 4. 4 Designing the service interaction experience 2 Lia Patrício© 2009
  3. 3. Service design methods and frameworks • Service frameworks – Service Theater (Grove and Fisk 2001); Servuction (Eiglier and Langeard 1977); Service Marketing System (Lovelock 2001) • Service design frameworks – Service Blueprint (S ostac 1984, 1985): Integrative des g o Se ce uep t (Shostack 98 , 985) teg at e design of service experiences (Stuart and Tax 1997, 2004) • Interaction design – Usage-centered Design and Activity Modeling (Constantine 2006, Constantine and Lockwood 2002) • Service Experience Blueprint – (Patrício, Fisk and Cunha 2008) 3 © Lia Patrício, Raymond P. Fisk, João Falcão e Cunha
  4. 4. The different levels of Sevice system design Overall customer Value constellation experience Overall Multi-interface service experience Service system Service interaction Service Experience Experience E i Blueprint Bl i t 4 Lia Patrício© 2009
  5. 5. Customer value constellation Multi-Channel Service System Customer Service Interfaces Service Interaction Backstage support Customer swimlane Service System Architecture Service System Navigation stage fronts Technology enabled system swimlane backstage Service Experience Blueprint Lia Patrício© 2009
  6. 6. Positioning the service system in the customer value constellation • the firm must position its service offering within the value-creating system, by positioning the service system in the constellation of service offerings. • The core of a bank’s services is financial services, but many banks have made partnerships with other companies to enhance their ability to add value to the overall customer experience for a given activity, such as buying a house. 6 Lia Patrício© 2009
  7. 7. Customer value constellation for buying a car car information services i Car dealer Personal recommen dations Buying a Car car manufac Registration turer office Bank Insurance company 7 Lia Patrício© 2009
  8. 8. Design of the service system • Having defined its value proposition in the value constellation, the bank must design its multi- interface service system to offer a valuable mortgage experience across all stages of service consumption and usage. • These service systems are complex, involving multiple interaction channels, which customers can choose for different tasks along the overall service experience. 8 Lia Patrício© 2009
  9. 9. Service system architecture • The Service System Architecture defines, for the different tasks along the service g experience, which channels and support processes are responsible for the overall service offering. – Thi architecture therefore depicts the This hit t th f d i t th structure of the service system, providing an integrated view of the multi-channel service i t t d i f th lti h l i offering. 9 Lia Patrício© 2009
  10. 10. 10 Lia Patrício© 2009
  11. 11. Service System Navigation • The Service System Navigation maps the alternative paths customers may take across the different channels along the tasks of the service experience. • This view allows for better identification and design of service interface links that enable customers to smoothly move from one channel to another along the thl f h lt th l th service experience. • The service system navigation therefore offers a dynamic view of the service system. 11 Lia Patrício© 2009
  12. 12. Service Experience Blueprint p p (Patrício, Fisk, Cunha 2008) • After the multi-interface level view of the service system, the design can drill down y , g to each concrete channel, using the Service Experience Blueprint (SEB) diagram. • The SSEB maps the interaction experience for a given task in a concrete interface, g based on customer experience requirements. 13 Lia Patrício© 2009
  13. 13. Service Experience Blueprint for loan information at Internet service p p [no schedule] wimlane F [telephone advice] Select W [schedule meeting] telephone Customer sw Login to Choose advice Select loan info service advice option Select schedule meeting Line of interaction Present Inform customer bled Internet Send login Present Retrieve loan info he/she will be ne banking system swimlan information service options loan info and advice Technology enab interface contacted options Line of customer visibility F s F Validate login Retrieve Select Send schedule Send loan info additional appropriate request with info customer info advisor customer info Backend system W Waiting point Beginning of process activity Service interface li k S i i t f link Customer F Fail point End of process decision 14
  14. 14. Service Experience Blueprint for schedule a meeting at branch banking Custom swimlane W Check Confirm meeting avaliability mer Line of interaction Employee visible actions Call customer to Bank employe swimlane schedule meeting Line of customer visibility ee F Employee Analyze customer invisible actions Prepare meeting and loan info Line f internal i t Li of i t l interaction ti Show meeting Technology enabled request and system swimlane Intranet loan info interface e Line of employee visibility F Send schedule request with loan q information 15 Backend system
  15. 15. Service Experience Blueprint for loan telephone advice while using Internet banking Service Experience Blueprint for Internet banking ntstage customer Line of interaction fron Internet banking interface Line of customer visibility age backsta Backend system customer Service Experience Blueprint for telephone banking advice tstage front customer Internet Telephone banking banking Line of interaction interface interface Line of customer visibility Telephone banking interface i t f Backend system Line of internal interaction ackstage Intranet Line of employee visibility ba Backend 16 system Lia Patrício© 2009
  16. 16. Technolog enabled gy Bank employee swimlane Custom swimlane mer system swimlane s Lia Patrício© 2009 17
  17. 17. Value co-creation in complex service systems • Service value propositions become increasingly complex, involving multiple offerings and multi- channel service systems. • Customers co-create their services through multiple patterns of interaction with the different elements of the service system. • Service system design must accommodate and enhance value co creation co-creation. 18 Lia Patrício© 2009
  18. 18. Conclusion and future work for service system design • M lti h Multi-channel service systems must b d i l i t t be designed i a d in way that fosters modularity and flexibility to accommodate multiple usage p p g patterns of value co- creation. • Holistic perspectives on system architecture and navigation are needed in service system design. • Such perspectives are needed to design the service system value proposition, from positioning the service offering into the value constellation, to designing the service system and each interaction experience. Lia Patrício© 2009 19