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The Big Ten Online Campaign


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Campaign Report on The Big Ten, run for boosting oGCDP in March 2013

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The Big Ten Online Campaign

  1. 1. AIESEC IN DELHI IIT Campaign Report The Big Ten campaign was initiated by the Online Communities and Partnership Team under the Communications Department of AIESEC in Delhi IIT. It brought forth the thirteen topmost countries involved in exchanging participants with the LC on a public platform and enlightened the masses about the different countries. The Campaign spanned a period of ten days focusing on each country for a day along with the highlight of the campaign, “Thursday Mania” when five south east Asian countries were promoted on a single day!
  2. 2. The content associated with every country was intensely researched upon and presented in an appealing manner and reflected AIESEC’s vision of global unification. Each country had a specific poster allotted to it which included a fact about that country. Every post provided a link to the Internship forms available at AIESEC India’s website and also another link was provided to the masses about to know about AIESEC’s Global Entrepreneur’s Programme. The campaign also aimed at enlightening the masses about the effective procedure in which AIESEC is able to send people on an International Internship. The Campaign helped in creating awareness among the people about the scope of AIESEC in Delhi IIT. It helped in extending the reach of the Local Committee and as a result AIESEC in Delhi IIT fulfilled many dreams of people scouting for an experience of a lifetime The thirteen countries are: China Brazil Russia Egypt Kenya Turkey Philippines [South East Asia | Thursday Mania] Indonesia [South East Asia | Thursday Mania] Vietnam [South East Asia | Thursday Mania] Taiwan [South East Asia | Thursday Mania] Cambodia [South East Asia | Thursday Mania] Poland Italy
  3. 3. Some screenshots from AIESEC in Delhi IIT’s Facebook page: The campaign is launched! How each country was promoted!
  4. 4. How the campaign ended! Our reach!
  5. 5. To whom did we reach?